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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Heinz Baked Beanz with Cumberland Sausages Confirmed sighting: Heinz Baked Beanz with Cumberland Sausages
Posted: 11:29 Wed 17-Aug-2005. Price: 79p. Location: Sainsburys, Bothwell Street, Glasgow. Sub-flavours: Heinz Baked Beans with Non-Cumberland Sausages. Nutritional unusualness: 373 calories a can.
"Stephen Craig" reports: Er, not much you can really say about this update to this venerable prole-snack line. It's Beans with Pork Sausages. But now with slightly different sausages. They are nicer than the original though - actually tasting of something not unlike pepper and as if they contain more meat (offering slightly more resistance when chewed - but not much). And the beans themselves take on some of the vaguely peppery flavour of the sausages. Otherwise it's business as usual. However, unlike the originals which proudly boasted "8 Pork Sausages" on the tins, this new line makes no such promises. Indeed, my tin only featured six sausages - all of which were definitely smaller than their non-Cumberland equivalents. The fact that there is no minimum promised on the packaging means that there may well be an uneven number of the "pork" filled tubes in every tin. BUYER BEWARE, or something.

...In other hot-food hilarity: my local McDonald's is announcing that "To make way for" their "great new range of sandwiches", they'll be removing the Big Tasty, Quorn Premiere, McMinis, Fruit Toast, and Big Breakfast Bun from their menu "on August 19th" - while, over in Japan, you can apparently get Strawberry Milk Sausages, made of (what else but...?) "minced fish".


Posted: 16:43 Fri 19-Aug-2005 by "aerisdead" # permalink comment
Comment: Wait, so, what, they've discontinued the pork sausage line? Christ, I leave the country and it falls into anarchy. Over here in Canada the beans come as 'baked beans with tomato sauce and ground pork' but there's basically no pork there at all. The beans in Maple sauce are good, though.
Posted: 10:59 Thu 25-Aug-2005 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: Let's be fair...

This is a vastly superiod product to the normal beans and sausages (which were ok to start with) and as such you do pay a little extra.

The reviewer is right... they do taste slightly of pepper. The sausage tastes slightly more than a sausage and less like a cheap hot dog and the nice flavour does actually transfer to the beans.

Every tin I've had (which is at least 20) has had six sausages... so it's safe to assume they all do. I think you get more sausage. They might seem smaller but they aren't. They're actually fatter (and perhaps slightly shorter) but you definitely don't get any less sausage.

Whilst these remain on the market I will never buy another tin of Heinz standard beans+sausages (and I would NEVER buy another brand to start with). I think Heinz have just raised the bar on the baked beans meal market and I hope that this product isn't only a limited promotion.

My only gripe is that Tesco don't seem to stock these yet whilst Asda have sold them for months... and I'm not an Asda shopper. I do all my shopping online with Tesco (and always use a £15 off when you spend £75 evoucher).

Posted: 12:35 Thu 03-Nov-2005 by "Karen Smith" # permalink comment
Comment: Forget Heinz, what about the new Branston Baked Beans? I was listening to Virgin radio yesterday on the Pete and Geoff breakfast show and blow me, Branston - the pickle company - are now doing baked beans. In the taste test they blew away the competition. As a mad, Brummie baked bean addict I had to try them straight away and Pete and Geoff were right, they’re gorgeous much more tomatoey and richer than Heinz. Anyone else tried them yet?

Posted: 12:46 Thu 03-Nov-2005 by "John Street" # permalink comment
Comment: I saw them in the supermarket yesterday morning. I do have to say that i normally buy Heinz but tried Branston beans yesterday night on a Baked potato - delicious. They are a lot nicer than the other varieties including Heinz, i am completley converted! It's about time some new beans were available - well done Branston, and they're British!
Posted: 13:39 Fri 04-Nov-2005 by "Julie Johnson" # permalink comment
Comment: I do like Baked beans too, i am glad there are some new ones to try, i love trying new varieties. I do have to say i don't like the cheap supermarket own ones but did try the new Branston beans last night with sausage and mash with the kids - they seemed to like them as the plates were clean when they had finished. I am going to buy these from now on, i think they are cheaper too.
Posted: 13:52 Fri 04-Nov-2005 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: hey if they're this good, perhaps one of you could send in a picture sighting (assuming you're not *all* the invention of Branston bean's marketing department, that is! :)
Posted: 16:35 Tue 08-Nov-2005 by "Andrew Denny"
(apparently posting from 82-118-113-249.no-dns.keme.net) # permalink comment
Comment: I spotted the Branston beanpoll PR caravan at Tesco's in Ely yesterday. I took the taste test, and couldn't tell too much difference, except I felt the sauce on the second was slightly more spicy, more 'tomatoey', less bland.

