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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Branston Baked Beans Confirmed sighting: Branston Baked Beans
Posted: 14:26 Fri 25-Nov-2005. Price: 44p. Location: Tesco's, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. Nutritional unusualness: 0.8g fat per 210g.
"Julie Johnson" reports: So here it is my confirmed sighting, apologies to Snackspot the first time round but a bit new to all this IT stuff! I saw them recently in Tesco and after my son completely cleared his plate for the first time I have opted to buy them in in bulk! I picked them up instead of my normal beans brand because the packaging was eye-catching with a mix of colour. Branston describe them as classic baked beans in a rich and tastey tomatoe sauce. Not sure exactly why he seems to love them so much, but I do think the beans seem a lot more firmer and the sauce has a tomatoey kick to it, delicious!

...And apologies to "Julie Johnson", but I must instruct the jury to take her comments with slightly more than a "recommended daily allowance" of salt, as she shares the same name as this poster who, along with "Karen Smith", "John Street", and "Patty B", all appear to be posting from the IP address of Phipps PR - an ingenious exercise in "astroturf" fake-grassroots promotion which, at time of writing, has made the the top Google search result for Branston Beans... a page discussing "Heinz Baked Beanz with Cumberland Sausages". Performance-linked bonuses all round!


Posted: 18:01 Fri 25-Nov-2005 by "Mr Phipps" # permalink comment
Comment: Gosh, I just love these baked beans, much better than all those other ghastly varieties. No, really, honest guv, of course I do. Banal marketeers from other companies (eh, Heinz!) may try to convince you otherwise, but these really are the mutts nuts. Not that there's any canine parts in *these* beans, no-sir-ee. Can't promise the same for other, lesser, varieties, of course - better play it safe and buy this brand, eh? Kids eat them all up and then eat the plate - so I bought a whole washing machine full.
Posted: 18:44 Fri 25-Nov-2005 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: gosh, i'd hate to have my genuine snack nerdiness devalued by these pesky pr kids. good detective work snackspot! presumably the budget got blown by them rigging the richard and judy poll with mp-style bungs...
Posted: 20:17 Fri 25-Nov-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Send me some free baked beans and I may consider buying them over Heinz. I actually think cheaper versions of baked beans are better than Heinz.
Posted: 22:49 Fri 25-Nov-2005 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: haha it's all a bit of fun isn't it? I don't have the same evidence, but I also have some doubts about ""Jane Wray", who asks "Did anybody see the taste test on Richard and Judy last week? [...] Branston beans got 77% of the vote..." http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0508171129fah#20051110213900

- just a little similar to the phrasing "Did anyone see the baked bean taste test on Richard and Judy last night? I usually go for Heinz but Branston Baked Beans won hands down with 77% of the vote..." which appears here: http://www.uktvfood.co.uk/ [URL display truncated]

- and, as "Jane" herself concludes, "I can't beleive that that was a pr execs planting stories"!

Posted: 09:31 Sat 26-Nov-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: I noticed in Leeds the other day, they were giving away free tins of Branston beans with the local newspaper. Desperate measures!
Posted: 13:32 Mon 28-Nov-2005 by "Andrew Denny"
(apparently posting from 82-118-113-249.no-dns.keme.net) # permalink comment
Comment: I tried the Branston beans in their mobile blind tasting caravan earlier this month at Tesco Ely. I selected brand X ('leading brand'), not Branston. They weren't fazed, their electronic counter was showing a clear preference for the Branston. I can understand it - the Branston seemed a fraction sweeter to me, and slightly blander, and that'll always impress the punters. But frankly the difference was pretty small to me; I'd be much more influenced by tuppence off or a pretty label.

If a PR agency was faking entries, I think that's pretty dishonest and disgraceful - dishonorable, even. I suggest they should either seek a retraction from you or they should themselves confess and apologise.

