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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Yorkshire Crisps Confirmed sighting: Yorkshire Crisps
Posted: 17:43 Tue 14-Feb-2006. Price: £1.50 per tin, or £5 for 4. Location: Tourist Office, Doncaster. Sub-flavours: See below. Nutritional unusualness: 26g fat per 100g tin.
"Magnetic Ham Sandwich" reports: Another entrant in the increasingly crowded gourmet hand-made crisp market is The Yorkshire Crisp Company. They market their crisps in generously filled 100g tins, each with a different image of Yorkshire on the back and sealed under a foil lid. At present there are 5 flavours to choose from: Sea Salt; Sea Salt and Black Pepper; Sea Salt and Chardonnay Wine Vinegar; Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella; and Sour Cream, Dill and Mustard; plus they also do Parsnips. In a nice touch, in each case the main ingredient listed on the base - before even the potatoes - is Tender Loving Care. All the crisps have a gentle flavour - nothing too overpowering - and seem almost to melt in your mouth as all too soon the tin empties.

...Not much too add to this, except that the Sour Cream, Dill and Mustard varieties is the long-awaited one apparently "designed to go with smoked salmon and champagne". While, in other luxury flavourings, "be" got in touch to propose: Proving that Valentine's Day is not the exclusive territory of confectioners, Hertfordshire-based Tyrrells is launching its latest "loving creation": Strawberry, Sweet Chilli and White Wine potato chips - just in case you're stuck for any last-minute gift ideas.


Posted: 13:41 Tue 28-Feb-2006 by "Cheeky Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: Has anyone seen the Strawberry, Sweet Chilli and White Wine yet? What an odd combination, but I am sure it is good, given Tyrrells other products - I love their Sausage and Mustard ones!
Posted: 19:05 Mon 03-Apr-2006 by "Simon" # permalink comment
Comment: Superb crisps - the best ever.
Posted: 05:04 Wed 05-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: one word TYRELLS
Posted: 05:10 Wed 05-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: you know this baffles me whty would anyone think putting a yorkshire brand will make some crisps sell better? i don't get it...........oh yes YORKSHIRE crisps just think of the yorkshire sweat that was spent in the production of these fried potato slices just imagine that premium yorkshire accent echoing around the room as these very root vegetables were being frazzled in hot (yorkshire) oil and the yorkshire frying equipment and the yorkshire water that runs through the pipes in the manufacturing facility where these were made............it's romantic and makes them so appealing, i'll never touch walkers again, im going for regional now,has to be yorkshire and at least i know im getting the best yorkshire has to offer when i sit down and munch a packet of these savoury potato crisps from yorkshire
Posted: 05:38 Wed 05-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: and something else that bugs me stupid

why why why cant people in britain just call crisps pizza flavour inastead of all this "tomato, mozzarella and basil" BS iyts pizza godammit, pizz'a not a naughty word you know, just call it "pizza flavour" like in america where they know what they're doing,

you don't have to call it tomato mozzarella and basil to appear foreign and sophisticated to halfwit british dunces, we love pizza so call em pizza for gods sake...............-

i swear if i see one more "tomato and mozzarella" on a bag of crisps...............- ....

i wont be held responsible for the scene i'll create in the supermarket

Posted: 15:06 Tue 25-Apr-2006 by "Chocolat" # permalink comment
Comment: i totaly agree polarbear
Posted: 13:44 Wed 26-Apr-2006 by "Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil is actually closer to weird salad flavour than pizza... Most English pizzas have oregano on them, not basil. 'Pizza flavour' is also a lot more synthetic in my experience.

I agree it's a bit pretentious, but they taste nothing like pizza to me.

Posted: 22:23 Sun 07-May-2006 by "Mr Oregano" # permalink comment
Comment: Oregano is supreme in the world of herbs

I might change my name to Oregano

From now on, I'm Mr Oregano....


Posted: 08:34 Mon 08-May-2006 by "Fed-Up Snack Fan" # permalink comment
Comment: Why not change your name to Annoying Little Shit...?

That's what everyone else calls you.

Posted: 09:46 Mon 08-May-2006 by "Mr Oregano" # permalink comment
Comment: Hey, just because you live a dog's life doesn't mean you can taint other people with your verbal excrement

Think you're speaking for everyone? Not everyone wants to be associated with an asswipe like you clerk

Posted: 11:11 Mon 08-May-2006 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: seriously, polarbear/ Oregano, your comments are (at best) a bit random, at (at worst) increasingly aggressive - why are you posting so much?
Posted: 12:03 Mon 08-May-2006 by "polarbear/ Oregano" # permalink comment
Comment: You saying I've got no right to respond to a insulting post like the one made??

You must be a moron Snackspot, I've had a sneaking suspicion it might have been you or one of the people behind this website making these comments

You a bit uncomfortable with people posting too much then? What's too much? Does Phillerena post too much? do others post too much?