I chose the 'wrong' one, apparently. Branston was the other one.

Have to say I couldn't find much difference, and I'd be much more influenced by price, convenience and 'nutritionals' (e.g. calories, salt content etc).

Those who think that the Branston were so much better are probably PR execs 'planting' their comments. Sorry!

Disclaimer: I work for a PR agency with certain food interests, though nothing to do with Premier brands or its competitors (as far as I know)

Posted: 13:08 Wed 09-Nov-2005 by "The Marketeer" # permalink comment
Comment: Poor old Premier Foods... they don't understand the point of baked beans - it's kids stuff. They will never make a large dent in the heinz market as people will still prefer the nostalgic taste of heinz! They will only succede in diluting their branston brand, as people think their beans will contain pickles... Their brand manager wants sacking for such a stupid idea... I've not tasted their beans, so cannot comment, they could taste better - BUT THAT'S NOT GOING TO HELP! I'll give Branston Beans 12 months only.
Posted: 13:26 Thu 10-Nov-2005 by "Bean Connoisseur" # permalink comment
Comment: 'Nostalgic Taste of Heinz'!!! You must be joking! If you think that the beans you buy today are the same recipe you or your parents were buying 10,20 or 30 years ago then you are living in cloud cuckooland! They've been slowly cheapening the recipe for years, so they can make more profit out of their product, knowing full well that people blindly pick up the blue can. Branston taste better because they use more tomatoes, more spice flavours and better beans. - it's as simple as that. Now it's up to Heinz to improve their recipe, either way the bean lover wins!!
Posted: 14:43 Thu 10-Nov-2005 by "Karen Smith" # permalink comment
Comment: Ooh interesting...I've not logged in for a few days and look what happens. Who'd have thought that baked beans would cause so much discussion!
Posted: 21:39 Thu 10-Nov-2005 by "Jane Wray" # permalink comment
Comment: Did anybody see the taste test on Richard and Judy last week? They did blind taste tests on students, truckers and school kids. It seemed conclusive. Branston beans got 77% of the vote while Heinz got only 14% and HP 9%. I can't beleive that that was a pr execs planting stories. Anyway I tried them after seeing the show and I have to agree. So much more tomatier (is that a word) than Heinz. I am a convert.
Posted: 15:35 Fri 11-Nov-2005 by "RosieH" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried them - I thought they might have chunks of pickle in them which I was quite excited about (but then I thought as well that it might look a bit like sick - was intrigued either way). but they didn't - just normal beans, but nice: they made me think of how beans might be that cowboys make round a campfire - not barbecue or anything but very savoury. think they are more tomatoey - probably shouldn't say that because my nan got her gold watch from Heinz and I still have a childish affection for their sandwich spread (nostalgia indeed!) but I liked these beans better.
Posted: 22:20 Fri 11-Nov-2005 by "Steve Riley"
(apparently posting from host86-137-77-116.range86-137.btcentralplus.com) # permalink comment
Comment: As a child, we always had Crosse and Blackwell Beans - Heinz were always too bland. Have lamented the absence of C&B for a long time, good to see them back albeit under the Branston Brand. Tried them tonight and they're a winner - but the Branston Brand will confuse many people.
Posted: 19:25 Tue 15-Nov-2005 by "Sam Francisco" # permalink comment
Comment: From the Leah Garchick, writing for the San Francisco, CA, USA Chronicle newspaper, regarding the Rolling Stones being in town this weekend for a show: "And what do they eat? Patrick Alexander of the British Grocery on 15th Street tells me that provisioners for the Stones got ready for their arrival by ordering two cases of Heinz Baked Beans and a case and a half of crumpets."


