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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Bassett's Fruity Babies/ Milky Babies Confirmed sighting: Bassett's Fruity Babies/ Milky Babies
Posted: 15:55 Fri 29-Jul-2005. Price: Not noted. Location: Woolworths, Woking. Sub-flavours: Jelly, Fruit and Milky!. Nutritional unusualness: Fruity babies contain 10% fruit juice, milky babies contain milk. Both have natural colours and flavours.
"lex1977" reports: Nice to see fruity jelly sweets with some actual fruit juice in them for once. Fruity ones were very good. Flavours were strawberry, lemon, lime, blackcurrant, orange and pineapple. Wasn't that impressed with the milky ones although the range of flavours was a bit different - strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch, forest fruit, toffee, banana. Guess it depends whether you like the whole "milk bottle" type of sweet. I could take them or leave them, but other half ate the whole bag in one go.

..."lex1977" here confirms previous murmurings, while "Phillerena" paid 1.50 at Leeds Market for 2 bags of what could just be the confectionery "parents" of the above - the previously mentioned Bamse Mums (View comments for "Phillerena's" remarks on those), and Norwegian Laban Seig Damer, which apparently: Look like a rude version of jelly babies, this is because the jellies have breasts! I think they are meant to be jelly women, so they're just being politically correct. They also taste revolting, no taste whatsoever to them. The packet is rather rude looking and you wonder if they're having a laugh. The jelly women on the back are holding pieces of fruit in positions that make you wonder what exactly they are doing with them. The English translation says "Soft jellyladies rolled in sugar". For yet more info, you can visit: http://www.nidar.no.


Posted: 16:12 Fri 29-Jul-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: The "Bamse Mums" ones caught my eye, I thought it said barmey mums. They also have a website for more information: http://www.bamsemums.com/ . They taste revolting, they are some sort of mallow centre covered in milk chocolate, the shape of teddy bears. Have a nasty taste.
Posted: 17:28 Fri 29-Jul-2005 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: phillerena, bamse mums are the best! are you nuts?

i found the milky babies too sweet and insipid. there were hardly any banana ones (by far the best) and 'fruits of the forest' is not a famous milkshake flavour (with good reason). the butterscotch ones were totally flavourless - why on earth didn't they make a chocolate flavour?! it was good to see 'burnt sugar' listed in the ingredients instead of caramel, though. finally, the size of each one was a lot smaller than that of traditional jelly babies. presumably there is a law of physics that necessitates this?

Posted: 00:41 Sat 30-Jul-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: They taste of antiseptic cream or something similar, blergh.
Posted: 10:30 Sat 30-Jul-2005 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: The Milky ones are quite nice actually. Butterscotch in particular are great.
Posted: 18:12 Sun 31-Jul-2005 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: also, why is there a green milky baby on the front when there isn't a green flavour?
Posted: 21:19 Sun 31-Jul-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Because green isn't a flavour? If you read, the reviewer said there is a lime flavour.
Posted: 21:21 Sun 31-Jul-2005 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: if you read the article properly, you'll see there is a lime one in the fruity babies, not the milky babies.
Posted: 19:27 Mon 08-Aug-2005 by "Laurie" # permalink comment
Comment: I have half a milky baby left in the kitchen. Well, it is really half a packet; we didn't buy in hot weather, but about 90% of the babies had stuck together in a giant lump when we first opened them, and we had to pick them apart. Colour-blind OH ate them one handed whilst playing a computer game and seemed entirely unable to distinguish flavours - frankly I couldn't either, even with the help of colour, although toffee was notably sweeter than butterscotch. I could probably tell "pink" from "brown", but that was about it. Pity.

Altogether a little disappointing - we were hoping for conventional jelly baby size and texture with milky flavour. These are small, and have no exterior surface texture compared to the inside. It's all a slightly foamy jelly. I like the powdered skin on regular JB.

We saw fruity babies at the store too. Are they equally small and feeble in texture?

Posted: 21:40 Mon 08-Aug-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Ahh true charl, true.
Posted: 15:45 Wed 10-Aug-2005 by "cat" # permalink comment
Comment: are you kidding milky babies are the best. and just for the record jelly babies taste like crap thanx
Posted: 11:20 Wed 17-Aug-2005 by "rdavies (at!) companieshouse.gov.uk" # permalink comment
Comment: Can aybody remember the drink that the company ICI put out in the early 70's called "metrolite"..or something near that name.. or am i dreaming it??
Posted: 13:46 Wed 17-Aug-2005 by "K" # permalink comment
Comment: I thought the fruity babies were by far the nicest and the pack emptied really quickly as I was driving along the M6. But the milky babies, banana and strawberry were the nicest and the fewest, and the others I did not like and disposed of to be honest. I liked that they were soft, as the normal jelly babies can get a bit sickly, but they were too small. I'd buy the fruity ones again.
Posted: 21:33 Tue 23-Aug-2005 by "podge" # permalink comment
Comment: I bought milk babies today and I thought they werevery nice
Posted: 13:20 Fri 02-Sep-2005 by "milky baby" # permalink comment
Comment: i love milky babies! they are unusual - not like any sweets out just now. they're like the old school milk bottles, not the new crappy ones.

i like 'em. two thumbs up from me. boo to all you naysayers!

