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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Diet Coke with [flipping] Cherry Confirmed sighting: Diet Coke with [flipping] Cherry
Posted: 13:00 Mon 23-Jan-2006. Price: 95p/ 500ml bottle. Location: Boots, Sheffield. Nutritional unusualness: 0 carbs, 0 fat, 1 calorie.
"charl" reports: It's finally here! Like the little alien abandoned during a previous planetary invasion I have wandered this country with a tear in my eye and a broken heart. But now the mothership has come for me and I am to be reassimilated! It's a little stronger on the cherry flavour than the US variant, and more of a black-forest-gateau-style cherry than the Americans' glacé cherry flavo(u)r. It's possibly not quite as subtle as Diet Coke with Lime for the heavy daily drinker - I think it'll be more of an afternoon drink where lime works for breakfast right through to tea. Well done Coca-Cola (at last!).

...And congratulations to "charl" for spotting this apparent replacement for Vanilla Coke just before "alan witthoft", who paid 99p in "Kendrews, Guildford" and provided this pic of a bottle seemingly levitating against his wall - please View comments for his review. Meanwhile, "Stewart" located a French version of Pepsi Max Cino - aka Pepsi Max Cappuccino - selling for €1,29 in St. Louis, France, with the following Gallic shrug: I found this today while out in the pursuit of Coca Cola Blak, but as it might be outwith your geographical imprint it may not be of interest. Anyway, it tasted like Pepsi Max initially, but with a sweet aftertaste not unlike cappuccino flavoured sweets. Not really recommended as anything other than a curiosity, or perhaps for home-made ice lollies.


Posted: 13:24 Mon 23-Jan-2006 by "alan witthoft" # permalink comment
Comment: At last we U.K. cherry coke lovers can purchase the healthy alternative to our favourite tipple! Diet coke with cherry (otherwise know in the States as diet cherry coke)is now available here, having been out in the states since the late 80s i beleive. Much as you'd expect it has the horrid diet aftertaste that goes with all diet soft drinks, but, and heres the catch it does not really taste of cherry coke 'cherriness' but more of say cherry tango 'cherriness'.Not sure whats happened between the U.S. version and our U.K. version.As i recall the U.S. one does taste like a diet version of cherry coca-cola. Overall not bad if diet drinks are your thing but i think id rather stay with my beloved cherry coke. On a sad note for lovers of coke flavours the introduction of Diet Cherry here in the U.K. sounds the death knell for Vanilla Coke and Diet Vanilla Coke (though Coca-Cola says they may only be on hiatus not gone forever)
Posted: 14:14 Mon 23-Jan-2006 by "Shleedo" # permalink comment
Comment: wow finally cherry coke in diet, i seen someone in college drinkin one today and thought when did they bring that out, i havent tried it but at last!!! if it tastes bad then i will have to drink original and get fat...or nutritionally enhanced!!!
Posted: 19:32 Mon 23-Jan-2006 by "Marc" # permalink comment
Comment: Im sorry to report that 7up Cherry tastes better!
Posted: 08:18 Tue 24-Jan-2006 by "Dan " # permalink comment
Comment: I managed to pick up a bottle in Co-Op in Bath of Diet Cherry Coke (Boots in Bath are also stocking it). I am in total agreement with charl regarding her comments about the cherry taste of “black-forest-gateau”.

I think this product is gorgeous, it has a much stronger hint of flavourings rather than the Lime and Lemon variants, and I believe Coke Cola have really ‘hit the spot’ with this product.

Does anyone know when “Cola Blak” is due for release in the UK?

Posted: 18:27 Tue 24-Jan-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: I have just bought a CASE of this tonight. It is currently chilling, and awaiting my tastebuds later tonight.


Posted: 19:07 Tue 24-Jan-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: ...I couldn't resist.

Pretty damn nice, anyway. Pretty much the same as Cherry Coke, but less sweet. I prefer it, I think - but then I'm the kind of person who prefers Diet Coke to normal Coke for taste reasons, rather than any dieting. I can't *stand* normal Coke, especially.

Anyway: thumbs up from me.