Posted: 16:44 Wed 16-Nov-2005 by "RosieH" # permalink comment
Comment: beans and crumpets??! that's perverse!
Posted: 15:20 Fri 18-Nov-2005 by "Clapped out r0cker" # permalink comment
Comment: Didn't you know, baked beans are all they can chew these days.
Posted: 21:04 Fri 18-Nov-2005 by "Earwigo" # permalink comment
Comment: Branston are the beans for me - goodby Heinz - who is the bean master who has saved beankind - reveal youself to the world
Posted: 19:25 Sat 19-Nov-2005 by "ppl" # permalink comment
Comment: i have to disagree, the branston beans are awfull! the sauce is so thick, it makes you feel sick. you can only have about 3 mouthfulls without feeling totally bloated, they're disgusting, heinz are so much better, they'll always be the beans company for me. i also have to say that the branston packaging looks cheap and tacky, and something off the shelves off the shop on corrie
Posted: 22:09 Tue 22-Nov-2005 by "jane wray" # permalink comment
Comment: ppl - you sound like a bitter heinz employee to me! Branston beans are simply superior. I am converted.
Posted: 11:27 Wed 23-Nov-2005 by "Chris C" # permalink comment
Comment: I agree with Jane! However, being one of the 20% of people who prefer Heinz, does not make you special!!! Maybe someone should make you a little badge.
Posted: 14:52 Wed 23-Nov-2005 by "Miss Piggy" # permalink comment
Comment: Why do people think Heinz are better? I think they are just seduced by the name - if they tried any of the other types of beans I'm sure they'd be instantly converted! Heinz are going to have to get their act together because Branston beans are way nicer, and the word is spreading!
Posted: 16:16 Wed 23-Nov-2005 by "Patty B" # permalink comment
Comment: You're right Heinz are not better, i even think that some supermarket own brands are nicer than them. Branston are taking over from Heinz and i think and i am quite gald about it!
Posted: 09:39 Thu 24-Nov-2005 by "Souperstar" # permalink comment
Comment: Never mind the beans - I've noticed the supermarkets own brand soups are practically the same as, if not better than Heinz, and far cheaper too. I've tried the sainsbury chicken soup, and mushroom soup - anyone tried the others?
Posted: 07:11 Mon 28-Nov-2005 by "Calc"
(apparently posting from johnrhodes.plus.com) # permalink comment
Comment: I Only have 3 words to say: ICELAND OWN BRAND The best baked beans Couldnt finish a plate of these Hard salty Branston things
Posted: 09:52 Thu 08-Dec-2005 by "Bean Boy" # permalink comment
Comment: Not sure about the Iceland own brand personally, they taste a bit like Tesco's value effort to me. Anyway, each to their own!
Posted: 16:58 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "Katie " # permalink comment
Comment: Well, i hate to spoil any bean myths (bean conisseurs - 'better beans' comment) but as many of you are aware the same factories tend to make different baked beans under some well known brands and you cannot claim that the beans are different because the only thing they change is the sauce! (and obviously the packaging!) My authority you ask? I live remarkably close to the premier foods factory and numerous workers in good old South Lincolnshire sprout the same thing - 'same beans, different sauce'! While i am not sure which beans premier foods produce - the beans are the same. However, on a personal note - i like HP beans, Heinz arent as good for tomatoey sauce and i considered whether these new beans would have pickle in them. So maybe the ad executives should have added 'that there aint no pickle in 'em'!
Posted: 10:11 Thu 16-Feb-2006 by "Chris" # permalink comment
Comment: Katie: Not all beans are the same: Different varieties, different countries of origin, and each crop needs to be graded for size & quality, which determines which products they end up in. Theres more to making beans than you'd think!
Posted: 20:17 Thu 16-Feb-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: All this pickle confusion just goes to show what a *terrible* branding decision Branston Beans was.
Posted: 10:08 Fri 17-Feb-2006 by "Chris" # permalink comment
Comment: What brand should it have been?

A new one you think?

Posted: 17:01 Fri 17-Feb-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: I was pondering this last night. No idea. Possibly a new brand - or maybe they might have been better off relaunching HP beans, or something.

But launching these as Branston beans just dilutes the brand horribly.

Posted: 09:26 Sat 18-Feb-2006 by "M-fan" # permalink comment
Comment: I don't think I would have bothered buying them if it was a rebrand of HP or C&B, the Branston brand is so strong, yes from the pickle, but I gave them a go & love them. Wouldn't touch Heinz with a barge pole now
Posted: 12:29 Sat 18-Feb-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Im sick of hearing about bloody Branston. Maybe that's their secret ingeredient...blood, from murdered Heinz employees.
Posted: 14:39 Sat 18-Feb-2006 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: Branston beans seem to be on some kind of promotion in asda, they are flogging a whole lot for only £1. Haven't bought any, haven't tried any. Don't think they could top Heinz Mean Beanz anyways
Posted: 10:13 Tue 21-Feb-2006 by "Chris" # permalink comment
Comment: Heinz own HP now, so Premier couldn't have used it anyway.

In terms of possible brands, I don't think Ambrosia beans would have been any better! Or how about Loyd Grossman? 2210 8 73

Posted: 01:08 Thu 15-Mar-2007 by "michelle" # permalink comment
Comment: branston beans rock. beans are supposed to be in a thick sauce not some watered down muck like you get in a ropey greasy spoon. seriously its time for hienz to step down and hand over the crown.
Posted: 03:53 Thu 15-Mar-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: Fully agree Michelle
Posted: 15:34 Mon 12-Nov-2007 by "cheri" # permalink comment
Comment: hp is owned by heinz. Saying branston to rebrand as hp would be funny. I'm doing a little essay on heinz branding -this has proved most helpful... thanks x
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