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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: XL Cheese Crisps Confirmed sighting: XL Cheese Crisps
Posted: 19:29 Mon 28-Feb-2005. Price: 30p-41p. Location: Carlisle, various. Sub-flavours: None noted. Nutritional unusualness: 32% fat.
"Suz Forster" reports: Special crisps, these. Hard to find. Popular with devotees. Fans usually have thier own supplier. Often to be the only flavour sold in e.g. chip shops and sandwich shops. Frequently available as a "10 bags for 1" option which is amazing and irresistible. Also available at car boot sales in a similar format. Really and truly unlike any other crisp, and I've never seen them any place other than North Cumbria, UK. Would be interested in hearing about any other sightings. Manufactured by Golden Wonder, apparently.

...First-time spotter "Suz" arrives with this rarely-seen (Northern?) delicacy, but the cheesy comedy continues as "Phillerena" reveals a surprisingly prudish side regarding Morrisons Cheese Flavour Puffs, commenting: I think these should really be on one of those "rude food" websites, because as you can see Morrisons have done an "is that what it looks like?" trick on their customers. It certainly shocked me when I saw it and I had to look twice. The two "cheese puffs" on the packet are on top of each other, making let's say an "unusual" shape. It took a bit for my friends to realise this but they got it in the end. The crisps themselves are just generic cheesy maize snacks which taste a little too cheesy for my liking. Nothing really unusual about them - the packaging is the only novelty here.


Posted: 00:23 Fri 04-Mar-2005 by "Lee Taylor" # permalink comment
Comment: XL crisps where originaly a lancashire product upto about 2 years ago. I rember as a kid being fed these in the pub in the 70`s, sort of Lancashire answer to Seabrooks.

I think they have had several owners over the years the previous one being Bensons crisps (Snakhouse) of Kirkhan Lancashire. They went bust a couple of years ago and Golden Wonder came in bought the machinery to be refitted at one of there other plants. Before that according to this [URL display truncated] 25 yrs ago they where made in Great Harwood.

Posted: 12:05 Mon 04-Apr-2005 by "Beowulf" # permalink comment
Comment: Spotted these in the small scottish town of Wigtown in a shop entitled "The biggest little shop in town" Cannot remember the price but were cheap.

side note, Wigtown is the scottish equivalent to Hay-on-Wye in that almost every shop is a second hand bookstore.

Posted: 08:29 Fri 08-Apr-2005 by "alan bond" # permalink comment
Comment: 5 for a £1 in penrith - howcome i have to travel 50 miles for my favourite crips?? its a travesty
Posted: 08:16 Sat 11-Jun-2005 by "mary smart" # permalink comment
Comment: cant get cheese xl in north east so wen i go back to cumbria usually bring a box home with me. Come on north east waken up to these bril tastin crisps
Posted: 00:47 Tue 21-Jun-2005 by "Wayne Boone" # permalink comment
Comment: I discovered these wonderful crisps whilst visiting Dumfries, Scotland (thanks to "Rico's Tuck Shop") to visit my Girlfriends family.

I try to get a box every time I go up!

Made in Leicestershire which is a damn sight closer!

Posted: 10:08 Tue 21-Jun-2005 by "Crisp Commando" # permalink comment
Comment: Find out about all crisps from my crisp site


