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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Burger King The Angus Steak Burger Confirmed sighting: Burger King The Angus Steak Burger
Posted: 14:24 Wed 03-Aug-2005. Price: 3.99. Or 4.29 if you decide you want Bacon and Cheese. Location: Burger King, Renfield Street, Glasgow. Sub-flavours: Bacon and Cheese. Nutritional unusualness: Probably woefully unhealthy.
"Stephen Craig" reports: The process of constantly downgrading a premium line and replacing it with an Even-More Premium Line ("You don't want that Whopper XL [rubbish]! You want this!" they may as well say) continues apace at Burger King, with the appearance of The Angus Steak Burger. The packaging itself haughtily insists that the "The" is an essential part of the name. Tell that to the staff in your Glasgow branch who happily produced "an" Angus Steak Burger for me, sinister Burger King overlords. It's more of the same as far as these things go. Slightly bigger and thicker burger, slightly higher non-MRM meat content, slightly less hooves and horns, slightly more contempt from staff who have to make them specifically to order. However, it's actually not that bad comparatively, as the bun and trimmings actually combine with the slightly meatier burger for a decent enough product. The bun itself is almost like a submarine roll - possessing that same semolina-y quality, while the onions are caramelised and surprisingly tasty. It's a fast food burger - you're never going to get much more than barely edible, but with that as a baseline standard, The Angus Steak Burger is not bad at all. Although it's stupidly overpriced.

...I'm not sure if this heralds the end of BK's Premium Tastes experiment, though well done to "Stephen Craig" for getting a pic in before "Philip Thompson", who thinks it might be called the "*Aberdeen* Angus Steak Burger" at Gretna Services - as detailed in the "View comments" below...


Posted: 14:36 Wed 03-Aug-2005 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: We were travelling and stopped off at Gretna services rather than my usual pick of Little Chef. I'm not a great fan of Burger King burgers but noticed they had an Aberdeen Angus Steak burger which was a 1/3 pounder (so, competition to the 'big tasty' from McDonalds). I think it came with nicer cheese than the usual 99% fat muck that Burger King chucks onto its burgers and the onion was also quite nice. It pains me to recommend a burger king product but this burger was really nice... a nice size so that it filled me up until tea time and the quality was superior to what they usually serve.
Posted: 15:59 Wed 03-Aug-2005 by "Pollo" # permalink comment
Comment: "MRM -meat"? So that's "Mechanically Removed Meat meat" then?
Posted: 16:19 Wed 03-Aug-2005 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: well, without wanting to incur the wrath of pedants like "biskitz4cheez" http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0308260955cas#20040726151000

- i really don't mind the implied repetition of final words in these sorts of abbreviations, eg like "MIDI interface" or even "HIV virus" (which would otherwise have to be referred to as just "the HIV"?)

Posted: 20:48 Wed 03-Aug-2005 by "biskitz4cheez" # permalink comment
Comment: Using my name in vain, eh, Snacky? For what it's worth, I do not share your acceptance of implied repetition and I feel it borders on tautology. Consider my pedantic wrath mildly incurred...
Posted: 21:11 Wed 03-Aug-2005 by "Philip Buckley-Mellor" # permalink comment
Comment: I support Snackspot's opinions relating to implied repetition, hoorah for Snackspots mild pedentry
Posted: 21:12 Wed 03-Aug-2005 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: so (if you happened to be talking about it), would you actually refer to it as "the HIV" (which sounds like it should be said in a Scouse accent for some reason)?

also, as http://www.yaelf.com/aueFAQ/mifrptdwrdsftrbbrv.shtml points out, "I've forgotten my PIN number" avoids confusion with the (admittedly less common, and probably identifiable by context) sewing-related complaint that "I've forgotten my 'pin'..." :)

Posted: 22:02 Wed 03-Aug-2005 by "biskitz4cheez" # permalink comment
Comment: Now let's not turn this thread into (yet another) debate on the use of English. However... Philip appears to have got the wrong end of the stick and seems to be praising *your* 'mild pedentry', when of course you were being particularly non-pedantic over this issue. With regard to HIV, I *would* simply say 'HIV' but I would not necessarily preface it with 'the', ie. 'areas where HIV has spread'. The PIN position is, as you rightly suggest, perfectly understandable in context. On a converse note, it is notable that most people (and garages) tend to *omit* the word 'test' from 'MOT test', ie.'the car's MOT is due'. But not me ;-) I had a very interesting discussion in a chip shop the other day about whether vinegar or salt should be applied first. The other customers in the queue did not share my enthusiasm for the discussion...
Posted: 00:02 Thu 04-Aug-2005 by "Daniel Thornton" # permalink comment
Comment: These launched (or something similar, I feel sure) in America last year and were endorsed by Harry Enfield no less. http://www.ryansaghir.com/archives/2004/08/the_angus_diet.html The official site now seems to have gone, but it used to host a PDF and an actual printed book for a whole diet based around this burger.

No such imagination over here though I bet.

Posted: 17:15 Thu 04-Aug-2005 by "choccieman" # permalink comment
Comment: Moving away from English (aren't we all supposed 2 b tlkng txt now?), anyone know whether the good 'ole McRib is gonna come back anytime soon? It was tasty, just don't tell me what it's made of ;-)
Posted: 17:44 Thu 04-Aug-2005 by "Teclo" # permalink comment
Comment: This has been available up here in Scotland for some time, maybe 3 or 4 months now. Tried it once, didn't much care for it.
Posted: 17:58 Fri 05-Aug-2005 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: Snagged one of these in Atlanta last year (I know, name dropper) - not that exciting - but it was a BK at the airport, so those are never that great.

What was more interesting, was the order system. Instead of a greasy youth, you got to order via a touch-screen unit - which tried to up & cross sell at every stage of the order - which made the order process twice as long.

Unfortunately the orders weren't being relayed to the kitchen, so we all ended up then queuing again to hand over our receipts, and repeating our order to the greasy youth :-(

Posted: 23:51 Tue 13-Sep-2005 by "." # permalink comment
Comment: Hey I'm a cow, I'm curious

Hey watch me now, I'm furious

Hey I'm a cow, I'm full of hate

Hey watch me now, I'm on your plate

Posted: 09:43 Thu 24-Nov-2005 by "Beehive Bill" # permalink comment
Comment: Whats wrong with mechanically recovered meat then? All those bits of bone & teeth are a great source of minerals. All in a nice, mushy, easily digestible form ideal for the elderly!!.. Mmmm Lovely. 60400 7
Posted: 19:40 Mon 04-Dec-2006 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: This is being advertised on tv for all you freaks who fancy eating him>> http://www.lifestyleblock.co.nz/images/photos/Breeds/Angus_Cover_cow.jpg
Posted: 21:08 Mon 04-Dec-2006 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: ...or "her", if the picture actually shows a cow...
Posted: 22:44 Mon 04-Dec-2006 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: Yes for mentally retarded people who actually take an interest in the gender of the animal they're eating
Posted: 22:24 Wed 06-Dec-2006 by "kentronix" # permalink comment
Comment: Whats wrong with mechanically recovered meat, its better to make use of as much of the animal as possible would you rather we munch on steaks and throw 80% of the animal away ? That seems a waste to me... As long as you know what your eating, you make your own choice.
Posted: 01:45 Thu 07-Dec-2006 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: There's nothing wrong with mechanically recovered meat, it's the people who produce and eat it who have something wrong with them
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