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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Sprite 3G Confirmed sighting: Sprite 3G
Posted: 16:49 Sat 29-Oct-2005. Price: 69p (250ml). Location: Budgens, London.
"Lee Maguire" reports: I like the name, "3G". You might assume it's marketing code for "expensive" and "for yuppies", but apparently it stands for the ingredients: Guarana, Glucose, and, erm, Caffeine from "Green coffee beans". (Eh? Aren't all coffee beans green at the point of extraction?) So there you go - two-thirds of what makes this soft drink unique is that it contains sugar and caffeine.

...Regular rehyrdration correspondent "Lee" doesn't seem particularly "energised" by this latest would-be Red Bull rival - while, in other bonkers beverages, I at last located T and T's elusive h2eau Plus "Still spring water with Aloe Vera and Vitamins" going for 1.11/ 400ml in the Budgens opposite Paddington Station (in "lemon and strawberry" or "lemon, lime and mandarin", and recommended "For INNER BEAUTY", according to the bottle - though frankly it's not "inner" beauty I'm particularly interested in). Oh and thanks also to "Matt" for spotting claims that PepsiCo are to launch "a coffee-flavoured cola in the UK" after Christmas - this possibly updated version of Pepsi Kona being called Pepsi Max Cino and expected to arrive in Asda supermarkets on Boxing Day (26 December), with the drink being rolled out nationwide in Jan.


Posted: 22:03 Sun 30-Oct-2005 by "Richy" # permalink comment
Comment: It's on special in our local BP station. 69p instead of £1.19. At 69p it's a nice little sherbety sort of drink. At £1.19 it is not bloomin worth it!
Posted: 14:04 Mon 31-Oct-2005 by "Lee Maguire" # permalink comment
Comment: Sprite 3G didn't seem to be all that different to regular Sprite that I could tell.

Coca-cola does sell an energy drink in some parts of Europe called "Burn". Which hilariously I always heard referred to as "cock burn".

Apparently it was launched in the UK back in 2000, and Coke attempted the risky marketing strategy of doing... absolutely no promotion.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/1046034.stm http://www.cokepubandbar.co.uk/lic_brands_burn.html

Posted: 09:53 Tue 01-Nov-2005 by "Matt" # permalink comment
Comment: Burn is released on a few countries in Europe. Malta, Croatia, Poland to name a few. I had it in Croatia, its ok not the best taste ever...
Posted: 22:22 Fri 04-Nov-2005 by "M-fan" # permalink comment
Comment: In other 'pop' news...looks like Coca Cola are introducing Diet Cherry Coke into the UK at the expense of Vanilla Coke... http:/news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4405262.stm
Posted: 05:32 Sat 05-Nov-2005 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: You missed a slash out:


I meant to post about this the other day. Isn't it brilliant news? I've been saying they should do a Diet Cherry Coke for ages. And the vanilla ones are revolting.

Coca Cola with Lemon has now been discontinued - it was a summer limited edition. But next summer we get... Coca Cola with Lime!

Posted: 17:35 Sat 05-Nov-2005 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: *scream*

is this for real? ohmigosh. this is the best thing ever. thanks guys!

Posted: 13:14 Fri 11-Nov-2005 by "Purple Star" # permalink comment
Comment: Tried the T and T H2eau plus water. Not bad, if you can ignore the overly sweet taste and dodgy looking packaging. Also don't get the claims to promote "inner beauty". Isn't that wat normal water do anyway? Overpriced at £1.11.
Posted: 10:49 Wed 16-Nov-2005 by "Si" # permalink comment
Comment: Just related to the Diet Cherry Coke story, Coca-Cola have just announced that they are releasing "Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke"........ what will they think of next?? http://www.bevnet.com/ [URL display truncated]

I swear that Coke are just taking random words, mushing them together, to create a new product! Madness!

Just tried Sprite 3G as well, 99p a can at Esso, although on offer 2 for 1.50. A bit pricey, but quite nice! Not bad!

Posted: 16:57 Wed 16-Nov-2005 by "RosieH" # permalink comment
Comment: Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke sounds obscene. Aspartame is the work of the devil all on its own, but with black cherry (how will they make it black rather than just cherry?) and vanilla that sounds like a lot of fizzy sick. Just read something on ethical consumer that says coke support oppressive regimes. do I have to stop drinking regular cherry coke now?
Posted: 07:02 Thu 17-Nov-2005 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: World on the shelves is that there is a new limited edition Christmas Punch flavour of Pepsi Max out now, with very tasty cinnamon and ginger in it. It's a lovely deep red colour too when held up to the light, not the usual dull brown of cola.
Posted: 07:25 Thu 17-Nov-2005 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: pepsi max punch is ace. i bought sixteen litres a couple of weeks ago to stock the cellar for winter. it foams orange!
Posted: 11:21 Fri 30-Dec-2005 by "Talkshowhost" # permalink comment
Comment: Well I still haven't seen this new Pepsi anywhere, not even in ASDA. I was really looking forward to trying it too. Anyone know anywhere that is selling it or anywhere that has plans to sell it anytime soon. I asked in Woolworths and the girl just looked at me as if I was crazy: GIRL: "Coffee and Pepsi? I don't think that's real, are you sure you read about it?" ME: "I wouldn't be asking if I thought that it was not real." She then went a few metres away to talk to another girl who looked about the same age as her. The two of them point at me a couple of times and one of them sniggers. The girl comes back. GIRL: "I have just spoken with my manager and she said that we only have vanilla cola that is new. Are you sure it was not vanilla you heard about?" ME:"No, that's been out for nearly a year now, it's not new at all." GIRL: "Well sorry then, I don't think we are selling anything like that." ME: "Okay" She looks at me out the corner of her eye as I leave the store, as if I am going to snatch something and run.
Posted: 17:04 Sun 01-Jan-2006 by "Matt" # permalink comment
Comment: I contacted Asda regarding the pepsi max cino. This is what they said "Thank you for e-mailing ASDA Customer Relations. We will start to introduce the 2 litre bottles and 6 pack cans from the 7th of January.