I could set up a rival website in lets see umm an afternoon? and It would be far better than this.......Oddity, which i'll admit is where its appeal came from, but with a bunch of halfwits for webmasters I'll say auf wiedersehen and leave you poor people to discover manners in your own time

so long suckers

Posted: 14:58 Mon 08-May-2006 by "Mr Plop" # permalink comment
Comment: Prink.
Posted: 19:24 Mon 08-May-2006 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: good luck with that then, p/O. and bye for now!
Posted: 15:05 Fri 19-May-2006 by "crispwoman" # permalink comment
Comment: Confirmed sighting of Tyrrell's latest product - Mini flavoured breadsticks in Sour cream & Chive and Sweet Thai chilli & Herbs - low fat - low salt a really tasty healthy snack that kids love (and adults) another Tyrrells Hit!! 20348 2 24
Posted: 23:05 Mon 04-Dec-2006 by "Simon" # permalink comment
Comment: The only real Yorkshire crisps are made by Seabrooks in Scarborough
Posted: 01:39 Thu 07-Dec-2006 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: Just eaten a couple of bags of Seabrooks salt and vinegar crisps for the first time in years and they are 10x better than any other crisps on the market, will be buying more :)
Posted: 17:47 Thu 18-Jan-2007 by "Jimbob" # permalink comment
Comment: I thought Seabrook were made in Bradford
Posted: 04:32 Fri 19-Jan-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: So did i Jimbob
Posted: 14:24 Tue 27-Feb-2007 by "Aaron Searle" # permalink comment
Comment: Ever tried the Wasabi flavour Seabrooks? My favourite is the Mustard, oooh, tangy.
Posted: 11:02 Tue 20-Mar-2007 by "Geejay" # permalink comment
Comment: Oooh get you...someone's trying to stir it up with mention of the new "top secret" range that's in development as we speak. My personal ranking went - Chilli Pepper, Wasabi, Mustard & Oriental
Posted: 17:46 Tue 20-Mar-2007 by "saltnshake" # permalink comment
Comment: Seabrooks have improved a great deal; tried bags of Cheese n onion, S n V and Canadian Ham the other day ; very nice, loads of flavour; a quality crisp and I can't wait to try more. I see from their website that you can buy mixed boxes of crisps from them direct - nice idea
Posted: 01:35 Wed 21-Mar-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: I've found a crisp that exceeds even Seabrooks tastiness, it's called Kolak Hot & Spicy crisps and Tescos sell them, they are the best crisps i've ever had, there are three flavours, Chilli & Lemon, Chilli & Garlic and Black Pepper flavour
Posted: 21:57 Thu 12-Apr-2007 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: You can now buy Yorkshire Crisps in standard 50g bags, although they were a pricey 75p each in Cooplands Doncaster. Out of several flavours to choose from, I had the Lightly Sea Salted, the Black Pepper, and the Parsnip the other week but somehow they didn't taste as nice as those in the resealable tubs.
Posted: 00:40 Fri 13-Apr-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: 75p for 50g bag, no chance! i don't care if they're mohammed "i'm spicy" bruce lee, i'm not paying 75p for 50g bag
Posted: 20:29 Tue 17-Apr-2007 by "Mel"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Does anybody remember the wheels crisps made by nibbits, they had ready salted, onion and vinegar and spicy flavours. We used to have these at kids parties in the late 70's till the 80's. They were so nice don't know if the company are still going
Posted: 22:46 Sat 12-May-2007 by "Aitch" # permalink comment
Comment: Nibbits are a Dutch crisp. I think they are still made and sold in Holland. The company that made them wasn't called Nibbits. The Company actually made dried foods but stumbled accross the extruded potato crisp when some potatos were pushed through the machines to clean them after the war. This is probably a lot more info than you expected.
Posted: 10:45 Tue 11-Mar-2008 by "Craig Chambers"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I saw these crisps in a tapas bar called Quimet & Quimet in Barcelona on the 11th of February 2008.
Posted: 15:54 Sat 31-May-2008 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: The sublime Roast Beef & Mustard flavour Brannigans are becoming harder and harder to find, and I need a replacement. Does anyone have any views on Seabrooks' Mustard flavour? How do they compare?
Posted: 15:20 Tue 14-Oct-2008 by "DJ Jaybee" # permalink comment
Comment: From the Seabrook new website: There’s loyal, and then there’s Seabrook loyal Word of mouth alone has driven our sales for the last 60 years and brought us thousands of regular customers. Now we are raising brand awareness nationally – this is set to rise.

Really? Is that why Seabrook completely stuck two fingers up at all their customers by: “Going all Walkers” and ditching the traditional packets in favour of crappy foil ones, that we can’t see into - therefore allowing you to put 2 crisps in - and not being ‘more than a snack’ anymore

We used to buy Seabrook crisps over the years in the traditional non-foil packs - and the fact that you could ’see what you buy’ - set their crisps apart from the shady foil brigade. If their crisps had been stale we wouldn’t have bought them. The fact was, they were always fresh and tasty - I suppose they might potentially now get a longer supermarket shelf life in foil? … but surely longer shelf life isn’t “freshness”.

The non-foil packs used to be full to bursting, and somehow seemed to protect the crisps better than the foil pack, which appears emptier on opening and seems to contain more broken crisps. Hence less customer satisfaction + the fact they have ditched the ’see what you buy’ mentality, the very thing that gave us customer confidence and poked fun at the competition - has eroded brand loyalty.

Sending anyone that knew how to make the original flavours home - and getting some idiots in that only know how to make prawn cocktail flavour now taste like ready salted.

If you want brand loyalty - you don’t mess with the product. Do we want HP sauce with “new improved flavour” - no, otherwise we might as well buy any other brown sauce. You need to keep the brand integrity - otherwise the choice between buying an established/traditional brand - and the supermarket branded version becomes just based on price - something the supermarkets will always win.

After being a loyal customer since being a kid - and being a 24 hr walking advert for how good Seabrook Crisps were - now my friends and I never buy any because it is too much of a disappointment.

However much we hope for the glory days to return we’ve got to face the fact that we have lost another great crisp forever.

Luckily McCoys are still there to take away the empty feeling you’ve left and still provide the correct level of lip-smaking flavour.

Still would like a time-machine to go back and stock up on some good old Seabrook crisps though… the way they used to be…Mmmm instead of WTF?!…

Posted: 17:10 Tue 14-Oct-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Strong words!! I haven't had a packet for a while but if what you say is true then sad times indeed.
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