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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Nestle Kit Kat Editions Mango and Passionfruit/ Red Berry Confirmed sighting: Nestle Kit Kat Editions Mango and Passionfruit/ Red Berry
Posted: 19:19 Tue 15-Mar-2005. Price: 45-48p. Location: Woolies; RS McColl, Edinburgh. Sub-flavours: See below. Nutritional unusualness: Contains 4% fruit puree (Mango and Passionfruit), nutritional info (31.05g carbohydrate per bar) printed in ultra-legible "black on dark grey" colour scheme.
"Magnetic Ham Sandwich" reports: This is not an official sighting as I'm really a crisps man and I'm sure you've had hundreds of "proper" sightings in the last week but you maybe don't have a picture yet. Anyway, get yourself one of these beauties pronto - bite into one and it seems like pure fruity nectar slipping down your throat. The combination of chocolate and mango is fantastic. They are also very good for impressing the ladies.

..."Magnetic Ham Sandwich" diversifies from his usual product portfolio to bring us this latest extension to the (comparatively quiescent) Kit Kat Editions range, with "lackadaisy" possibly confirming his "impressing the ladies" comment by adding: Sorry no pic - just the latest additions to the Kit Kat family. Mango and Passionfruit very refreshing. Red Berry reminded me of the strawberry chocs in Milk Tray/ Roses but obviously with some extra crunch. Both flavours were very gooey and sticky but very, very yummy! And in other Nestle innovation, "Nestle's new chocolate now in cakes too!" exclaimed "Zeddy" regarding the Nestle Milk Chocolate Mini Rolls he paid 99p for in Hamilton, Scotland, a product also available with the appetising option of "Raspberry and Creamed Filling".


Posted: 20:23 Tue 15-Mar-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Damn beat me to it I just found the Mango and passionfruit one today. They didn't have the red berry one in however. I thought it tasted ok, you can deffo taste the pasionfruit, but I didn't think it was amazing.

Oh and I've tried the Nestle milk chocsponge cake bar things, yuk yuk yuk! They say that they are "the chocolate lovers cake bar". Shouldn't they be fined for making such a ludicrous statement?

Posted: 22:13 Tue 15-Mar-2005 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: sounds yummy. Cant wait to get my hands on some of these
Posted: 13:57 Wed 16-Mar-2005 by "Commander Zorg" # permalink comment
Comment: Jesus. Not more. I'm tired of traipsing nearly a whole mile to Woolworths at lunchtime only to find the new Kit Kat [flavour name] isn't in stock and having to settle for a reduced Twix White.
Posted: 14:40 Wed 16-Mar-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: I bought 2 white Twix when I was out. 2 for 50p. They are gorgeous but I'm scared that once they have all been sold they won't re-stock them, as they were limited edition. Woolies can be slow at stocking new snacks so look in independant shops/newsagents etc.
Posted: 17:42 Wed 16-Mar-2005 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Twix White were great.
Posted: 18:58 Wed 16-Mar-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: White Twix were good but Nestle Rolo Irish Cream were better
Posted: 22:52 Wed 16-Mar-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Yuk. There's a shop near me with huge stocks of Irish cream Rolo. Sadly all the white Smarties have disappeared.
Posted: 12:40 Thu 17-Mar-2005 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: I've always found that marzipan attracts women, seriously.
Posted: 13:30 Thu 17-Mar-2005 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i would be attracted by marzipan, sadly i cannot find any men packing it (so to speak).
Posted: 13:54 Thu 17-Mar-2005 by "Rob W " # permalink comment
Comment: where is this Mango/Passion Fruit kitkat available?
Posted: 14:05 Thu 17-Mar-2005 by "Rob" # permalink comment
Comment: The trick is to hang around outside your local sweet shop, trying not to get arrested, and then accost the Nestle rep when s/he arrives for the weekly Cadbury-hiding Nestle-shelf-stuffing session. Cultivate this person, exchange the time of day, express your enthusiasm for the Nestle range, mention your interest in new varieties etc. Nestle reps are easily identifiable, because they have to spray their cars a different colour each week.
Posted: 14:31 Thu 17-Mar-2005 by "Whomper" # permalink comment
Comment: I want that to be true.
Posted: 21:55 Thu 17-Mar-2005 by "kitkat monster" # permalink comment
Comment: Kitkat Mango and Pasionfruit is available here http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4366306332
Posted: 22:07 Thu 17-Mar-2005 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: you knew it would only be a matter of time before it showed up on ebay
Posted: 10:04 Fri 18-Mar-2005 by "Commander Zorg" # permalink comment
Comment: eBay is cheating -- the thrill is in the chase!
Posted: 19:55 Fri 18-Mar-2005 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: well if you dont live in that area ebay is great
Posted: 21:49 Fri 18-Mar-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Doesn't anyone feel disapointed when they taste the Kitkats? I mean some of them ming, like the Green tea one.
Posted: 21:55 Fri 18-Mar-2005 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: The only kit kat I was really dissapointed in was the seville orange. That had to be the worst one ever
Posted: 16:13 Sat 19-Mar-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Tried the berry one today, mmm very nice and fits perfectly with the nice weather we are having lately. Strangely I saw a 3 pack of the caramel Editions being sold at a reduced price and it said they have been discontinued...?
Posted: 16:38 Sun 20-Mar-2005 by "bill" # permalink comment
Comment: I wish instead of editions red berry, they would have just made a kit kat editions strawberry - mmmmmmm..
Posted: 10:59 Tue 22-Mar-2005 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried the Mango and Passionfruit, and didn't like it...it just didn't mix with the chocolate.