Posted: 14:22 Mon 28-Nov-2005 by "Calc" # permalink comment
Comment: I Only have 3 words to say: ICELAND OWN BRAND The best baked beans... Couldnt finish a plate of these hard salty Branston things
Posted: 14:38 Mon 28-Nov-2005 by "Phippsy" # permalink comment
Comment: Sir, how dare you? we're not like that cynical Cillit Bang company you know http://www.plasticbag.org/ [URL display truncated]
Posted: 14:54 Mon 28-Nov-2005 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: you make an interesting point "Andrew", but I find it more amusing (that I was able to track them down on this occasion) than anything else. After all, on the internet, there's hardly ever any evidence that anyone is actually who they say they are (with the possible exception of official company sites like bbc.co.uk, for example). And of course that's why everyone here has quotes round their names (except for me - I know that this is really me writing this, though of course I *could* secretly be in the pay of someone like Nestle, for some mad marketing reason of their own or something :)
Posted: 18:46 Tue 29-Nov-2005 by "Zoe"
(apparently posting from cache-los-ad05.proxy.aol.com) # permalink comment
Comment: wow they are fab
Posted: 12:30 Wed 30-Nov-2005 by "Chris" # permalink comment
Comment: Made a very pleasant change to the normal varieties. Carry on the good work.
Posted: 20:48 Fri 02-Dec-2005 by "Craig"
(apparently posting from nott-cache-10.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: Once you've tasted a Branston Bean, every other bean is a has been.
Posted: 12:47 Mon 05-Dec-2005 by "Verity74" # permalink comment
Comment: Our milkman delivered a small tin of Branston Beans free 3 weeks ago, I never thought to put it on Snackspot, but we tried them on Saturday and still prefer HP Beans.
Posted: 11:53 Tue 06-Dec-2005 by "tish" # permalink comment
Comment: Saw the Richard & Judy show the other week, where the tested several brands of baked beans for flavour, Branston Beans came out on top. We have looked in all our big Supermarkets in our area and cannot seem to find them on the shelves. We live in Welling Kent, has anybody got any ideas?
Posted: 16:02 Wed 07-Dec-2005 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: STOP! The praise on this page for 'Branston Beans' comes mainly from people working for the marketing department of Branston (check the IP addresses). Heinz Baked Beans are by far the most superior and will always be the most superior despite Branston's clever lies/marketing.

They say their beans are firmer... I like my soft and easy-to-eat heinz beans.

They say their beans have more tomato? Well, great for them. The fact is I love Heniz baked beans but HATE tomato. The fact that they don't really taste of tomato is great to me and I just hope that they don't change them because they've got the perfect recipe... let's just hope that they stop trying to make them healthier by removing the salt and sugar.

Posted: 16:59 Wed 07-Dec-2005 by "Stacey C" # permalink comment
Comment: I thought the Branston Beans were softer than Heinz actually. Anyway, Philip T, if you prefer mushy beans and no tomato then your tastes should be adequately catered for with the extensive range of 'Value' beans available in most supermarkets, most of which would probably beat Heinz in a 'pepsi challenge' anyway. The fact is, beans are not exactly the worlds most complicated food (just read the label) so the only way to make them better is to put in more of the expensive and tasty ingredients (ie. tomatoes)in. Until Heinz sort their recipe out, Branston are currently better, and thats that!!
Posted: 19:37 Wed 07-Dec-2005 by "baked bean fan" # permalink comment
Comment: Gosh there are a few sour grapes about - or should I say bitter beans??

I notice that Mr.Philip Thompson had alot of nice things to say about Heinz Beans & Cumberland sausage - are you Heinz employee by any chance??

I used to like Heinz beans but I think that the Branson ones are better - they seem better quality somehow. I'm sure that at the end of the day people will buy what they like.

Good fun this isn't it??

Posted: 22:42 Wed 07-Dec-2005 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: not to add fuel to the debate, but isn't there an interesting critique of the Pepsi Challenge-style "taste test" approach in Malcolm Gladwell's "Blink" book? Namely:

http://www.powells.com/review/2005_02_19.html One of Gladwell's case studies involves the infamous launch of New Coke -- specifically, the flaws in the Pepsi Challenge that allowed the executives at Coke to mistakenly believe Pepsi would overtake their product as the number one soft drink in the world. While it's true that Pepsi was roundly trouncing Coke in nationwide taste tests (even those conducted by the Coca-Cola company), Gladwell notes that the Pepsi Challenge was based on faulty logic:

Tasters don't drink the entire can. They take a sip from a cup of each of the brands being tested and then make their choice. Now suppose I were to ask you to test a soft drink a little differently. What if you were to take a case of the drink home and tell me what you think after a few weeks? Would that change your opinion? It turns out it would.