Posted: 22:00 Sun 01-Jan-2006 by "dougie" # permalink comment
Comment: my good friends, the xl cheese crisps are avaliable in Dumfries in Scotland and are a big hit. But when I moved to Manchester I could not find them, I am in touch with golden wonder to supply me now.
Posted: 14:06 Tue 10-Jan-2006 by "addicted and worried" # permalink comment
Comment: If it's true that XLs are now made by Golden Wonder - what happens now with today's news that golden wonder have gone bust??!
Posted: 21:32 Tue 10-Jan-2006 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Some company must buy up the popular brands surely - I can't see Wheat Crunchies disappearing. No doubt Walkers will buy them up like they did Wotsits now they have a complete monopoly.
Posted: 15:07 Wed 11-Jan-2006 by "GB" # permalink comment
Comment: I bought a packet in the Green Bank Pub Carlisle first week of January 2006. It was I while since I had had them. I recall XL were owned by Bensons for a long time. I noticed Golden Wonder on the Packet I had. As Golden Wonder are now bankrupt whats the future for XL. Hope someone saves them. I liked Wheat Crunchies, Spicy Nick Nacks but neither of these compare to XL. XL Cheese flavour must surely be one of the oldest flavours of Crisp. Crisps with real Heritage.
Posted: 19:02 Fri 13-Jan-2006 by "CAROL"
(apparently posting from host86-132-251-207.range86-132.btcentralplus.com) # permalink comment
Posted: 23:34 Thu 23-Feb-2006 by "mike snacman" # permalink comment
Comment: I am in Dumfries (XL City) they are an delicasy with strong cheese flavour, no one can hardly find these north south east or west of here, i nearly died when i heard of the firm going bust they are no owned by tayto (irish firm). I hope to be able to supply these and other foods by mail order soon, website is not yet ready. meantime email your interst to snacman3 (at!) yahoo.com :-))
Posted: 12:58 Mon 06-Mar-2006 by "Tony Songhurst"
(apparently posting from cache-los-ab01.proxy.aol.com) # permalink comment
Comment: We have just returned from Gatehouse of Fleet (Scotland) several miles from Dumfries and now cannot find these crisps....where can I order them?
Posted: 23:43 Fri 17-Mar-2006 by "heather" # permalink comment
Comment: i have to get my brother to bring them down to manchester because there is nowere within 100 miles that sells them
Posted: 22:57 Fri 14-Apr-2006 by "XL-less in Coventry" # permalink comment
Comment: Only distributed to Dumfries & Galoway and Cumbria, thats official from Golden Wonder, now owned by Tayto's of Ireland. Tayto's intend to keep marketing XL for now, sometimes seen on e-bay, but expensive. Do not be fooled by Walkers attempt to imitate these excelent XL-Cheese crisps
Posted: 16:39 Mon 24-Apr-2006 by "Bawbee" # permalink comment
Comment: Just received a box of 48 XL Cheese flavour - purchased on eBay. They are a Big Hit at work here in Montrose. Why don't they sell them nationwide??
Posted: 16:51 Mon 24-Apr-2006 by "^daffy duck" # permalink comment
Comment: you can't buy food on ebay? it's against ebay policy to sell food isn't it
Posted: 18:37 Mon 11-Sep-2006 by "Fiona" # permalink comment
Comment: I emailed Golden Wonder a couple of years ago to try to get them to sell XL nationwide, but they stated that there was only a market for them in DG& and Cumbria - which we know to be completely untrue! LIke Bawbee has found, a survey of my office in Edinburgh found XL to be very popular and "better than other crisps". I really hope that XL-less of Coventry is right and that Tayto will continue to produce them. 99673 0
Posted: 20:08 Mon 01-Jan-2007 by "also XL LESS in Coventry" # permalink comment
Comment: just got back from Cleator Moor loaded up with crisps not many left though
Posted: 21:57 Mon 26-Mar-2007 by "xl monster" # permalink comment
Comment: You'll all be pleased to know that for £20 inc delivery you can lay your mitts on box of 48 XL Cheesy. Got em from this place before, ordering again right now :) http://www.sweetsneats.co.uk/new-ranges.htm
Posted: 20:41 Fri 30-Mar-2007 by "Ronster the trucker"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: i'm a long distance truck driver and take these lovely potatoe snaks with me by the carrier bag full, supplied by my local shop RAZUL bros in kelloholm dumfriesshire,where xl cheese are in plentyfull supply, I cant get enough of them
Posted: 15:01 Mon 14-May-2007 by "alan" # permalink comment
Comment: My faher in law started XL Crisps, South Yorkshire in the mid to late 1950's. He was the first manufacturer to sell Cheese & Onion flavoured crisps.He later retired & sold out to ABF Foods
Posted: 23:02 Sun 29-Jul-2007 by "nigel" # permalink comment
Comment: have been munching cheese flavour since childhood holidays to st.bees in cumbria. Still stock up whenever we trek up there from the midlands. Can anyone PLEASE tell me a supplier to get them from???
Posted: 11:34 Sun 12-Aug-2007 by "Baz from Brighton Sussex" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi,tried my first bag of XL cheese crisps and was hooked,got it from a visiting Scotman who said they sold for a £1.00 for 10 35g bags somewhere in Scotland but location unknown so I'm in search mode and the best price is a whopping 35p a 35g bag buying a box of 48 bags. I know they are a lot cheaper somewhere out there so the hunt continues. If anyone knows let me know on brryhar (at!) aol.com as I want to buy LOTS!
Posted: 19:45 Sat 18-Aug-2007 by "andrew " # permalink comment
Comment: go on ebay you can buy a full box and sometimes he will split them and post to you look for "wolfeuan" or search cheese crisps
Posted: 01:37 Mon 07-Jan-2008 by "pete" # permalink comment
Comment: I first had some cheese xl crisps 35 years ago in Maryport Cumbria bought from Ellenborough Club my son has since moved there and he brings me bags over bought from a shop there when he visits me in Grimsby.I have recently found the supplyer is a place in Scunthorpe near Grimsby.GW Trading Ltd,Colin Road,Scunthorpe,North Lincolnshire,DN16 ITT.They should be stocked in all towns so everyone can enjoy these great crisps
Posted: 15:03 Wed 09-Jan-2008 by "gary connelly "
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: you can get xl cheese crisp at creetown scotland
Posted: 17:48 Thu 10-Jan-2008 by "k s" # permalink comment
Comment: booker cash and carry dumfries sells about a pallet of xl a week.
Posted: 15:46 Wed 16-Jan-2008 by "CUFCExile" # permalink comment
Comment: God makes XL cheese crisps - I get a box for my birthday shipped from Whitehaven
Posted: 22:53 Tue 22-Jan-2008 by "crazy"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: just came across these crisps i think in lancaster saturday 19th january 2008 and im desparte to know where i can buy the lot of them first time id tried or came across them and only bought 3 packets of them FOOL THAT I AM i'll know better next time
Posted: 19:23 Thu 21-Feb-2008 by "John McLoughlin" # permalink comment
Comment: some general info from a dumfries resident: - XL cheese are sold widely throughout the region - they have now gone up in price due to a 4.5gram weight increase per bag - wigtown is the book town of dumfries and galloway, hence the number of book shops!! - booker cash and carry (my employer) now have the crisps back in stock after some negotiation with the manufacturer