That said, I'm not crazy on the Editions' liquid centre.

Posted: 19:28 Tue 22-Mar-2005 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: liquid center
Posted: 19:36 Tue 22-Mar-2005 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Thanks
Posted: 23:11 Tue 22-Mar-2005 by "Derek Jeter" # permalink comment
Comment: I bet no one here knows who I am
Posted: 23:34 Tue 22-Mar-2005 by "shellie" # permalink comment
Comment: I think both you and Viki are just impostors. Let's Go Yankees!
Posted: 00:13 Wed 23-Mar-2005 by "shellie" # permalink comment
Comment: could be a double bluff, though, so i'm not sure.
Posted: 08:08 Wed 23-Mar-2005 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: Jeter is an imposter obviously. But not Viki
Posted: 01:38 Mon 04-Apr-2005 by "Vikichan in Japan" # permalink comment
Comment: I am not an imposter.. and if I was what would I be an imposter of? :-) Thanks Mike!!
Posted: 12:55 Mon 04-Apr-2005 by "shellie" # permalink comment
Comment: No, I didn't mean it like that. I thought you were just pulling our legs, PRETENDING to be the real Vikichan. See, I didn't notice at first you had your site (which I had great fun to visit, by the way) directly linked to your name. I should have explained, sorry :)
Posted: 13:02 Mon 04-Apr-2005 by "Carly Witwicky" # permalink comment
Comment: See, Viki, THAT'S what I meant... Am I the only one here, by the way, who has fond memories of the TRANSFORMERS?
Posted: 16:57 Mon 04-Apr-2005 by "Vikichan in Japan" # permalink comment
Comment: Ok, everything seems in order now... I'm not an imposter but I might be a Transformer.. ha ha!! :-) Shellie, thanks for stopping by my site.
Posted: 19:24 Mon 04-Apr-2005 by "shellie" # permalink comment
Comment: Thanks for having me :) You should come out and say Hi next time...
Posted: 20:55 Mon 04-Apr-2005 by "Vikichan in Japan" # permalink comment
Comment: Here I am saying hello, click my name!! :-)
Posted: 15:08 Tue 05-Apr-2005 by "shellie" # permalink comment
Comment: Ok, now I'm confused... An Alice in Wonderland lookalike, or is that REALLY you?: )
Posted: 19:43 Tue 05-Apr-2005 by "Vikichan in Japan" # permalink comment
Comment: That isn't Alice... that is an American wanna be Japanese school girl in a private school uniform.. ha ha!! My friend in website design (www.teamofdreamers.com) had someone put that look together for me. In Japanese animation they always give everyone those big eyes (because Japanese usually have such small eyes) and they have to be smiling huge! Then I told her I had blonde hair and wanted to wear a school uniform. I also asked her to make sure I looked 30 pounds lighter than me.. ha ha!!! P.S. Alice in Wonderland was my favorite story when I was little.. :-)
Posted: 01:48 Wed 06-Apr-2005 by "chris" # permalink comment
Comment: Is it true that Japanese people want to be like Americans... I've actually heard that before
Posted: 20:28 Wed 06-Apr-2005 by "Vikichan in Japan" # permalink comment
Comment: Chris, I don't think so. I think they used to want that, or they wanted something like that but things have changed. There was a time when Japan wanted to be "anything western" and be modernized but there is a lot more move towards the old traditions now. The young people want to be something, I'm not sure what it is, freaks maybe!! My high school students get stranger all the time. By the way, anyone here who has the impression that all Japanese kids love to study and do well, that has become a myth.. I thought that when I got here too, it was already going down hill. Seventeen years later I'm looking at "my high school days" and things are really changing. There are still plenty of good private schools where students do study diligently and strive for the best grades and best schools but there are plenty of public school students out there who are lazy, not interested and going to school only because their parents make them. Legally they don't have to go to high school here. They can drop out after 9th grade. This is probably beause you have to pass a test to get into even the lowest academic high school. Anyone can get into public JHS and anyone can graduate JHS but if you want to go on up to high school you have to have studied in JHS. Also HS is not free, even public school you have to pay tuition. It isn't as high as private schools but it isn't free. Plus there are uniforms and other fees. In JHS there are lots of fees, and uniforms and stuff but technically the school is "free." Ok, that was today's education tidbit from Saitama, Japan.. land of almost asleep Viki...Oyasuminasai!
Posted: 18:19 Fri 07-Oct-2005 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: Yummy yummy Yummy !! Mango Kit Kats are now 5 for £1 in Hyper Value - just next to the mountains of Florida Orange Rolos that have been there for ages. I just bought 15 (!) to see me through those cold, dark Winter nights ahead...
Posted: 18:27 Fri 07-Oct-2005 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: just curious - why is your name magnetic ham sandwich? Its very....interesting
Posted: 10:17 Sun 09-Oct-2005 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: There's one on my fridge, next to a magnetic Walrus and lots of Penguins.
Posted: 12:17 Fri 03-Feb-2006 by "Zafer Ebru Ercan" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm from Turkiye and had the chance to meet Twix white. I LOVE THEM!!! Now I'm addicted to it, they are out of stock.How come? why are they limited???
Posted: 15:46 Fri 03-Feb-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: Often products are limited because companies think they will just eat into the normal products sales, so there's no point in making it. That's why White Maltesers were limited at first - but they were so popular that they eventually made them a permanent line.

But a company can't make *every* kind of choccie bar. So, if it sells reasonably enough, but not well enough to keep producing it all the time, they'll just stick it out occasionally.

Which reminds me - is Mars Midnight due to come out again soon? Not seen it in ages... 62319 7 94

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