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Click pic to view comments - International sighting: Nestle Kit Kat Passion Fruit "Le Patissier Takagi" International sighting: Nestle Kit Kat Passion Fruit "Le Patissier Takagi"
Posted: 02:41 Wed 23-Feb-2005. Price: $2 USD/ 732 Yen. Location: Tokyo, Japan. Sub-flavours: "Might be 2 others in range - but not seen them yet". Nutritional unusualness: 12 g fat, contains passion fruit filling, Created by Le Patissier Takagi.
"Mike Pugliese" reports: I was in Japan on business last weekend and picked up one of these Passion Fruit Kit Kats in a Tokyo candy shop. Apparently they are a Valentine's Day special edition. And suprisingly, they are good. The passion fruit taste isn't too strong and it mixed well altogether.

..."Mike's" sighting reached the Snackspot offices first on this one, but fellow Tokyo-visitor "Diarmuid Mallon" was not far behind (and provided a slightly better picture), adding: Spotted these in a Seven-Eleven on the way to work this morning, sitting next to the Green Tea and Melon. You get two individually wrapped 2-finger Kit Kats inside a rather natty card box. The chocolate is darker than the regular Kit Kat, but not full-on dark chocolate. The filling between the wafers is passion fruit - well to be honest I'm not sure, and neither the wrapper nor the web site is giving any clues to us gaijin. It tastes slightly orangey, and the darker chocolate makes a nice contrast. However, as nice as it is, I think the created by a chef thing is rather pushing it for what is a cheap and cheerful sweet.


Posted: 09:04 Wed 23-Feb-2005 by "Rob" # permalink comment
Comment: Celebrity Chef tie-in Kit Kats are obviously the way to go. The Gordon Ramsey version will feature an empty paper wrapper with the words, "F**k Off" scrawled inside. Jamie Oliver's will be "taste the difference" sausage-flavoured. Raymond Blanc's will be, er, chocolate. And the Premiere Foods Chef will produce a special Worcestershire Sauce flavour.
Posted: 12:29 Wed 23-Feb-2005 by "Kim" # permalink comment
Comment: Oooh! Exciting Aero news;


I do realise this has nothing to do with Kit Kats, but I just had to say something. Irish Cream Aero has the potential to be delicious.

Posted: 13:44 Wed 23-Feb-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Snackspot already knows about the exciting Aero news ;)

They sell the Passionfruit Kitkats on ebay but doubt I would buy one. I wonder how this famous chef 'created' the Passionfruit Kitkat?

Posted: 20:34 Wed 23-Feb-2005 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: I thought DM was in USA...or is he doing a round-the-world trip? Or am I going crazy
Posted: 20:58 Wed 23-Feb-2005 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: i think he travels a lot, hence previous refs to his jet-setting, snack-spotting lifestyle ;)
Posted: 16:34 Thu 24-Feb-2005 by "bobince" # permalink comment
Comment: I've just scoffed a box of these. They're actually pomegranate, I think. Really rather good, anyway; most similar to the UK's blood orange, where's there's a tang in the middle of the wafer, rather than a wholly reflavoured bar.

So: surprisingly good, especially after the Green Tea Kit Kats, which I couldn't even get into my mouth due to the intense filthy stench. (I *like* green tea, but these just stunk of plastic and warm sick. Absolutely vile.)

Posted: 10:00 Fri 25-Feb-2005 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: Mike - we could have meet up and compared our sightings :-) I'll blame the jet-lag for missing the Valentines connection for the kit kats. Sure enough both the box and the wrapper has a subtle heart pattern on them. Valentine's day is a relative new event for Japan, having been introduced by the sweet manufactures. The day is for guys to buy chocolates for their ladies. Being a polite nation, the following month is a day for the ladies to return the favour.
Posted: 12:27 Fri 25-Feb-2005 by "Rob W " # permalink comment
Comment: When is someone gonna come out with a cool mint Kit kat? One with a cool white mint filling like with After Eights, but with wafer and mint cream covered in dark chocolate.

It would be soooooo coool

Posted: 16:40 Fri 25-Feb-2005 by "NikBorton" # permalink comment
Comment: "Valentine's day is a relative new event for Japan, having been introduced by the sweet manufactures."

I don't know if you can hear it, but I'm banging my head against the table really really hard.

Posted: 02:40 Sat 26-Feb-2005 by "maberk" # permalink comment
Comment: m passion fruit kitkats, those are just great! ive just tried some. btw did u know that kitkat melons (these ones: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/mikihiko1970/e/2417c35dd0825e4f6299b0d51f8ed47)wich have a melon filling and are covered in milk chocolate are only sold in 7-11 stores in Saitama City, while that these melon kitkats ( [URL display truncated]) which have a melon chocolate covering are sold only in Hokkaido in northern japan??? having tried both of them ive got to say that the saitama ones are better but the hokkaido ones arent that bad cheers
Posted: 19:55 Sun 27-Feb-2005 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: apple kit kat is also in Japan, but only in Nagano


Posted: 02:00 Mon 28-Feb-2005 by "Rob W " # permalink comment
Comment: Anyone going to Nagano can send me one?
Posted: 08:37 Tue 01-Mar-2005 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: The different flavours being limited to regions certainly explains why I never saw any other flavours than the green tea, melon and passsion fruit. Unfortunately my trip was limited to Tokyo, so no chance to find any more flavours
Posted: 20:50 Tue 01-Mar-2005 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: the melon was limited to the Hokkaido region about a year before it went Japan-wide
Posted: 19:02 Wed 02-Mar-2005 by "maberk" # permalink comment
Comment: I wonder what the Shinshuu Apple ones from Nagano taste like... What more regional are there??? Maybe Kobe Wine or Okinawa Shikwasa?
Posted: 20:45 Thu 03-Mar-2005 by "maberk" # permalink comment
Comment: the kitkat list just cannot seem to stop growing: JUST RELEASED WHITE HOKKAIDO MILK!!!!!!! althoug it is "Hokkaido Milk" it is available throughout japan check it out athttp://www.breaktown.com : click at the button that has a red-packaged kitkats on the right hand upper corner, then after it stops charging close the pop up that appears automatically clicking on a white button with three Hiragana Symbols on the upper right corner, you'll then see a list of kitkats with little photos on them. My japanese friend told me about it and she's sending me some i beleive ! yay!!
Posted: 19:30 Sun 06-Mar-2005 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: it says it doesn't come out until March 7th 2005 25927 5 42
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