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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Muller Corner American Classics Confirmed sighting: Muller Corner American Classics
Posted: 20:11 Wed 13-Jul-2005. Price: Three for 1.09. Location: Sainsbury's, Lisburn Northern Ireland. Sub-flavours: Blueberry "Manhattan" Cheesecake, "Alabama" Chocolate Fudge Cake, "New England" Banoffee Pie, "Florida" Key Lime Pie. Nutritional unusualness: None noted.
"jb" reports: I found these in Sainsbury's and was much surprised. Also there they had new Milky Babies and Fruity Babies fresh from the Bassetts stable but I was in a yoghurt state of mind. I have to say that these posed no real surprises, just the same old Muller flavours but in new combinations. I guess for the authentic Alabama fudge cake I'm a-gonna have to go to Alabama.

...Sorry, slight holdup in getting this one on the site, during which time "jb" became sufficiently incensed by rival reviews to declare: I felt that my original spot was a little lacking in detail so I would like to expand on it. The Key Lime Pie flavour only seems to be available in the multi-pack, although the Blueberry Cheesecake is left out of this. The fudge one is very nice but does not remind me of cake. Thankfully the cheesecake-style yoghurt in the blueberry one does not have soggy bits of cake like in the Muller Light cheesecake-style yoghurt. As ever the banana flavour is quite artificial but - nonetheless - delicious.


Posted: 21:18 Wed 13-Jul-2005 by "Talkshowhost" # permalink comment
Comment: The Blueberry cheesecake ones are the best thing for yoghurts for some time. The blueberry jam is just sweet/sour enough for perfection.

The fudgy one is real stodgy and tastes like a cheapo, 'market' yoghurt.

Posted: 21:27 Fri 15-Jul-2005 by "Talkshowhost" # permalink comment
Comment: Tried the Key Lime Pie one today as a friend got a multipack. It was horrible, limes must be the worst fruit ever. Even if the yoghurt was good, the ginger-y biscuit bits were rubbish too. Very bad for America if these are their classics.
Posted: 22:58 Fri 15-Jul-2005 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: the "Alabma chocolate fudge cake" is horrable! - the fudge sauce is over powering, sickly and makes the whole yoghut taste horrid! i rate it 1/10
Posted: 13:11 Mon 18-Jul-2005 by "Kuzzer" # permalink comment
Comment: Those bloody Yanks have effing done it again! Banoffee Pie was invented in Sussex - IN THE UK (at The Hungry Monk, if you must know). Bloody septics - always rewriting history.
Posted: 16:33 Mon 18-Jul-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: I suspect that the Germans who run Muller were not aware of this fact. But Sussex classics just does not have the same ring to it, does it?
Posted: 18:44 Mon 18-Jul-2005 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: If the english done that with a USA food and put it under "best of british" range of foods, the yanks would moan, so i agree with you kuzzer, they always rewrite history - well look at the new film, war of the worlds, they (the yanks) are the heros again
Posted: 10:55 Tue 19-Jul-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: Well make believe movies are the only way that americans can win these days.
Posted: 14:26 Tue 19-Jul-2005 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: Hahahaha. Yes jb your right!
Posted: 18:13 Tue 19-Jul-2005 by "Lee Maguire" # permalink comment
Comment: Yes, setting a movie version of 'The War of the Worlds' in the US *is* rewriting history, and a slap in the face to all those poor people who died in the actual Martian invasions of the ninteenth century.

While googling for the shocking truth of banoffee's origin I came across a fantastic line in a newspaper article at http://www.banoffee.co.uk/banoffee/telegraph.html

" "It's terribly galling", says Mackenzie, who has been left regretting the fact that he did not patent the pudding. "

And while that's amusing, in a cliched lazy journalist way, the idea that the pie's creator has missed out in millions in royalties during the "banoffee bubble" of the 90s is wrong - that's not how patents work.

While it is possible to patent recpies (usually industrial food manufacturing processes) you can't patent or copyright a list of ingredients - so the idea of a toffee/coffee/banana pie is effectively public domain.

Of course, that's the case today - who knows what intellectual property craziness we'll see in the future when business models start to fail. A ban on attempting to "reverse engineer" meals?

"Home cooking is killing food".

Posted: 21:24 Fri 22-Jul-2005 by "Talkshowhost" # permalink comment
Comment: Muller seem so inconsistant when it comes to new corner yoghurts. They are either delicious or horrible. When they make a new flavour, they should at least give them to a panel to taste. They can't possibly have given the new fudge one to real people, it is so bad. They should stick to common sense flavours that will appeal to us here in the UK. The McVities ones are a good example of this as they really do work.
Posted: 22:34 Fri 22-Jul-2005 by "Matthew" # permalink comment
Comment: Nice to see JB and Bob speaking to each other again, bless em.
Posted: 13:30 Mon 25-Jul-2005 by "Kuzzer" # permalink comment
Comment: Thanks for the support, guys 'n' gals.