Posted: 09:56 Thu 08-Dec-2005 by "NOT an Ad Type Person" # permalink comment
Comment: But Branston Beans go to eleven.
Posted: 11:06 Thu 08-Dec-2005 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: my mum and i took the pepsi challenge at victoria train station years ago and one of the drinks was noticeably warmer and less fizzy. the diet pepsi was better tasting because it was colder and fizzier. we may have just been unlucky, but science it wasn't.
Posted: 09:34 Tue 13-Dec-2005 by "tish"
(apparently posting from bmly-cache-4.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: well at last have spotted branston baked beans in morrisons at erith kent 41p a tin. also found the pimms no.3 winter warmer in sommerfield in woolwich se18, don't know the price of the pimms though as our son got it for us
Posted: 10:38 Tue 13-Dec-2005 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: yeah I had some Pimms Winter Warmer in a pub in Notting Hill - not wildly different to the summer variety, I felt, though a pioneering step towards the development of warm winter alcopops...
Posted: 09:48 Wed 14-Dec-2005 by "Steve Ellis" # permalink comment
Comment: For some time now I have thought Heinz Beans were losing some of their attraction though I tended to put it down to my changing tastes rather than a reduction in quality or value. Now I have tried Branston Beans I realise it is not my taste buds to blame. WOW. They are as I always remembered beans were when I was young. Tastey, tomato flavoured, soft and moreish! Heinz beans are now off my shopping list and have been replaced by Branston beans. I'd even be willing to pay a premium price to get such a superior baked bean!
Posted: 11:05 Thu 15-Dec-2005 by "juankerr" # permalink comment
Comment: Branston Beans were marked down from 41p to about 23p in Tesco's last week. Haven't tried them yet.
Posted: 11:35 Mon 19-Dec-2005 by "tish" # permalink comment
Comment: pimms no.3 winter warmer discovered in sommerfield in nuxley village and not the branch in woolwich 9.99 per bottle
Posted: 12:31 Mon 19-Dec-2005 by "Geoff" # permalink comment
Comment: What a let down after seeing the word 'Branston' and 'rich and tasty' on their baked beans. Expected a bit of pickle 'zing' but they are just a bit sweeter than Tesco cheap 'value' beans. What a con. Never again!
Posted: 14:00 Wed 21-Dec-2005 by "Ezchile" # permalink comment
Comment: Branston beans, what a let down. I too was hoping for a hit of the normal Branston 'Zing' - Instead all I got was an unremarkable almost watery tomato flavour, and about a metric tonne of sugar. Far, far,far too sweet. The only way I could eat them was with cheese on toast underneath, or a spalsh of Lea&Perins, to cover the sugar overload up. I shant be buying them again. Thank god Heinz hasn't 'improved' proper beans to compensate.
Posted: 22:52 Tue 27-Dec-2005 by "TheBusinessMan" # permalink comment
Comment: Funny how previous the two entries both refer to 'Zing' and are equally disparaging of Branston Beans - wonder if you are more Heinz employees getting in on the act. Hasn't Heinz just bought the Lea&Perins brand from HP? If you are from Heinz this smacks of desperation measures to me. Please don't use this site again for your feable attempt to regain some of your lost ground to Branston Beans.
Posted: 14:30 Wed 28-Dec-2005 by "John" # permalink comment
Comment: Branston beans have artificial colouring that are deadly on mice, wonder what they do to kids.
Posted: 02:36 Mon 02-Jan-2006 by "Vinnie from Hull" # permalink comment
Comment: Really annoyed HP beans have disappeared. Liked the firmness etc, hate Heinz's soft sloppy ploppy beans. Bought a 4 pack of Branstons. Even in Chavda these were 1.60, HP were about 1.10 so a bit overpriced. I have found them to be exactly halfway between HP and Heinz, perhaps slightly better. Not as mushy and a bit tastier. If they were only a bit cheaper.. Talking of which, found a nice value item in an otherwise pricey gaff.. Waitrose's own brand beans. They were only about 24p I think and not bad at all.
Posted: 09:12 Mon 02-Jan-2006 by "Beanie" # permalink comment
Comment: There are no artificial colourings in Branston Beans- from one who knows....
Posted: 20:24 Sun 15-Jan-2006 by "Mapster"
(apparently posting from 81-86-141-124.dsl.pipex.com) # permalink comment
Comment: Being a Heinz fan all my life, I must admit these new Branston beans are pretty awesome.

They explode with great gusto in the microwave too!

I haven't decided which is best yet, but I'm happy to see a worthy contender for Heinz enter the market.

Posted: 10:29 Fri 20-Jan-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Latest news in the "Branston take on Heinz" war:

(from IRN)

Branston Baked Beans will be launching a £7m TV advertising push on January 20 which will see it fighting brand leader Heinz head to head. The ads feature an animated character called ‘Richer Branston’ who highlights the brand’s ‘superior recipe’.

Posted: 10:29 Tue 31-Jan-2006 by "Heathfield" # permalink comment
Comment: Tried a can of Branston beans discounted to 27p by my local co-op. Initial surprise at how small the beans were. Closer look revealed some beans were tiny, about 3mm long, and there were quite a number of broken beans present. No size grading here! Gave me the impression these were crop leftovers. Taste? Curiously flat sauce with lingering metallic aftertaste. Couldn't recommend these to anyone and won't buy again, even at discounted price. There are cheaper and better available.

Does anyone remember the HP beans of yesteryear, that were advertised as being "So rich in tomato..."? They were the best ever, and there's simply nothing comparable these days.

Posted: 11:30 Tue 31-Jan-2006 by "Steven Nicholson" # permalink comment
Comment: Branston beans are disgustingly sweet! Stacey's comment about if you like Heinz you should buy the value beans just prooves that she has non-functioning tastebuds. Perhaps she's a smoker? Maybe if we see how many of the 'branston' fans are smokers that'd reveal a lot because they need an excessively sweet sauce just to taste something. I mean, of all the stupid comments... value beans are beans floating around in water! Heinz could do with being thicker but that's easily solved... let them boil away for 15 minutes... or add some butter... or best yet, crumble in some nice smoked cheese (like the 72p Austraian Smoked Cheese from Tesco that's packaged to look like a red sausage).