Posted: 21:47 Tue 24-Jan-2006 by "Matt" # permalink comment
Comment: Regarding the coke blak, i have heard that the release in the UK is pencilled in for the next few months. This product is already released in France and the USA, maybe a few other countries....
Posted: 19:12 Wed 25-Jan-2006 by "M-Fan" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm quite disappointed with Diet Coke with Cherry...don't know why just doesn't hit the spot I was expecting it to...leaves a horrible aftertaste too
Posted: 10:18 Thu 26-Jan-2006 by "lee" # permalink comment
Comment: My fiancee is originally from the US and had fond memories of diet cherry coke, so I bought a load from Cybercandy and she wasn't impressed, it was nowhere near as cherry flavoured as she remembered. She spotted Diet Coke with Cherry in a local newsagents (J P News, 6 Regents Circus, Swindon, Wiltshire SN1 1PN 01793 522731) yesterday (25th Jan 2006). We're going back today to buy all they have.
Posted: 17:52 Thu 26-Jan-2006 by "lee" # permalink comment
Comment: J P News now have none left, so don't go there if you want any =)
Posted: 10:21 Fri 27-Jan-2006 by "Targaff" # permalink comment
Comment: Talking of Cherry, I'll be picking up a couple of bottes of Coke/Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla (mentioned here already: http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0510291649daa#20051116104900 ) since it's out in the US already. Not sure I'll drink it myself, since I hate both cherry and vanilla, but I'll try and get someone to review it.
Posted: 12:02 Fri 27-Jan-2006 by "Jennifer" # permalink comment
Comment: No..... they can't do that! I need Vanilla coke, I can't live without it! :-(

I had diet cherry coke in NY about 10 years ago and I'm still getting over the disappointment. It tasted slightly less appealing than Benylin. Yuck yuck!

Posted: 22:56 Fri 27-Jan-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: Vanilla Coke tastes like sick.

I wish Cherry 7Up had a wider distribution, though. Luckily, I'm near a store that sells it, but it's relatively rare.

Posted: 01:12 Sat 28-Jan-2006 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: I Must say even thoe vailla is great i love the new diet cherry a little more
Posted: 18:57 Sat 28-Jan-2006 by "KoolAid" # permalink comment
Comment: Mmm. Schwarwälder Kirschtorte in a bottle.
Posted: 00:02 Sun 29-Jan-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: You can say that again, I used to love cherry 7up but Im lucky to get a can of it anywhere these days.
Posted: 11:00 Sun 29-Jan-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: We don't stock it at the cash and carry I work at, either - and we stock all kinds of crap.

Odd how some products manage to keep going if hardly anyone stocks them. And it's odd that no-one stocks Cherry 7-up either - it's gorgeous.

Posted: 19:23 Sun 29-Jan-2006 by "MARC" # permalink comment
Comment: Is it me or are cans of Cherry Coke becoming rare? Akthough Cherry 7up is nicer and rarer.
Posted: 11:06 Mon 30-Jan-2006 by "Dan" # permalink comment
Comment: I have only tried "Diet Vanilla Coke" this weekend, and found out I love it! Now they are replacing it with "Diet Cherry Coke"

"clerk" - What type of soft drinks/milkshakes do you stock?

Posted: 15:53 Tue 31-Jan-2006 by "Rusty Shackleford" # permalink comment
Comment: Im totaly dissapointed with Diet Coke with Cherry...not that its not a nice drink, it is, but I really love Diet Cherry Coke and I stock up with some every year when I go to Florida so I was excited to hear my favorite drink had been released over here....until I tasted some the other day and found it was a completely different drink, much heavier on the cherry taste.
Posted: 19:11 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "Snakebait" # permalink comment
Comment: This stuff is gorgeous. Much better than the full-fat stuff - the black cherry instead of red was inspired. It tastes like you're having a pudding. Mmm.

Found it in both Sainsbury's and Boots in Paddington station, so I'm guessing it's now freely available everywhere.

Posted: 20:49 Fri 03-Feb-2006 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: Definately is better than regular Cherry Coke, it's smoother, with a nicer, Black Cherry flavour. As someone said earlier, it's very heavy on the Cherry compared to other flavoured Cokes, in a good way.


