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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Mattessons Fridge Raiders Chicken Bites Confirmed sighting: Mattessons Fridge Raiders Chicken Bites
Posted: 00:05 Thu 11-Aug-2005. Price: 79p (Buy One Get One Free). Location: Morissons/ Safeway, Partick, Glasgow. Sub-flavours: "Roast" and "Tikka". Nutritional unusualness: "Chopped and shaped chicken breast with added soya flour and potato starch". And a million other things added as well.
"Stephen Craig" reports: Positioning itself as some sort of healthy alternative to crisps, chocolates and a big plate full of cakes, "the TASTY ready-to-eat MEAT SNACK!" as it describes itself (infuriating anyone who has anything above a basic grasp of READING and WRITING English and using not using RANDOM [flipping] upper and LOWER Case) makes much of these credentials all over the back of the pack. Less than 7g of fat! 111 kcals per pack! Made with 100% Chicken Breast! Low in Fat! Shrewdly, the one thing they don't mention is the taste. Can you guess why? That's right. They taste terrible. Like cold, greasy, breadcrumb-less, supermarket own brand chicken nuggets. Left on a plate beside the sink. For a week.

...Further disappointment here for the ever-observant "Stephen Craig" - don't neglect to View comments for his specific comparison of the two actual flavours. "Laney", meanwhile, sounds oddly like an official press release after apparently paying £1.09 for a pack in Safeway Inverness, enthusing: Look very munchable! Kerry Foods has expanded its Mattessons range with the launch of Fridge Raiders, a snack product made from 100% chicken breast. The chicken pieces are presented in 70g packs for the convenience/ snacking trade. There are two variants available - Roast Chicken and Chicken Tikka - which retail at £1.09.


Posted: 23:53 Wed 10-Aug-2005 by "Stephen Craig" # permalink comment
Comment: The worryingly unspecific “roast” flavour is the marginally more palatable of the two, tasting like some distant relative of Roast Chicken crisp flavouring that’s been passed down in a hastily handwritten form through 14 generations of an (all dyslexic) family. Whereas the “Tikka” flavour is just awful – evoking unsettling juxtaposed memories of flavours as diverse as 1970s Vesta curries and, er, vomit. Even on BOGOF, I feel cheated.
Posted: 10:30 Thu 11-Aug-2005 by "Mark" # permalink comment
Comment: Thank you for that evocative description. I'm just glad I am in Australia and they will probably never see the light of day over here.
Posted: 09:25 Sun 14-Aug-2005 by "Bernard Matthews" # permalink comment
Comment: These are horrible... I wouldn't go anywhere near these and would recommend nobody buy products from this company... try instead going for products from a larger and more succesful competitor which makes lovely turkey tikka chunks.
Posted: 00:45 Thu 25-Aug-2005 by "McCain" # permalink comment
Comment: I wouldn't go near these. It's as bad as Bernard Matthews stuff this. I'd go to a different company which make which make great chips and quick and easy microwavable meals.
Posted: 11:04 Thu 25-Aug-2005 by "Captain BirdsEye" # permalink comment
Comment: Aaaaaaar,

Yer don't want to be swash-buckling on these here tings when you can nibble on my lovely chicken fingers with no artificial colourings or preservatives.


Posted: 00:02 Sun 11-Sep-2005 by "McCain" # permalink comment
Comment: I wouldn't go there Captain BirdsEye. Everyone wants something quick and easy to make so why not go for hmmmmmmm let me see, oh yeah those Micro Nuggets and those Micro Chips from that company that are the clearly the leaders in frozen food. Thats it! The company is called McCains!
Posted: 09:26 Sun 11-Sep-2005 by "Cadbury " # permalink comment
Comment: Shut up the lot of yer, it's chocolate that people want. Perhaps a delicious smooth Dairy Milk with caramel, or one of our lovely mini rolls, or even some of our ice cream bars.

Our next project? Chocolate covered chips.

Posted: 04:00 Tue 13-Sep-2005 by "Gary Linekar" # permalink comment
Comment: Don't be daft... crisps are where it's at.
Posted: 14:46 Thu 15-Sep-2005 by "Moondial" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi all, I actually quite like these...
Posted: 22:05 Mon 03-Oct-2005 by "McCain" # permalink comment
Comment: Oi Cadbury! Seems alot of us don't eat Chocolate for breakfast. But everyone loves chips! I like those Micro Chips made by McCains which I highly Reccomened. And treat yourself to some Micro Nuggets will ya!
Posted: 13:36 Fri 14-Oct-2005 by "ryan" # permalink comment
Comment: they are brilliant you freaks
Posted: 13:56 Wed 19-Oct-2005 by "Tom A" # permalink comment
Comment: Behind the power curve here, i know, but just ate some of the 'roast' variety.