Posted: 12:47 Tue 31-Jan-2006 by "DIANE" # permalink comment
Comment: I found the sauce in branston beans a bit thick and found that adding a couple of tablespoons of water improved them greatly!
Posted: 18:25 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "kristian cowles" # permalink comment
Comment: i had them for the first time last month and never looked back.
Posted: 19:24 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "Knuckle counter" # permalink comment
Comment: My friend's son won't eat anything else now but he never washes up afterwards cos he's a naughty boy.
Posted: 20:40 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "kristian cowles" # permalink comment
Comment: knuckle counter has drunk me out of my cable box she turns up at 9.00 am till 3pm drinking coffee and tea which is specially bought for HER my branston beans is the only enjoyment i have left in my life and she should wash up my plate as she ruined my life b*/?h.
Posted: 20:52 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "Knuckle counter" # permalink comment
Comment: kristian cowles is a total klutz and spills his branston beans all over the floor along with everything else he touches. he should learn to respect his elders or they'll get him on the floor and kick his head in tomorrow.
Posted: 20:59 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "kristian cowles" # permalink comment
Comment: that is slander i have never dropped a branston bean in my life, jack cowles will testify as he licks anything which goes on the floor and he told me he has had no such pleasure of a branston bean or bean juice.
Posted: 21:05 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "kristian cowles" # permalink comment
Comment: that is slander i have never dropped a branston bean in my life, jack cowles will testify as he licks anything which goes on the floor and he told me he has had no such pleasure of a branston bean or bean juice.
Posted: 21:53 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "Knuckle counter" # permalink comment
Comment: Now you can see for yourselves what a klutz kristian cowles is, he has posted the same comment twice. He doesn't deserve to even look at a tin of the delicious branston beans.
Posted: 22:58 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "kristian cowles" # permalink comment
Comment: this comment is unjust i've been stitched up by a non beaneliever we had to economise so i have tesco brand so your comment might be true but when was the last time YOU had a tin of branston beans.I call for KNUCKLE COUNTER to be banned from this site as "knuckle counter has made offensive or unsuitable comments which have been made and should be deleted or punished in other ways" quote the holy mother. so fellow beanman stand up and fight against this runner bean who has sneaked under our noses as an imposter and has not enjoyed snackpot responsibly.
Posted: 09:31 Thu 02-Feb-2006 by "Ben Woodhall" # permalink comment
Comment: they are canny bad like, a bit sweaty
Posted: 09:37 Thu 02-Feb-2006 by "Jack Ryan"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: The branston beans advert is legendary!! Any chance of meeting the tin of beans!!
Posted: 12:27 Thu 02-Feb-2006 by "James T. Kirk" # permalink comment
Comment: My wife has just bought me a tin of Branston Beans with Sausages Mmmmmm.

That's tea sorted then.

Posted: 15:55 Thu 02-Feb-2006 by "Knuckle counter" # permalink comment
Comment: kristian cowles, aka beanboy, has overstated his loyalty to the beans of branston, I for one have witnessed a previous obsession for pot noodle only to watch them be discarded for cheese sandwiches. he is a snack tart!
Posted: 19:26 Thu 02-Feb-2006 by "kristian cowles" # permalink comment
Comment: i was waiting for the legendary release of branston beans, i was trying out other fields to have WITH my beans, like bread = toast and cheese on the toast with beans, i don't know about the pot noodle that was never going to work. where did james t kirk get his branston sausage and beans, as i have never seen such a glorious tin.
Posted: 22:22 Thu 02-Feb-2006 by "James T Kirk" # permalink comment
Comment: Got em at our local Sainsburys. Here in deepest Wiltshire.
Posted: 19:25 Mon 06-Feb-2006 by "stacy"
(apparently posting from cache-los-ab06.proxy.aol.com) # permalink comment
Comment: having tried the branston beans and sausage,i cannot for the life of me find them anywhere.I have tried Asda,Morrisons,and quiet a few other places buy to no avail!can branston please help me?
Posted: 16:53 Thu 09-Feb-2006 by "knuckle counter" # permalink comment
Comment: Kristian cowles asked that he be given spaghetti instead of the glorious beans of branston as from next week. he clearly is a very fickle individual who should not be trusted under any circumstances.
Posted: 15:28 Thu 16-Feb-2006 by "Mr Peanut" # permalink comment
Comment: I h8 branston beans for i am a peanut and a peanut i shall stay he has stolen the commercial spotlight and i shall burn down his house!!
Posted: 13:50 Sun 19-Feb-2006 by "zdprice" # permalink comment
Comment: Correction, 'tomatoe' is wrong. try 'tomato.'
Posted: 20:47 Fri 24-Feb-2006 by "john tolley" # permalink comment
Comment: just tried branston spaghetti after really enjoying the beans and was mightily disappointed the sauce is as incipid as that of the heinz beans and unfortunately unless they improve on the sauce in these i will not be buying again it is not just me but my mother and father and a couple of other friends who have picked this up long live the branston beans and pickle products which are fantastic particularly the new gherkin,jalapeno chilli and mild mustard,but the spaghetti a big thumbs down hope this comment gets taken on board yours branstonly john tolley
Posted: 21:06 Fri 24-Feb-2006 by "Marky-HeinzBean-San" # permalink comment
Comment: I just want to say that these beans are superb!!!