Posted: 22:22 Fri 03-Feb-2006 by "M-Fan" # permalink comment
Comment: Has anyone found this available in cans? I've only had the bottle and didn't like it, but then I don't like normal diet coke in bottles & love it in cans.
Posted: 02:41 Sat 04-Feb-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah, it became available in cans at the same time as the bottles. You've just been unlucky, I expect.
Posted: 22:45 Sun 05-Feb-2006 by "charl"
(apparently posting from dsl-201-129-162-156.prod-infinitum.com.mx) # permalink comment
Comment: i am in mexico drinking _real_ diet cherry coke in protest as we speak. oh, the pool calls!
Posted: 10:41 Mon 06-Feb-2006 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: I was really looking forward to this coming out and am very disappointed. I wanted a diet version of the cherry coke that's out now, not a black forest gateau drink! Big, big shame.
Posted: 12:38 Mon 06-Feb-2006 by "Jan" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh my god this stuff is to die for the flavour bursts in your mouth after you swallow it I need the 2L bottles asap!!!!!!!!
Posted: 00:48 Tue 07-Feb-2006 by "Olly" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh dear, I agree with Sandy. I've been waiting 20 years for Diet Cherry Coke and they try and fob us off with this! The real Cherry Coke has a lovely Root Beer/Deep Heat sensation to its taste, this is just as if someone had dropped some Panda Pops Cherryade syrup in the Coke mix. Diät Cherry Coke - Nein Danke.
Posted: 16:46 Tue 07-Feb-2006 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: Best cola ever!!! glad the UK got something nice atlast :) I wonder what ever happended to the idea of pepsi blue here or vanilla/cherry pepsi :(
Posted: 09:20 Thu 09-Feb-2006 by "Dan" # permalink comment
Comment: Diet Cherry Coke is available in cans. My work is supplying it in its vending machines! Surprisingly!
Posted: 00:54 Mon 13-Feb-2006 by "Dani" # permalink comment
Comment: I saw it for the first time last week when we got it in at work. Now Im addicted. We only had two boxes to test it out cos nowhere in our area stocks the stuff, and in only 5 days, both boxes (of like 50 bottles i think it is) have gone... Now for the size of store we are, and for the small bottles of coke and variants we sell... thats a LOT! Although I reckon half of it was the staff... I know of at least 10 that were staff lol
Posted: 10:15 Mon 13-Feb-2006 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: On the subject on new drinks, in April Oasis are bringing out 2 new drinks aimed for the ladies aged 20-39.

The "contemporary" flavours will be Berry & Elderflower and Passion Fruit & Vanilla with zero added sugar.

They are going to be launched as a BOGOF in Superdrug.

The flavours sound ok, better than the failed Tango Clear yucky flavours!

Posted: 13:25 Fri 17-Feb-2006 by "ChrisS" # permalink comment
Comment: Half-way through my first bottle. Firstly, I'm truly gutted that Vanilla seems to be getting the chop - I drank more Coke since they did Vanilla - it will be sorely missed. Anyway, this DC with Cherry is pretty awesome; more like a decent cherryade and reminds me of childhood sweets whose name escapes me. Can't actually taste the Coke though. Less sugary/sickly than norm Cherry Coke. It's accompanying my bag of Ryvita Minis Worcester Sauce Flavour - I am truly in 2006...
Posted: 23:22 Fri 17-Feb-2006 by "Marc" # permalink comment
Comment: The Yankee Vanilla Coke was nice, a nearby shop sold the US Vanilla Coke before it came here.

Pop over to your latest newsagents and corner shops and chipps and buy cherry 7up!

Posted: 14:07 Wed 22-Feb-2006 by "Bryan" # permalink comment
Comment: So bought my first bottle today after getting all excited in the shop for seeing it for the first time and im a little dissapointed. dont think i like the black cherry...much prefer red cherry. ah well i think you will either love it or hate it
Posted: 23:55 Tue 14-Mar-2006 by "becky" # permalink comment
Comment: Just bought a special offer in a Walmart supermarket of 2 6packs for £3.50. i thought fab, i lluuuuurrrvvvvvveeeee cherry coke, and this is diet. Perfect. How dissapointing to find it tastes nothing like cherry coke. I now have 11 cans left. Any offers welcome or they go on ebay. Yuk and double yuk.
Posted: 17:43 Tue 21-Mar-2006 by "Adele" # permalink comment
Comment: Help me! I can't find any.
Posted: 19:38 Tue 21-Mar-2006 by "M-fan" # permalink comment
Comment: It's much better in cans, but it has to be ice cold...not readily available in my area either, only Sainsbury's seem to stock the cams
Posted: 16:59 Wed 22-Mar-2006 by "Jimmy T" # permalink comment
Comment: If anyone is unfortunate enough to live in Doncaster you can get cans of Cherry 7UP from the newsagents in the bus station.
Posted: 17:25 Wed 22-Mar-2006 by "Glenn" # permalink comment
Comment: Loved Diet Cherry Coke at first but after finding a (now strangley rare) can of normal Cherry Coke, I was reminded what I have been waiting for all my life, A DIET CHERRY COKE!!! oh well. Look out for "Black Cherry and Vanilla Coke", coming soon (in the same can by the way)
Posted: 20:47 Wed 22-Mar-2006 by "Glenn" # permalink comment
Comment: Loved Diet Cherry Coke at first but after finding a (now strangley rare) can of normal Cherry Coke, I was reminded what I have been waiting for all my life, A DIET CHERRY COKE!!! oh well. Look out for "Black Cherry and Vanilla Coke", coming soon (in the same can by the way)
Posted: 22:30 Wed 22-Mar-2006 by "Klave" # permalink comment
Comment: It seems to taste neither of Diet Coke nor of cherry...but I like it anyway!
Posted: 12:29 Thu 23-Mar-2006 by "Adele" # permalink comment
Comment: I've now had a can of diet coke with cherry from a small shop in Bootle. The anticipation was amazing, the taste was strangely wierd but fantastic. I love it.
Posted: 12:54 Mon 10-Apr-2006 by "Amish" # permalink comment
Comment: Diet Coke with Cherry is sooooooooooooo nice i love it cant get enought of the stuff. Sell it most places now. But heard its only for a limited time e.g. the summer!! i hope not cos its my favorite so far and goes great with vodca.