Should you require any further information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely Tony Sandham ASDA Customer Relations". So go and try and get it on the 7th Jan 2006....Happy New Year to all...

Posted: 12:51 Mon 02-Jan-2006 by "Talkshowhost" # permalink comment
Comment: I will try ASDA then on Saturday. I don't know why but I really want to try this stuff! Sounds so 'wrong' that it may be nice. It could be another 'Dandelion and Burdock'! Or then again, it could be another 'Raspberry Lemonade'.
Posted: 09:51 Thu 05-Jan-2006 by "Matt" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah me too, i like unusual stuff, I've heard that the Coke Blak (coffee) is going to be launched in the UK too this year.
Posted: 20:33 Sat 07-Jan-2006 by "Talkshowhost" # permalink comment
Comment: Went to ASDA today and there was no sign of Pepsi Max Cino or even a space put aside for it. If that customer relations guy was for real then he is a bald faced liar. I really wanted to try it today too. Still, they did have the new 'Airwaves active' which I tried: Very tasty indeed. I still want Cino though!
Posted: 22:56 Sat 07-Jan-2006 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: I too was expecting ASDA to have Cino today, no luck I'm afraid.
Posted: 11:47 Sun 08-Jan-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: I still say they should make liquorice flavoured coke.
Posted: 22:16 Mon 09-Jan-2006 by "paulor" # permalink comment
Comment: just found Cino in Asda today. Its a weird flavour.
Posted: 16:34 Mon 23-Jan-2006 by "Ben"
(apparently posting from host86-142-157-190.range86-142.btcentralplus.com) # permalink comment
Comment: Morrisons in the UK are stocking Pepsi Max Coffee Cino, at least in my local store. Very strange taste, im not sure if i like it or not.
Posted: 10:42 Thu 26-Jan-2006 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: :o Omg they are ending vaniila coke here ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- HHHH. Take lime away! keep vanilla!!!! About time for diet cherry if i can remember righty we discused diet cherry coke about 2-3 years ago on here! Pepsi need to bring out vanilla coke here instead of pepsi max punch - which has no taste! - you can buy this in co-op local stores now. Pepsi maxcino tastes just like vanilla coke well gone off vailla coke, quite nice!Its about time the UK had new drinks that no one has had before us! I still think monutain dew should be brought back and a few of my old favorites llike lucky charms. I'm going Boots rights now! to get some diet cherry coke! love it! - Anyways how is everyone i havent been on this site in ages!
Posted: 18:26 Thu 26-Jan-2006 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: - found vanilla coke in a local shop - borught it all best before november, fewww
Posted: 20:38 Thu 26-Jan-2006 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: hey "bob", hasn't been the same without you... and is it just me, or are the lemon/ lime/ vanilla additions more necessary in the diet colas, to help cover up the taste of the aspartame? (i had a "light" ginger beer the other week, and it was so spicy i could hardly detect the sweetener at all!)
Posted: 17:27 Fri 27-Jan-2006 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: The bliming swines they charged me full price for that vanilla coke ive just checked the best before date and its dec 05. ive been robbed
Posted: 21:52 Wed 01-Mar-2006 by "diaperblast" # permalink comment
Comment: a little vanilla coke update that i recently posted: http://scheisskerl.blogspot.com/2006/02/v-day-present-vvanilla.html
Posted: 22:16 Wed 01-Mar-2006 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: aw, what snackspotting true love! :)
Posted: 15:32 Mon 13-Mar-2006 by "Jeff" # permalink comment
Comment: 3G on offer atm at ASDA 4 pack for £2.49
Posted: 17:20 Wed 12-Apr-2006 by "andy" # permalink comment
Comment: You can get a free can of Sprite 3G by visting the SKY ACTIVE A-Z on SKY Digital TV look for 'Sprite 3G' under 'S'. Also you can download a free ring tone for ya mobile, txt 'sprite' to 86100.
Posted: 16:38 Mon 01-May-2006 by "helen" # permalink comment
Comment: asda are selling the 4 pack of 3G for only £1
Posted: 15:12 Wed 03-May-2006 by "janice" # permalink comment
Comment: after experincing frequent urinatation and stomach cramps i phoned the customer careline only to be told it was my prblem and not an affect of sprite 3g, has anyone else had the same side effects after drinking sprite 3g
Posted: 11:23 Thu 11-May-2006 by "Jo" # permalink comment
Comment: In belgium A lot of strage coke is sell : Coca cola vanilla, lemon, lime, sango (orange), cherry, black (coffee), ... 8389 6 6
Posted: 20:51 Mon 26-Feb-2007 by "jamie" # permalink comment
Comment: at my local somerfield(yarm) its 4 for £1 so i buy 8 evry day :D
Posted: 14:55 Wed 16-May-2007 by "Tina" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm having trouble finding Sprite 3G these days. I can't find it in Aberdeen or in Surrey. Am I just unlucky and live in areas that no longer sell it? Or have they stopped selling it altogether? Can anyone shine some light on this issue?
Posted: 18:02 Thu 02-Aug-2007 by "LLama" # permalink comment
Comment: They also stopped selling it at our local asda, about the time Tina posted her comment. Shame :(
Posted: 22:41 Fri 25-Apr-2008 by "Logan J" # permalink comment
Comment: i tried it and i thought it was below average. tasted slightly bitter and had none of that highly caffinated taste that i expect from energy drinks....
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