I lived in the shadow of Heinz for too long. The Branston bean revolution is upon us. We must embrace these beans in order for them to survive. I for one will be voting with a tin of Branston a day. They are the BEST beans I've tasted - the rich sauce is head and shoulders above Heinz watery equivalent.

Join me and the revolution!!

Posted: 08:53 Sat 25-Feb-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: They're just beans for god sake.
Posted: 12:01 Sat 25-Feb-2006 by "Honest Joe" # permalink comment
Comment: When it's beans I want for tea

There's only one brand that'll do for me.

I go to the shop looking for Heinz.

They're one of the World's best Finds.

If there are only Branston Beans

Their is only one thing that that means.

Hungry I will go...

as up I do not want to throw!

Beans from Heinz will stay...

Better than Branston ANY day!

Posted: 15:22 Wed 01-Mar-2006 by "Dave R" # permalink comment
Comment: ha ha, nice poem... Branston Bogging Beans aren't worth trying
Posted: 17:10 Sat 04-Mar-2006 by "'Zappomatic"
(apparently posting from 81-170-34-61.homechoice.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: Are these the same as the Crosse and Blackwell beans that were around last year? Those things were vile... there's still a can of them in the cupboard, I just couldn't face eating any more of them!
Posted: 16:57 Tue 14-Mar-2006 by "Some bloke wot eats beans" # permalink comment
Comment: A big hello to all the Heinz employees on this site - anyone who baulks at the idea of paying less for a better product has clearly got some kind of agenda.
Posted: 18:47 Tue 14-Mar-2006 by "EzChile" # permalink comment
Comment: (at!) "TheBusinessMan"

Yes, that would 'smack of desparation' if I was a Heinz employee. Luckilly I'm not, I'm just not overly fond of stupidly sweet, unremarkable baked beans that suggest that they are something they are not. As for using the word 'Zing' I was only agreeing with the previous poster.

Posted: 23:47 Tue 14-Mar-2006 by "sh.adi" # permalink comment
Comment: Finally! a baked bean product that rocks!, wont buy anything else but Branston now, the beans and sausage are heaven in a tin!. Seems Heinz have reacted to the branston threat with a relaunch sometime soon with a new recipe that puts the taste back into Heinz beans, so all you die hard Heinz fans that love "that old recipe" (which is actually a shadow of its former self due to sugar and salt removal) its all gonna change, maybe you'll wanna re-evaluate your choice of baked beans then?. One quote i read hit the nail on the head...""I think Heinz have been caught napping. They have taken quite a lot of salt and sugar out of their recipe over the past 20 years or so, but they've not put anything back to compensate for the deterioration in taste. "They could have done that by adding more tomatoes or spices or herbs but I think they decided to milk the brand instead. It's seen as a cash cow."

As were talking beans im a little addicted to Morrisons kidney beans in chilli sauce...MMMMMMM.... im just a bean freak ok!