Posted: 15:20 Mon 10-Apr-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: No, coke with lime is only available for the Summer, so I heard.
Posted: 17:30 Mon 10-Apr-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah, Coke with Lime is the summer variety this year. Diet Cherry Coke is a permanent line.
Posted: 16:19 Wed 12-Apr-2006 by "quenti" # permalink comment
Comment: coke with raspberry is the best thing i've tried. i hope it comes to UK as so far just new zealand.
Posted: 17:39 Sat 06-May-2006 by "Fickle" # permalink comment
Comment: I am addicted to this stuff. It's much, much nicer than the (nastily designed scratchy-writing, seems to have dissapeared for a re-vamp) cherry coke.

This has a much nicer cherry flavour and I prefer the diet version because the cherry comes through stronger without the sugar.

So good. I wish they would make litre bottles of this!!

Posted: 15:33 Sun 16-Jul-2006 by "mike c" # permalink comment
Comment: i remember when cherry pepsi was available in the u.k back in the eighties and it knocked the crap out of cherry coke, but since trying wild cherry pepsi from the u.s ive been disillusioned about my past as it tastes bloody awful and cherry coke is the best drink ever, and i hope the diet one stays as i need to lose weight. Also cherry coke should be available in all restaurants including mcds and bk and the pictures. 13792 2 2
Posted: 07:13 Fri 05-Jan-2007 by "bathbun" # permalink comment
Comment: Diet cherry coke was the biggest disappointment of 2006- we waited for years and what do we get? Crap cherry pop with no Coke taste at all. I could cry.
Posted: 22:54 Sun 25-Feb-2007 by "James" # permalink comment
Comment: I can't believe how disgusting this product is compared to 'proper' Cherry Coke :(

I love Cherry Coke to death, but this may possibly be the worst Coke variant to hit the UK ever! What happened?!

Posted: 13:13 Mon 05-Mar-2007 by " Gutted" # permalink comment
Comment: Totally gutted with Diet Coke with Cherry... not AT ALL like Cherry Diet Coke like they get in the USA. Why oh why oh why can't we jsut get the same as they do in the States please? Why do things get 'tweaked' for the UK market?
Posted: 02:40 Sun 10-Jun-2007 by "levitra" # permalink comment
Comment: I try it
Posted: 12:47 Sun 10-Jun-2007 by "Marc" # permalink comment
Comment: I remember the American Vanilla Coke tasting 100x better then the UK one and I probably bet the US counterpart tastes better.

The UK counterpart tastes weak and shite.

I guess there could be a few reasons, they use different sweetners, I know for a fact that Euopean Diet Coke contains a sweetner blend which is banned here.

Posted: 21:27 Sun 10-Jun-2007 by "Chubworth" # permalink comment
Comment: Let's face it - Britain is to food what Jade Goody is to philosophical enquiry. We want stuff sanitised out of existence and wrapped in plastic with no dirt on our carrots, no fat in our beef and meanwhile we take the highlights of other cultures and shaft them royally e.g. chip top curry; baked bean pizza. We don't deserve decent pop. Sad but true
Posted: 10:20 Thu 14-Jun-2007 by "Ella" # permalink comment
Comment: Great work guys. Good work, All the best!
Posted: 11:41 Thu 14-Jun-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: Take the Michael out of us, yeah!? You're the same guy who's been posting on all the other pages! Get out of here if you have nothing useful to say, Ella! (Hannah, Milan, Alfredo...)
Posted: 16:32 Wed 14-Nov-2007 by "Pammie" # permalink comment
Comment: Cant believe I've stumbled on your site, fellow cherry lovers!! I was looking forward to Diet Cherry Coke finally arriving here, as I love the full sugar version but try only to drink only diet - 8 teaspoons of sugar per can, no thanks! But I was sorely disappointed. Couldn't even finish it!

However, was in the States recently and discovered Cherry Coke Zero - it was heaven! Perfect cherry taste and no sugar. Why don't we get that here? I'd have it on tap if I could!

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