I write to correct a glaring omission - the appearance of the things. It's light brown, fissured and wrinkly, a bit like a coral, or a brain, or a cocktail sausage when they go like that. In fact, what it looks quite like is the skin of a roast chicken - the bit towards its ankles, say, all golden and crispy and delicious. Except here, there's no skin involved - THE FLESH ITSELF HAS BEEN MOULDED INTO THIS FORM IN SOME UNHOLY MOCKERY OF FOOD.

Other than that, i rather liked them. They were meaty.

-- tom

Posted: 23:50 Thu 20-Oct-2005 by "Chicken Bytes" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried this item today for the first time. My local Morrisons have been selling them for some time, but failed to price them, so I avoided purchasing. However, they were on Half Price today so I thought I would try them. I was concerned about the design of the pack (Who at Kerry Foods thought that white text on a yellow background would sell an item?) Like a contributor above, I was also concerned about the mystical "Roast" flavour. Roast what? And the "Packed in a Modified Atmosphere" - what on earth does that mean? And "Herb" in the ingredients! Is it top secret? Personally the "Rice Bran Oil" spoiled it for me! Grossly over-priced! Dreadful packaging! Won't be trying them again!
Posted: 01:49 Sat 29-Oct-2005 by "airy fairy" # permalink comment
Comment: oh please, please people of England buy and eat them. Ive gotta advertise these things at uni but have failed to try them yet...most of you are really putting me off them ALREADY and im meant to grin, and tell every unbeknown student how tasty they are...now im just geing to be saing fridge...fridge...merughhhhhh :-(
Posted: 14:39 Wed 16-Nov-2005 by "Airy Fairy" # permalink comment
Comment: Just to update the advertising and promotions for Fridgeraiders is going really well and having tried many samples of both the roast and tikka flavour i can honestly say they are really tasty :-)
Posted: 19:33 Sun 05-Mar-2006 by "Fredhead" # permalink comment
Comment: And also have you SEEN the ads. They are terrifying. I would be worried if I was alone in the house late at night and that evil ad came on.
Posted: 13:19 Tue 07-Mar-2006 by "rictus" # permalink comment
Comment: I agree with the comment about the advert. I like horror movies but was shocked by the graphic nature of the 'possessed' people in the advert when I first saw it -my wife didn't like it at all-, but didn't think much of it as it was on after 9pm. Then the other day I saw it just after 7pm while my kid is still awake! VERY IRRESPONSIBLE...
Posted: 15:01 Tue 07-Mar-2006 by "Flameproof" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah, the ad's a bit much - it reminded me of Shaun of the Dead meets Window Licker by Aphex Twin. But without the humour.
Posted: 23:49 Wed 08-Mar-2006 by "Skootay" # permalink comment
Comment: these chicken thingys are well nice BUT OVER PRICED ...yea!!!
Posted: 14:55 Wed 15-Mar-2006 by "CT" # permalink comment
Comment: It's like opening a bag of dead o.a.p's. It really is hard to imagine a more ill conceived snack item. No really. I've been trying for the last hour.
Posted: 18:00 Sun 19-Mar-2006 by "Dave (-=[DaKa]=-) Admin" # permalink comment
Comment: Yo i haven't tried these yet but with some of the comments i'll give them a shot does anyone know if Tescos sells them ??
Posted: 07:28 Mon 20-Mar-2006 by "Chicken Chomper" # permalink comment
Comment: I wish they made a tuna version!
Posted: 13:01 Thu 16-Nov-2006 by "Oddeh"
(apparently posting from host81-159-194-162.range81-159.btcentralplus.com) # permalink comment
Comment: They are Delicious! Take my word for it and not these Quacks... 38934 7
Posted: 21:15 Thu 22-Feb-2007 by "Raider" # permalink comment
Comment: Having just read all the comments here, I wonder how confident the Bernard Matthews family are on the quality of their turkey pieces. Is Avian Flu the next Omega 3 for this lot??!???
Posted: 16:38 Tue 06-Mar-2007 by "Steve" # permalink comment
Comment: I thought they were all right actually - sure they are over a quid and i think i may have been sucked in by the "less fatty healthy" marketing bable - maybe they could be complemented with some crisps or summink to add some spice to them - was rather surprised to even find anyone who could be bothered to write about something as trivial as reformed chicken garbage - I know i certainly couldnt be bothered as I have much more important things to do.....
Posted: 11:07 Sun 18-Mar-2007 by "chicken bites lover" # permalink comment
Comment: thease bits are so nice, fantastic for a snack!
Posted: 02:15 Sat 28-Apr-2007 by "Hugh" # permalink comment
Comment: I don't know what everyone is whining about! The ‘roast flavour’ tastes brilliant, like chicken satays without the stick? Low in calories high in protein what more could you want!
Posted: 12:43 Mon 30-Apr-2007 by "Ross" # permalink comment
Comment: I think these things taste great, has anyone bit one in half and looked at the middle? its definately not chicken colour, it worries me to think what part of the chicken is actually in these things.
Posted: 22:15 Sun 06-May-2007 by "Grace" # permalink comment