Posted: 23:55 Tue 14-Mar-2006 by "sh.adi"
(apparently posting from leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: ps. i dont work for Branston. but i want to... staff discount?, mmmmmm
Posted: 21:30 Fri 17-Mar-2006 by "steve" # permalink comment
Comment: love the beans just tried the spaghetti and found it inedible the taste was somewhere inbetween water and cheap perfume totally awful dont bother with them branston for beans heinz for spahetti!
Posted: 11:47 Sat 18-Mar-2006 by "daddy" # permalink comment
Comment: branston beans are the best i have tasted in years branston have put the taste back into baked beans a quality product the brand leader needs to do something fast
Posted: 12:06 Sat 18-Mar-2006 by "chlolo" # permalink comment
Comment: i am 11 years old and i love baked beans and branston are now my favourate
Posted: 07:36 Mon 20-Mar-2006 by "Chicken Chomper" # permalink comment
Comment: This is crazy. Everybody knows that the best beans are Woolworths Homebrand baked beans. Geez there are so many people working at the companies saying good things about the products on here!
Posted: 22:51 Tue 21-Mar-2006 by "sh.adi"
(apparently posting from leic-cache-5.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: since reading this thread and posting i seem to be having a major bean consumption problem, anyone know the number for beans anonymous?. Just hope a new beer doesnt come out any time soon! (paaarp!) scuse me.
Posted: 15:15 Wed 22-Mar-2006 by "Johnny McAuley" # permalink comment
Comment: It's interesting to me when brands launch new products and try and undermine the already established favourites! Everybody has been eating Heinz baked beans forever - they've been around for over a hundred years after all. It's the same with ketchup. You can't seriously tell me that something like a supermarkets 'own brand' ketchup tastes like Heinz. I'd like to point out at this stage that i am not trying to advocate the Heinz brand, nor do i certainly work for them - i run a free-range chicken farm in Hertfordshire, UK, but i have found this debate quite amusing. It's like Coca Cola vs. Panda Cola, or some such equivalent...! There's just is no discussion. Companies who have been doing it properly over a long period of time will always have the upper-hand it seems, as they have years of experience and expertise. I discovered recently after talking to a wine maker,that Heinz grow all their own tomatoes on the vine and grade them - much like grapes for wine - and so can account for the content of their bottles and attribute the quality of the taste...would be interested to know if anyone has heard of anything similar with other companies
Posted: 23:28 Thu 23-Mar-2006 by "sh.adi" # permalink comment
Comment: The problem Johnny McAuley, is Heinz arent doing it properly! and have been over the years reducing the salt and sugar content, which is all good, but not making up for that fact by adding spices and other tasty stuff to compensate. Heinz themselves know they have a problem and are changing the recipe with a re-launch campaign soon to try to grab back that market share. Somtimes it takes a newcommer to kick the old boys in the nuts to wake them up and deliver the goods. I hope the NEW Heinz beans are better than Branston's And the fight carries on, nothing better for the consumer than competition!. excuse me i need some beans....
Posted: 13:21 Mon 27-Mar-2006 by "Johnny McAuley" # permalink comment
Comment: Sh.adi seems to think he knows something about insider information at Heinz...a re-launch? What are you, a baked bean P.I...?! I'm suprised that you would find a negative in the fact that Heinz have been reducing the sugar and salt content of the beans. In this day and age of child obesity i welcome a traditional favourite in its attempt to stay with the times and offer people a healthy sanck option. Speaking as a father, i know i feel confident that my son (who is 8)can enjoy beans on toast without his Mother or I worrying about the level of salt intake. Both our families have been eating Heinz for years...i'm not interested in brand competition - what has that got to do with the consumer?! Surely the important thing is to maintain a tasty, healthy snack that people know and trust and enjoy.
Posted: 17:22 Mon 27-Mar-2006 by "mr bean" # permalink comment
Comment: nice a bit to sweat but still better than other brands i now eat the whole tin :-)
Posted: 17:30 Mon 27-Mar-2006 by "now what do i put on my toast ?" # permalink comment
Comment: BEANS DO BATTLE A BAKED beans war broke out yesterday as market leaders Heinz found themselves in a pickle after the launch of anew range from Branston.

Branston owners Premier Foods are spending £10million to take on Heinz's dominance of the £250million UK baked beans market.Premier bosses are confident their beans will be become a big hit in two years.

They say their Branston beans have a richer, more tomato-tasting sauce anda better texture.

Posted: 17:52 Mon 27-Mar-2006 by "mr bean" # permalink comment
Comment: After trying the two beans together. I have to say sorry but heinz have the edge. Branstons is just a bit to sweat. Very nice but (just to sweat) and not that rich. I love the soft texture though. hp beans suck bye the way
Posted: 18:51 Mon 27-Mar-2006 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: "Sweat"? Hmmm...If that's what yours taste like, then no wonder you prefer Heinz.
Posted: 23:56 Mon 27-Mar-2006 by "mr bean" # permalink comment
Comment: oops lol oh well no sweet
Posted: 11:10 Tue 28-Mar-2006 by "juankerr"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Branston beans are dire. Too soft, too sweet.
Posted: 01:51 Mon 17-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: d'ya know what right, these beans rock, miles better than other brands, great stuff
Posted: 15:03 Wed 10-May-2006 by "audrey" # permalink comment
Comment: I agree that branston beans are by far the best on the market. However I have had comments from my own family and friends who were unclear as to whether they contained branston pickle or sauce. I wonder how many lost sales there has been as a result
Posted: 16:38 Mon 15-May-2006 by "Rachelle King" # permalink comment
Comment: Branston spaghetti is disgusting!!! Have just complained to Premier foods.All they could say is the taste is bland because of the lack of salt!! I do like their beans though.
Posted: 16:58 Mon 15-May-2006 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: You complained because you didn't like the taste?

Why not just add your own salt?

Posted: 22:47 Mon 29-May-2006 by "Branston convert" # permalink comment
Comment: Branston/Premier have definately won me over from the Heinz camp. I've always been a big fan of Heinz and even during my student years would always spend that bit extra to get Heinz.

Now I've tried Branston's offering I'm sorry to say I've sold out and switched (57) varieties.

I'm sure some people will prefer the Heinz beans, they've bean (hoho) #1 for all these years for a reason, but just give Branston a try.

Plus they're a couple of pence cheaper than H's cans!

