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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: McDonald's Toasted Deli Sandwiches Confirmed sighting: McDonald's Toasted Deli Sandwiches
Posted: 14:30 Sun 10-Apr-2005. Price: from 2.79-3.19. Location: McDonald's, next to London Charing Cross. Sub-flavours: Roast Beef and Mature Cheddar; Cheese, Ham and Pepperoni; All Day Breakfast; Sweet Chilli Chicken; Chicken Salad; Chicken Tikka; Grilled Veggie Melt. Nutritional unusualness: None noted.
Snackspot reports: The mysterious Mediterranean Pitamac seems to have been and gone already, replaced by a "Caesar" version of 2003's Chicken Flatbread, plus this would-be competitor to Subway sandwiches and Burger King's Premium Tastes Oven Baked Baguettes. Having tried the Sweet Chilli Chicken variant, I've no complaints about the product itself (which was literally packed with KFC-ish breadcrumbed chicken and cucumber slices) - though, inevitably, it seems to take McDonald's staff absolutely ages for them to be "Freshly made when you order". On the plus side, there's very little overt McD's branding on the "shame-reduction" packaging, too.

...In other meaty malfeasance: Bernard Matthews has launched a new turkey roll addition to his Princess Dreams range for young girls; Unilever are combining their Peperami and Pot Noodle-making skills to create Peperami-flavoured instant "Block" noodles (in Chicken, Barbeque, Peperami Original, or Hot and Spicy flavours); while Ko-Lee Noodles appears to be taking a leaf out of "Kaptain Korolev's" recipe book with their Crunch + Munch product which you can enjoy as "a traditional noodle soup or a noodle dish - or eat them dry as a crispy seasoning snack".


Posted: 04:40 Mon 11-Apr-2005 by "jdjs" # permalink comment
Comment: Then there's the Canadian take: Reuben, Bacon Lettuce and Tomato, Grilled Vegetable Melt, Crispy Buffalo Chicken, Leaning Tower Italian and Beef&Provalone. Apparently same speed. Nothing outstanding though (still wimpy lettuce and tomato). I suspect the same destiny as the McPizza.
Posted: 14:52 Tue 12-Apr-2005 by "kataz" # permalink comment
Comment: These sandwiches have been on sale in the McDonalds in Princes St, Edinburgh (West End one) for over 2 weeks ! They are "freshly made" if you use my little trick...whenever I use a McDonalds, I ALWAYS have mine freshly made - you can either ask for one to be freshly made (and somtimes they give you weird look) or the easier way around the "look" is by asking for your sandwich/bun with an addition like extra onion or take away the pickle etc. Works every time - mmmmm delicious....
Posted: 16:11 Wed 13-Apr-2005 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: but it takes ages! and really, who goes to McDonald's for "freshly made" food - would it kill them to come up with a frozen version of these that they could deep-fry then leave on a metal rack for 15 mins?
Posted: 22:58 Wed 13-Apr-2005 by "Big Dave" # permalink comment
Comment: Your idea is good in practice Kataz, but do you really think that every time you ask for it to be freshly made, it is? I have spies in the frontline here, and can exclusively reveal that if you ask for some kind of burger "without pickles", 9 times out of 10 they will simply remove the pickles from one of the products that is stored in the back of the production bin. Similarly, someone who asks for 'extra onion' will get short shrift if they think they'll be getting a burger freshly made - its easy enough to alter existing burgers without going to the bother of cooking a fresh one. If you want to be sure of getting a burger freshly made, you really need to ask for it without ketchup, as it is really the only dressing that can't easily be removed from an existing burger.

As for the deli sandwich things - god knows, quite frankly.

Posted: 13:04 Fri 15-Apr-2005 by "simon hb" # permalink comment
Comment: Ah, they're spreading, are they? We were treated to the first taste of these in Milton Keyne's legendary Kingston McDonalds, a place so awful even Judas would be happy to get back to the lowest circle of hell after having a meal in there. They were very excited at the time that "You can't get these anywhere else". It's a nice idea, but really... they're no Quiznos. The sandwich is slightly wretched, but you don't at least feel as awful after eating one as the randomly-created Quorn burger.
Posted: 18:42 Wed 15-Jun-2005 by "KaTz" # permalink comment
Comment: hmmm. just started last week in the midlands. quite nice, and they are put together when u order it. i think they're filling, but the meal only comes with a small fries & not the usual medium. Big Dave - u gotta work for McD's by the fact that u know what a "production bin" is, as do I.
Posted: 19:05 Wed 15-Jun-2005 by "Stevie Nicks" # permalink comment
Comment: I feel a production bin/regular bin joke coming on, sole intent being to ridicule quality of McDonalds food...
Posted: 18:37 Thu 30-Jun-2005 by "michael clark" # permalink comment
Comment: gorgeous, love them
Posted: 19:31 Thu 30-Jun-2005 by "steve mant" # permalink comment
Comment: I love the new deli sandwiches, they're great!!!!, so much more healthier than the usual big mac. If like me you eat 3 mcdonalds meals per day than these will be a refreshing change, da da da da daaaaa im lovin it
Posted: 21:43 Thu 30-Jun-2005 by "Chunk" # permalink comment
Comment: Healthier McDonalds!!! What the hell is this world coming to, you can't even buy hotcakes (pancakes) from McDonalds anymore along with most of the old breakfast range. Soon they won't even sell burgers
Posted: 03:35 Thu 14-Jul-2005 by "jimmytwo" # permalink comment
Comment: the new deli's are cooked fresh every time i should khow takes 1-2 mins should take no longer mcdonalds is coming down realy hard on the time it takes to make and on the grill s u can only add certain things pluss mcdonalds onlly does grill s to keep the customers happy its not ur right i think they should be stoped or a 5p convenence fee
Posted: 17:15 Thu 18-Aug-2005 by "SmellEgg" # permalink comment
Comment: Hahaha - sorry, what Jimmy? It's not our right? As paying customers, I think it certainly is our right to have our food cooked the way we want it. Though to be honest I wouldn't mind paying a "5p convenience fee" to have my burger freshly cooked.