Comment: I am a fan of the chicken bites, I think the tikka flavour is best, though I like the roast as well. They have got a new flavour out 'chinese spare rib' they are pretty tasty but not as good as tikka! They are in Asda at the moment I imagine they will hit the other shops soon, depending on how popular they prove to be!
Posted: 18:25 Fri 25-May-2007 by "ASDA Gloucester" # permalink comment
Comment: If you want Chicken Bites or anything like that "we do our own Brand of Chicken slices in a veriety of flavours from plain to Mexican and we have had no customer complaint. "go on Treat your self" pop down to your local Asda today.
Posted: 15:21 Fri 01-Jun-2007 by "Ross" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh ASDA Person, please dont tell me you left that message in your home time, i would like to think you have better things to do in your own time rather than advertise the company you work for...also im more of a morrisons man.
Posted: 12:24 Sun 02-Sep-2007 by "Honeypie"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Do not eat the Matterssons Chicken Bites - I bought them yesterday (buy one get one free - yes I now know why) tried them disgusting - so gave the rest of the packet to my dog - I have just finished clearing up the 7 pools of sick that my dog sicked up last night and early hours of this morning - my dog eats all kinds of rubbish (dead seagulls and foxes) and is not sick yet eating these chicken (????) bites have made her violently sick all night and now is not feeling very happy for herself - am trying to write to Mattersson themselves but funnily enough cant find a website mmmm how convenient - Don't Do It !!!!
Posted: 13:20 Wed 05-Dec-2007 by "Supremosaur 1" # permalink comment
Comment: I actually think that the roast chicken ones taste fucking awesome! I am absolutely addicted to these!
Posted: 22:45 Fri 25-Apr-2008 by "Logan J" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah i agree, they're expensive and dont taste that great. But i dont like crisps or chocolate, and i prefer to have meat as a snack. If i'm out, i'd buy this as it feels more filling and nutritious. I think they've discovered a gap in the market. If only it tasted better....
Posted: 12:34 Thu 08-May-2008 by "P-Funk"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I think the guy on the new advert is HOT!
Posted: 12:26 Fri 09-May-2008 by "Chris" # permalink comment
Comment: The new Chicken Fridge Raiders advert shows that Chicken fridge Raiders taste so much like catfood that you grow cat teeth and start looking like one. Miaooww!!
Posted: 15:03 Fri 16-May-2008 by "big babe" # permalink comment
Comment: hill billy hoedown
Posted: 19:16 Mon 19-May-2008 by "we like hoes " # permalink comment
Comment: i cant get enough of these bites; you lot need ur head tested, they taste amazin! 100% chicken breast guys! thats gd news!
Posted: 20:11 Tue 20-May-2008 by "bev" # permalink comment
Comment: wow, just had my first taste of tikka fridge raiders! I am on the atkins diets so have to watch my carb intake, these are a perfect nibble substitute to crisp!!!!!! low carb
Posted: 18:57 Thu 22-May-2008 by "bev" # permalink comment
Comment: wow, just had my first taste of tikka fridge raiders! I am on the atkins diets so have to watch my carb intake, these are a perfect nibble substitute to crisp!!!!!! low carb
Posted: 10:38 Fri 29-Aug-2008 by "m" # permalink comment
Comment: These taste great, it's chicken, what do you want?
Posted: 19:09 Thu 02-Oct-2008 by "Pixie" # permalink comment
Comment: I absolutely love these! They can't be that bad if I keep buying them!!
Posted: 20:47 Thu 02-Oct-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Hmmmm, Pixie, do you think they could use that line in their advertising?
Posted: 02:22 Fri 03-Oct-2008 by "Mick" # permalink comment
Comment: I bought three bags to try out yesterday. Even my chicken loving cat wouldn't eat them, so they ended up in the bin. The Roast should be renamed to Garlic flavour, the Southern Fried should be renamed to Garlic flavour, the Chinese Spare Rib should be renamed to Garlic and Chilli flavour. I've heard it said that snake meat tastes just like chicken, sadly, the same can't be said for Fridge Raiders. I think a meaty, savoury snack like this is a good idea, but they need to work on the recipes, (tip: Roast chicken should not contain garlic). Add garlic to a Chicken Kiev flavour by all means, but don't overdo it. I will only try again if they bring out an actual chicken flavour.
Posted: 22:22 Fri 03-Oct-2008 by "Sean" # permalink comment
Comment: I honestly don't know whats up with you lot who don't like these things! If you read the packet you'd clearly see all you need to know - "'Roast flavour' it says. Roast what?" said "Chicken Bytes". Ahem. ROAST CHICKEN PERHAPS? "Ross" said its definately not chicken colour. Aye it is. When you bite the middle its white, the outside is slightly yellow because of the seasoning and stuff. And garlic is commonly added to roast chicken! There is also no way that these made your dog spontaneously barf up seven times. They're tasty, high protein (good for eating after exercise) and quite low fat. Perfect!!!
Posted: 18:07 Sat 04-Oct-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Made of eyeholes, earholes and ...
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