Posted: 14:50 Tue 30-May-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm a Branston beans convert too, Although actually I didn't eat baked beans at all until Branston beans came out
Posted: 23:12 Sun 04-Jun-2006 by "johnny"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: My grandad worked for heinz in the 70s when I was a lad, and I still live in standish near the factory so as you can guess that's pretty much what I ate, never tried another brand until year when Heinz decided to come over all pc and change the hundred year old recipes on the back of jamie oliver style health initiatives since then I,ve pretty much tried em all and Ive only one word to say to you ...M&S

ps my ip is heavily proxied ( in cas your wondering what a wiganner is doing in mexico / thailand whatever

Posted: 13:06 Thu 08-Jun-2006 by "Calc" # permalink comment
Comment: Iceland have stopped selling their own brand beans +++SOB+++

They now only have HARD SALTY BRANSTONS

and theyre not cheap.

Oh well...

Posted: 20:32 Thu 08-Jun-2006 by "Talkshowhost" # permalink comment
Comment: Stop shopping there then! Many other places sell beans that are nicer than the manky Branston ones. Go one better and try Heinz Mean Beanz, you may be surprised (especially by the new 'Thai' flavour).
Posted: 22:19 Sun 11-Jun-2006 by "joy carroll" # permalink comment
Comment: do you sell the sing can anywere can you help please
Posted: 16:31 Mon 12-Jun-2006 by "Talkshow guest" # permalink comment
Comment: I wouldn't bother with the Mean Beanz - they are an overpriced dissapointment. Stick your favourite curry powder in a tin of supermarket beans for a tastier effect.
Posted: 17:04 Mon 12-Jun-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: That's what I do. Same with noodles, just add some of your own curry powder. Lovely.
Posted: 23:16 Mon 12-Jun-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: yuck
Posted: 23:32 Mon 12-Jun-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: What do you think the likes of Heinz put in their Mean Beanz?
Posted: 23:45 Mon 12-Jun-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: They add a spice mix, to good effect, but it's not the same as the curry powder that is used in chip shop curry sauces and pot noodles
Posted: 08:31 Tue 13-Jun-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Perhaps, but in my own experience adding your own results in tastier beans.
Posted: 23:05 Fri 16-Jun-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: I forgot to mention, I have a secret way of making these beans really tasty, You should try it, you'll think they're gorgeous...

Tin of Branston Beans into a suacepan, then add half a Jar of Sacla aubergine pesto, mix it in while you heat up, really nice or you can add any other type of pesto they do loads of different types like coriander, red pepper, wild rocket, basil etc