I tried the late breakfast baguette the other day at Broxden Roundabout McD's in Perth and it was sodding awful. Really thin brown sauce that tasted like pure vinegar, a couple of paltry half-sausages, some thick, warm horrible slices of tomato, and some really processed bacon. Yuck. Plus the "crisp baguette" was a sodden, greasy lump, the sort of thing I'd expect from a really poor quality petrol-station microwaveable baguette.

The whole thing absolutely stank. Give me a big breakfast and sausage and egg mcmuffin any day. Or one of the surprisingly nice quorn or flatbread things. Team it up with a side salad and a bottle of water - you're laughing.

Posted: 12:13 Tue 13-Sep-2005 by "Matt" # permalink comment
Comment: Expect LOTS of advertising in the next week as they launch nationally.

All McOpCo stores (stores owned by McDonald's as opposed to franchisees) will have them by the 20th of this month.

They're not going away any time soon as about 1100 stores have had thousands of pounds worth of new equipment installed! That's just in the UK.

Also the reason they've been in some places for so long is that they're being rigourously tested - for example the 'Late Breakfast' one is not around any more.

My tip - try the tikka chicken sandwich.

Posted: 17:31 Tue 13-Sep-2005 by "M-fan" # permalink comment
Comment: I had the 'late breakfast' one last week, toasted my arse...and the sausage was full of gristle...disgusting rip off too...
Posted: 22:10 Wed 14-Sep-2005 by "MARK" # permalink comment
Posted: 23:38 Wed 14-Sep-2005 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: So...Which is it, do you work at McDonalds or manage a restaurant?
Posted: 23:48 Wed 14-Sep-2005 by "Chunk" # permalink comment
Comment: The Breakfast Deli was the best of the bunch. Lord knows whats happening to McDonalds, soon they wont have any burgers and will be filled with health freaks eating rabbit food. Wish someone would open a 50's malt shop chain to fill the gap.
Posted: 01:19 Thu 15-Sep-2005 by "Mark " # permalink comment
Comment: im a manager at a restuarant
Posted: 17:02 Thu 17-Nov-2005 by "Emma" # permalink comment
Comment: As a Vegetarian, I find the Veggie Melt a welcome addition to the menu. But why did they remove the old veggie options? There just isn't enough choice tere.

First time I had the melt, I wasn't too impressed. Now I'm addicted, and craving one right now.

Posted: 04:14 Fri 25-Nov-2005 by "abbygale tittmuss" # permalink comment
Comment: The Deli Sandwiches are very very good indeed.
Posted: 11:39 Fri 25-Nov-2005 by "juankerr" # permalink comment
Comment: I had one of those Roast Beef and Mature Cheddar sandwiches. It was rank :( 95225 4
Posted: 23:55 Thu 28-Dec-2006 by "KaTz" # permalink comment
Comment: roast beef and mature cheddar replaced by beef and onion. better quality cuts of beef with red onion sauce and big tasty sauce. yummy!!
Posted: 21:14 Fri 29-Dec-2006 by "mia" # permalink comment
Comment: i will never ever eat a "sandwich" sandwich at any mcd's - the thought just grosses me out at least with their warm deep fried/grilled sandwiches I'm pretty sure the germs are all killed by the preserved sauces and heat used to cook stuff, plus I make the very best sandwiches at home, & prefer the subway/quizno's/local deli sandwiches better - mcd's doesnt even make my list for a sandwich - i only go there for fries or a burger - although have noticed more then once that the fries grease tastes old or something would like to know how often the change it
Posted: 12:39 Thu 25-Oct-2007 by "qck" # permalink comment
Comment: So mia, you believe that Subway is healthy. Riigghht. And it's prepared fresh. Of course.

It's not like there's 300+ calories in some Subway bread. And they don't bring in the salad pre-prepared and frozen by truck. No chance of any germs that way. Just a big mouthful of pesticides. Any vitamin content was also lost in the freezing process.

Eat Fresh. Find a legal definition for fresh then ...

Posted: 13:05 Thu 08-Nov-2007 by "Thin And Healthy" # permalink comment
Comment: Ignore the numbnuts saying all this "eat healthy" rubbish like they are some kind of self appointed expert.

I've been eating 3-4 meals a day at McDonalds for 15 years and I'm healthy, fit and thin.

Double cheeseburgers rock. Deli sandwiches are teh sex.

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