ANYWAY, I just had to try one, innit, and I can report that even with the appropriated US provenance, the Banoffee Muller was quite tasty.


Posted: 23:40 Mon 29-Aug-2005 by "Jen" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm a 'septic' living in the UK, and I just have to say - we did NOT rip off banoffee pie. As of two years ago when I moved here, banoffee pie was a largely unheard of dessert in my corner of the US.

It baffles me that the geniuses marketing to the british public always seem to pin that nasty food on us, and then you guys blame us for ripping it off..

Posted: 21:17 Sat 29-Oct-2005 by "yankeegirl" # permalink comment
Comment: Hey, I've never even heard of Banoffee pie until reading this page and when I Googled it, all the links for several pages were UK or Canadian based. One blogger even said the first time she had it was on Jersey. But that's okay. We have Thomas' English Muffins over here which I heard gives you folks a good laugh.
Posted: 14:23 Tue 17-Jan-2006 by "helly" # permalink comment
Comment: It's not the Americans who claim Banoffi Pie as their own, it's everybody else that assumes it's American including some Brits. I've noticed on a lot of Forums that when Banoffi Pie gets mentioned all the Americans ask what it is!! The Hungry Monk won a case against McVities in the '90's for including Banoffi Pie in their American Desserts range. MOst versions of Banoffi Pie that can be bought in Supermarkets or as a dessert in restaurants have been bastardised anyway, as it should have a pastry base not a biscuit base, thus making it infinitely less sickly!
Posted: 08:45 Thu 16-Feb-2006 by "mindy" # permalink comment
Comment: I have just eaten the key lime pie one, and I have to say it was mildly revolting. I ate it anyway because I was hungry. The key lime one was the only one left in the pack. someone had eaten all the others, so i cannot comment on them. however, I have to say that the fudge one sounds delicious.
Posted: 20:33 Thu 23-Feb-2006 by "Dan" # permalink comment
Comment: The key lime ones are disgusting, totally overpowering with ginger and disgusting sour yoghurt. The others in the pack were pretty great.
Posted: 15:50 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: These are very nice, one of the best yogurts from muller
Posted: 10:54 Mon 13-Nov-2006 by "i love american classics flavour" # permalink comment
Comment: OMFG U FAGS THIS IS THE BEST YOGHURT FROM MULLER! omg. chocaate fudge cake is the nicest :D
Posted: 20:53 Mon 13-Nov-2006 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: Wow looks like you had both brain cells working to type that out 35507 2
Posted: 01:08 Sun 26-Nov-2006 by "American in the UK" # permalink comment
Comment: Just wanted to say that Americans did not come out with the 'American Classics' range from Muller, some uninformmed marketing group at Muller did. They threw these 4 flaovours together titled them 'American classics', and sold them to gullible* brits, who expected to taste a bit of America.

I fully realise that Banoffe Pie is NOT American and is something UK based. I laugh, and sometimes get upset, when I see things labled as American, and they clearly are not. Banoffe Pie yoghurt is one of these incidents.

MOST Americans have not even heard of the dessert Banoffe Pie, and we have NOT stolen as our own, some people at Muller has just marketed it as such....Americans are just as upset over it as you Brits may be, because we know it isnt our dessert, and shouldnt be marketed to the general British public as such. Go out there and claim it back, complain to Muller, instead of some random board if it bothers enough to bash Americans and America over something they did NOT do.

Oh I have tried some of these flavours, they are all NOT like the American counterparts, skipped out on the Banoffee,as I dont like toffee.

*disclaimer, I realise that not all people Brit or otherwise are not, in general gullible, nor just wanted to try a taste of America, but this is why I think they marketing people at Muller labled the range as 'American Classics' to get people to buy purely based on the American lable. As other companies may call something 'British classics' or similar, just to get people to try them. Apparenly just calling them Pies & Cakes, wouldnt have been enough. Quite frankly its instulting. 83

Posted: 11:09 Sun 16-Dec-2007 by "me"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: dissapointed with the products because in my last activities of eating the corner yorgut they was no yogurt to eat!!!!!!
Posted: 16:37 Sun 16-Dec-2007 by "Rose" # permalink comment
Comment: Ha ha! I had a similarly disappointing experience 'me'. I opened a Healthy Balance Tropical Crunch Corner the other day to find there was yogurt in one side, but no crunchy pieces in the other side. It was completely empty! I was most disappointed, as it's my favourite yogurt and I'd been looking forward to it :-(
Posted: 10:29 Tue 16-Sep-2008 by "marky muller boy" # permalink comment
Posted: 13:52 Wed 17-Sep-2008 by "marky muller boy" # permalink comment
Comment: correction 54p or 4 for 2 pounds bargain!! whoever made muller yogurts i love you you make my life worth living
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