Mexico played sh*t tonight, i'm pissed off boo

Posted: 22:46 Mon 10-Jul-2006 by "amandamoo" # permalink comment
Comment: i ate the whole tin expecting them to be spicy. looks like i mistook the advert for 'my spicy beans' instead of 'saucy'..hmmmm. still a dissapointment though. u can get the same effect with tesco value if you cook them on a low temp for a long while, then let them cool down and heat em up again....much cheaper
Posted: 23:41 Fri 08-Sep-2006 by "Jeneva"
(apparently posting from client-82-19-12-226.manc.adsl.tesco.net) # permalink comment
Comment: I personally find Branston beans a tastier bean than heinz, but my favourite bean brand by far is Alidi's own brand. At only 18p a tin they are a bargain and very much like 'school beans' of old. However, Heinz beans are still superior for eating cold.
Posted: 01:08 Sat 09-Sep-2006 by "Yay! Lovely fish!" # permalink comment
Comment: I too was brought in by the branston bandwagon, and with hindsight...I don't know to be honest...I'm on weightwatchers at the mo & a tin of Heinz is 4.5 points & branston is 5.5 points...not sure if the tomato sauce is richer or not...on WW a point is a point...maybe heinz wins again?
Posted: 20:02 Sun 10-Sep-2006 by "Paul" # permalink comment
Comment: If you liked the beans don't be tempted to try the spaggetti , its foul.
Posted: 00:21 Wed 13-Sep-2006 by "Zappomatic" # permalink comment
Comment: Didn't like Branston beans, the sauce just tasted wrong. Don't bother with Lidl beans, these are like bullets! Best beans by far are Waitrose own brand - a good thick sauce and plenty of beans.
Posted: 14:16 Wed 13-Sep-2006 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: enough taking about beans, see Ryu get owned........ http://tabmok99.mortalkombatonline.com/mk_vs_sf_2.html
Posted: 10:39 Sun 17-Sep-2006 by "PocoPoco" # permalink comment
Comment: Had Branston Baked beans for me tea yesterday. They were alreet....? or is it just me, am off Heinz beans at moment.
Posted: 19:04 Thu 21-Sep-2006 by "spongebobflairpants" # permalink comment
Comment: Absolutely fucking disgusting. I've had a tin of these in the cupboard for ages cuz i refuse to eat this shite. Zero taste and a curious metallic aftertaste..how can anyone like these?!?!? OMG and the spaghetti hoops they make are even worse...im sorry but all you fuckers must have brain damage if you like these...
Posted: 04:10 Wed 27-Sep-2006 by "beanpants" # permalink comment
Comment: I have to say Heinz beans I use to love then I moved to Asda beans which were lovely in the best tasting tomato sauce now I can't go to Asda I buy Morrisons beans which I dunno if they have grown on me but they are lovely the think is I add chilli to my beans but hard beans are always better as cooking them can soften them up! Heinz beans have no sauce and are too muchy to be honnest heinz beans suck and the heinz advert needs to show a mushy droopt bean not a proud firm bean because there aint any in heinz beans! But no beans are better than annother as it all comes down to personel taste so no one is wrong!
Posted: 20:40 Sat 30-Sep-2006 by "ABZ loves saucy beans" # permalink comment
Comment: i love that advert that tin does a cool dance. Thank you for reading you saucy beans!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 21:47 Sun 01-Oct-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: i think they are delicious and have just stocked up with lots of the scrummy things.
Posted: 19:28 Mon 06-Nov-2006 by "grunt" # permalink comment
Comment: 3 words the best ever.
Posted: 10:06 Thu 16-Nov-2006 by "Grumpy" # permalink comment
Comment: It took two or three tins of branston's beans to convert me from a lifetime of heinz beans, now I only eat BRANSTONS.far superior in taste and texture 42230
Posted: 13:57 Sat 18-Nov-2006 by "hjuj" # permalink comment
Comment: branston beans are the best by far. But why have they let themselves down with over sugary tasting spaghetti??? 5
Posted: 12:50 Fri 15-Dec-2006 by "steve"
(apparently posting from 81-178-235-234.dsl.pipex.com) # permalink comment
Comment: found branston beans disgusting,and asda are just as bad has anyone else noticed? after going healthy,morrisons are the best by far.
Posted: 16:28 Fri 22-Dec-2006 by "zoe"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: i wont a loly
Posted: 11:36 Wed 28-Feb-2007 by "Eleanor Jones"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: i think branston beans are icky and shit, i would prefer if they went back to pickles, and leave the champs (Heinz)to make the beans
Posted: 22:19 Fri 09-Mar-2007 by "angela" # permalink comment
Comment: Morrisons seem to have these on special offer this week - BOGOF I think. And I am sure I saw some "low sugar" versions too! I wasn't taking too much notice at the time though, so consider this a 90% certainty
Posted: 10:58 Fri 23-Mar-2007 by "PocoPoco" # permalink comment
Comment: Can't say I'm much struck on Tesco baked beans cos of the sheer gross amount of flatulence they caused me and the smell....its making me feel a bit light headed.
Posted: 16:52 Thu 05-Apr-2007 by "Helena" # permalink comment
Comment: I have tried all tin beans and I find Branston the best ever.
Posted: 19:34 Sun 22-Apr-2007 by "PocoPoco" # permalink comment
Comment: Sainsbury Organic baked beans (approx 55p a tin) the best I've tasted.
Posted: 13:37 Fri 18-May-2007 by "me" # permalink comment
Comment: y dnt u sell just bean juice?
Posted: 13:27 Fri 22-Jun-2007 by "Joff" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm a firm believer in that there's a few products you just can't skimp on, where the cheaper brand just won't do and that's baked beans and loo roll. Heinz are the beans I've been eating for 25 years (not solidly RDA freaks), including everything from the small individual tins through to the big family/greedy size tins... until I tried Branston's beans that is!

I admit it, I sold out. After all that loyalty Branston are now my beans of choice. They seem to have a stronger tomato taste and are a little bit cheaper so it's a win-win situation.

If Heinz are ever cheaper, I'll probably buy those as I can be bought but until then Branston are king!

Posted: 13:16 Fri 05-Oct-2007 by "Malcolm Gibbs"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Confirmed sighting on the top of every can of Branston Beans, '7 out of 10 people prefer Branston Beans to the leading market brand'. If this is the case why are Branston Beans not the Leading Brand?
Posted: 01:19 Tue 16-Oct-2007 by "Bean Man" # permalink comment
Comment: Netto now selling Branston Beans in packs of four, 99p. Superb
Posted: 00:41 Tue 20-Nov-2007 by "plucker" # permalink comment
Comment: I had these just now. Divine.
Posted: 10:05 Tue 20-Nov-2007 by "Ronnie DiMarco" # permalink comment
Comment: I hated these beans when I tried them! Bleck!
Posted: 12:22 Wed 27-Feb-2008 by "me " # permalink comment
Comment: Branston baked beans are miles better than heinz. the sauce is much tastier and the beans are firmer. overall much nicer. :D
Posted: 17:30 Wed 28-May-2008 by "Kinderling" # permalink comment
Comment: Ooh the sauce is "much tastier". Branston tin-casings contain the ingredient "flavouring". Being unable to add 'natural flavouring' to disguise the taste they simply went for the chemical hit. It's like I give you orange juice and orange squash and you say Ooh the squash is "much tastier". I've tried to keep my cool on this one, reading people trying to compare flavours from different laboratories. Aw, I'm only going to post just once... Morons!
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