feel free to question me about locations for buying in D&G!!

Posted: 22:40 Wed 28-May-2008 by "Big Paul" # permalink comment
Comment: The real XL question is not the Cheese, but the beef or the spring onion flavours. I reckon these haven't been around since 1975-80, but I'd love to hear if anyone remembers (dare I say knows of them still being produced?)
Posted: 20:48 Sat 05-Jul-2008 by "Mark Wilson" # permalink comment
Comment: I live in Bracknell Berkshire and am a scotsman, please tell me where I can get chhese xl am desperate please please help me in my search for the ultimate crisp and ma wee neice Jodie.
Posted: 18:50 Wed 09-Jul-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Heresy, perhaps, but I had these 2 days ago and I did not rate them as anything special. Where? Out of the services on the M61 (Bolton services?). They weren't cheap either. Mind you Nothing in the services was cheap!
Posted: 23:22 Mon 04-Aug-2008 by "Linda"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: XL crisps had a very special flavour and used to be the best crips ever. I come from Cumbria and go back now and then used to get a full box from a factory in maryport. Had them recently and the flavour has changed and they aren't a patch on what they used to be.
Posted: 13:30 Mon 17-Nov-2008 by "jenifer kay"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: iws wondering why xl cheese crisps r sold individualy and not sold in a multipack even a 6pck would b good
Posted: 16:09 Thu 08-Jan-2009 by "Baz of Brighton" # permalink comment
Comment: Wrote back in 06 about XL and only way to buy is on Ebay (at!) 35p a bag,gave up looking around Scotland and for the record those sold at £1.00 for ten bags are "out of date" I was informed hence the low price.Its all Scotch mist to me!!
Posted: 15:27 Fri 09-Jan-2009 by "XLs forever!" # permalink comment
Comment: I LOVE CHEESE XLS! I especially love them in sandwiches as they are so tangy you don't need anything else to accompany!

You get them from Martex in Penrith which is a cash and carry but if you go to Cranstons foodhall at the top of town they usually sell them.

I live in Manchester now but my mum got me a box for christmas which was very exciting!

Another reason why cumbria is so good. Proper good crisps.

Posted: 15:36 Fri 09-Jan-2009 by "XLs forever!" # permalink comment
Comment: also very good eaten with Hendersons Relish, another northern delights from sheffield (kind of similar to worchester sauce). I don't know if this is a well know thing but thats how they are eaten in the Joiners Arms in Lazonby anyway...
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