Posted: 00:08 Wed 07-Sep-2005 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: Milky and Fruity have been buy-one-get-one-free in Superdrug for a while now. Both are quite tasty if you just want to chew on something vaguely fruity and you're not too bothered about a specific flavour. The milky babies were all stuck together in the packet like some kind of giant midget's orgy. The fruity babies seem to be coated in some kind of waxy substance to stop them sticking together, which soon coats your fingers also, but they did all actually taste of fruit.
Posted: 19:18 Thu 06-Oct-2005 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: I see in yesterdays newspapers that all bags of Milky Babies have been recalled because quite a few people had found bits of the metal mould in the bags, still stuck to the sweets. Anyone who bought a bag while they were available will testify to the 'stickyness' of the babies - tipping them out the whole packet came out in one big lump.
Posted: 11:27 Fri 07-Oct-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah I saw in Morrisons a notice saying that too. I was never tempted enough to buy any Milky Babies so good riddance, they look foul.
Posted: 14:10 Sun 22-Jan-2006 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: Fans of Milky Babies will be pleased to see they are now back on the shelves. They're even on special offer in Co-op.
Posted: 19:43 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "Vicabi" # permalink comment
Comment: My Milky Babies are back! I was so so excited a think i yelped a little when i saw them on the shelf
Posted: 17:11 Mon 27-Feb-2006 by "slime101" # permalink comment
Comment: What as bunch of miserable moaning girls!

Milky babies are fab, so what if they stick together and lack the outer surafce texture of a jelly baby - it doesnt matter because they are not the same and are not ment to be!!!!

The flavours are divine, and the texture is lush, so much so that i have to hide them from myself otherwise i eat bag after bag non stop.

As for the recall - it wasnt metal, it was plastic and only one in a million anyway so hardly a big deal.

I cant wait to get some more, tesco's never seem to have them at the minute.

Posted: 17:40 Mon 17-Apr-2006 by "charlotte" # permalink comment
Comment: i have yet 2 try milky babies but im unsure if i should bother, the comments i have read mostly claim that they are sticky and clumpy, and as for the bits of metal included i'd rather waste my money on sumthink else. A few days ago i stumbled across a packet of fruity babies, they tasted discusting and were poorly made and you couldnt tell one flavour from another! they vaugely tasted like fruit! the flavours was hard to dipict as each tasted like the other!which was disappointing, especially the green ones which whilst in production tasted like they fell in to some fairy liquid! My overall opinion on milky/fruity babies are disappointing and have no exterior surface texture compared to the inside foamyness! i think that putting produce of this standard should be reviewed!!!!
Posted: 02:00 Tue 18-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: milky babies? whatever next?
Posted: 15:38 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by "Cunning Linguist" # permalink comment
Comment: I gave up counting the grammatical or spelling errors in Charlotte's post when I got to 20. Diabolical use of the English language. I really hope she is under 12 years old, otherwise the educational system of today is seriously failing it's subjects.
Posted: 15:56 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: I share your pain Cunning Linguist. Just give up and go read 'sumthink else'.
Posted: 16:22 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: A pair of halfwits ^
Posted: 16:22 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by "sweeti baby" # permalink comment
Comment: u guys shouldn't b so mean, right just coz ur like a bunch of sad acts checking ppl's posts for errors its called slang so i fink u should get ur facts rite!
Posted: 16:24 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: lovin' sweeti baby i am
Posted: 16:24 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by "sweeti baby" # permalink comment
Comment: "cunning linguist" n "gto" oh oh no "diabolical use of the english language! u 2 r just stuck up!!!!
Posted: 16:26 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: get em told sweetheart
Posted: 16:27 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by "sweeti baby" # permalink comment
Comment: ooooo dont worri i will!
Posted: 16:36 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by "sweeti baby" # permalink comment
Comment: i just fink its wel sad hw they comment on ppl's post coz they arnt gramatically correct! n on the ova subject "oh my ,apple pie" they r sayin ooh u must b 12 n that we should grow up a lil bit wel they must b 60 yr old retired english teachers who like spending the time comment on other ppl's grammar in posts!!!!! if u ask me there sad!!!:)
Posted: 16:43 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: you're a smart girl ya know
Posted: 16:52 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by "sweeti baby" # permalink comment
Comment: awww thx
Posted: 17:04 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by "sweeti baby" # permalink comment
Comment: :)
Posted: 17:08 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: re: "otherwise the educational system of today is seriously failing it's subjects"

- "it's" is a contraction of "it is", the possessive form of "it" is "its" (no apostrophe).

Posted: 17:12 Wed 19-Apr-2006 by "sweeti baby" # permalink comment
Comment: wooooooooo go snack pot!!!!! gd 1!!!!!!
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