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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Wrigley's Airwaves Active with Guarana Confirmed sighting: Wrigley's Airwaves Active with Guarana
Posted: 12:10 Fri 10-Feb-2006. Price: 42p/ 10 blister-packed pellets. Location: Costcutter, East Yorkshire. Nutritional unusualness: Contains "Green Tea, Mate and Cola Nut extracts", 5mg caffeine/ pellet (ie, entire pack = almost 1 cup of coffee?).
"GTO" reports: I much prefer Airwaves over Wrigley's mint range, as it has the uncanny ability to retain flavour for hours. Naturally, being a coffee addict, I couldn't wait for a mixture of the two. First the criticisms - I don't see why Wrigley's needed to load each individual pellet into a blister pack and then into an overly bulky box, this just complicates matters in my opinion, the standard packs are fine. Also, being infused with guarana and caffeine gives the gum an ever-so-slightly bitter edge to begin with, this is just in the shell however. The flavour is described as "Citrus Fusion", but the only fruit listed in the ingredients in Passionfruit. A welcome change which works extremely well in providing a more grown-up fruity Gum experience. The colour is nice as well, a deeper red than the somewhat anaemic-looking Cherry Menthol. They were shelved alongside the new [Strawberry and Watermelon, or Sour Double Berry] Hubba Bubba Max - I didn't get any though as I was scraping around for change for these.

..."Phillerena", meanwhile, was almost as stimulated by the 19p Filli Folly Gum found in "Home Bargains, Crossgates", declaring: It's bubble gum disguised as cotton candy (candyfloss to us Brits)! It was definitely weird, when I opened the packet I was greeted with chemically smelling strawberry candyfloss, which melted down to bubble gum when chewed. As you eat it you want to swallow, thinking that it's normal candyfloss. But you can't, cos it's actually bubble gum! Made in Italy, this is a nice novelty.


Posted: 14:58 Fri 10-Feb-2006 by "Lee"
(apparently posting from 81-86-6-107.dsl.pipex.com) # permalink comment
Comment: Gotta get me some of that! As pointed out by a mate: "to help you bridge the gap between caffeinated drinks :)"
Posted: 02:15 Tue 18-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: this is yet another daft idea from british food manufacturers
Posted: 13:10 Thu 20-Apr-2006 by "mark t" # permalink comment
Comment: this shit is retarded. 5mg is fuck all and it tastes like ass. -4/10.
Posted: 10:07 Sun 16-Jul-2006 by "Brian"
(apparently posting from host86-138-161-234.range86-138.btcentralplus.com) # permalink comment
Comment: Why have Wrigley's discontinued the Blackcurrant + Vit C flavour and replaced it with liqourice (blackmint flavour). The "new" flavour is vile.

I used to buy my blackcurrant flavour by the trade pack I liked it that much, who decided that it should be replaced?

They ought to be keel hauled for it! 95814 9

Posted: 19:50 Mon 28-May-2007 by "bramble" # permalink comment
Comment: Wrigley's blister packs of Airwaves citrus fusion gum with guarama are ideal for addicted dog walker with only one available free hand; unfortunately my local supermarket has stopped selling it, can't find it anywhere else - have they stopped producing the packs?
Posted: 18:57 Wed 26-Dec-2007 by "Caro" # permalink comment
Comment: Have they discontinued Airwaves Active? I cannot find anywhere.
Posted: 01:26 Sun 06-Jan-2008 by "squeed"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: oh im shocked to find its got bloody caffiene in it.. i cant find it anywhere in the uk but i did find some in prague.. it helps to have one before i have a lecture so i can stay awake.. guarana is cool but i dont like the sound of the caffiene stuff..
Posted: 10:52 Tue 08-Jan-2008 by "PMM" # permalink comment
Comment: Which flavours of Airwaves have been discontinued as of 1 Jan 2008? I'm trying to collect one or two of all the flavours for a relative in the US who likes Airwaves, but can't find it in the US.
Posted: 12:01 Tue 12-Feb-2008 by "caro"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: can you buy it online? it used to be everywhere in UK. Has it been banned?
Posted: 23:58 Fri 07-Mar-2008 by "revjimbob" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried to stop smoking last year and found it a great help. I have stopped again (for good), but would love to get some more, but can't find it anywhere.
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