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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Seabrook Fish and Chips Flavour "60th Birthday Edition" Potato Crisps Confirmed sighting: Seabrook Fish and Chips Flavour "60th Birthday Edition" Potato Crisps
Posted: 15:05 Tue 21-Feb-2006. Price: 35p. Location: Newsagent by Albert Square, Manchester. Nutritional unusualness: "Vegetarian, MSG free, contains gluten".
"wiener" reports: I hesitated before buying these, what with the foil wrapping and lack of quotation marks. But how can you stay angry at Seabrooks? And on their 60th birthday too... Mostly these crisps taste of potato, with a subsidiary tang of sea-salt, and a very faint whiff of fishiness in the background. Maybe I got a dodgy packet? Or maybe the foil had soaked up all the flavour?

...It's looking like a good week for first-time spotters, as "Rubella" also obtained McCoy's Roast Chicken and Stuffing for "around 50p", in a "Family run corner shop, Hastings, East Sussex", pondering: These were quite nice. Tangy and sweet. Not the best Roast Chicken and Stuffing but good all the same. Packet claims to be part of a Sunday Roast limited edition so maybe more flavours to come - last week's issue of The Grocer magazine suggests that these other "Sunday Roasts with OXO" are Lamb and Mint, or Beef and Horseradish, all "available in multipacks until August" (and that's on top of the McCoy's Spicy Buffalo Wings or Texan BBQ Ribs flavours that "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" mentions here).


Posted: 19:59 Tue 21-Feb-2006 by "TonyG" # permalink comment
Comment: They are disgusting.
Posted: 04:10 Wed 22-Feb-2006 by "Far" # permalink comment
Comment: Yup - nowhere near as good as the real Fish and Chip crisps of yesteryear. These Seabrook ones have been around since Xmas at least - got a packet as part of a complimentary 10-packet box I got from them (I ordered boxes from them in the past).
Posted: 10:33 Wed 22-Feb-2006 by "Cap'n Crisps" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah, same here. They're absolutely disgusting, like prawn cocktail gone bad.
Posted: 12:03 Wed 22-Feb-2006 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: As I posted in another thread...

They've brought out a new fish & chip flavour... don't know what they were thinking as it's minging! Still, I'm still a loyal customer. They sent every customer a Christmas card and a box with 10 packets of crisps... various flavours although I wouldn't call 'unsalted' a flavour. It just meant I had to put my own salt in and probably put more salt in than the ready salted has thus reducing the point in them being unsalted.

Posted: 19:26 Wed 22-Feb-2006 by "Vivazol Virgin"
(apparently posting from host86-131-53-212.range86-131.btcentralplus.com) # permalink comment
Comment: Well, I'm a loyal fan of Seabrooks, so much so, I've sent off three boxes worth to my partner in America, who enjoyed them far more than any American crisp, but as for this particular flavour, well, one word comes to mind: Ewwwwww! Smells like an old pair of panties, in need of a good wash, the flavour nowhere near as good, sadly, as the pungent smell would suggest. >_<
Posted: 10:39 Fri 24-Feb-2006 by "RosieH" # permalink comment
Comment: old panties: evocative! gutted - I saw this and got terribly excited, but prawn cocktail gone to the dark side just seems wrong. incidentally, have you ever pondered whether you would eat prawns if they lived on land? the thought of one of those critters scuttling out from under my sofa can quite put me off my marie rose. anyway, I'm sure this is covered elsewhere, but does anyone know if you can still get proper fish and chips? i loved those
Posted: 11:31 Fri 24-Feb-2006 by "The Cheese" # permalink comment
Comment: I always think of Prawns as pink maggots.
Posted: 11:50 Sat 25-Feb-2006 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: Weren't fish and chips made by Burtons? They also made chicken and chips which were quite nice.

Don't get me started though... they used to make potato puffs and then they stopped... they stopped!!! No amount of anti-depressants or Class A drugs or Alcohol will stop me mourning the loss of Potato Puffs from my life. I'm considering legal action. Why? Why? WHY BURTONS?!?!?!? I even got a funny look when I went into one of your male clothes shops and started attacking the manager demanding that he give me the potato puffs.

Posted: 22:47 Fri 10-Mar-2006 by "DJ Jaybee" # permalink comment
Comment: Seabrooks used to be a champion amoungst crisps - now they have introduced the foil pack and you can't 'see what you buy' they have gone all Walkers on us and have only a few crisps (more easily broken too due to the pack) rattling around in there - it's no longer 'more than a snack' as they used to proclaim - they've sold out - one more classic crisp variety that's been lost probably due to the big business pressure of trying to fit in with the supermarket game. Bollo :(
Posted: 15:28 Mon 13-Mar-2006 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm telling you... they better not start using some stupid seed oil like Walkers have. The crisps do not taste anywhere near as nice now they're trying to be 'healthy'. If I was trying to eat a healthy snack I'd eat fruit or buy one of the other disgusting 'light' varieties of crisp.

This is as annoying as those idiots at Hovis making the 'classic white loaf' into brown bread but with the name 'white' so people still think it's white when it clearly isn't... it doesn't look white... it doesn't smell white... it doesn't have the texture of white and it certainly doesn't taste like white! I just pray that Warburtons never sell out and keep making their Warbutons Toastie the same way it's always been because it's lovely.


Posted: 18:54 Mon 13-Mar-2006 by "Marc" # permalink comment
Comment: Seabrooks are Number 1! With the prawn ones you can tell how much flavour they have because they are Zoidberg Pink!
Posted: 12:31 Mon 24-Apr-2006 by "EML" # permalink comment
Comment: Going back to Potato Puffs, I used to have my 'fix' by buying a boxful at my local cash & carry, but when they stopped selling them I looked them up on the web. I contacted Burtons and asked why they didn't make them any more, but I got no reply... I think we should start a campaign!!!
Posted: 07:27 Wed 03-May-2006 by "Billy" # permalink comment
Comment: Potato Puffs happened to come up in conversation last night in the pub. I said I would research on the internet to find out where we could get some.....I am horrified to find out they are no more, and to think I will never be able to experience the melting of yummie potato puffs in my mouth again. Now I have to break the news to the others......what is wrong with Burtons?? bring back potato puffs now !!!! (please)
Posted: 19:47 Wed 03-May-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: > what is wrong with Burtons??

You can't blame them for discontinuing a product that just didn't sell enough!

Posted: 20:07 Wed 03-May-2006 by "Marc" # permalink comment
Comment: These crisps just taste like eating Batter. Fuck horrible
Posted: 20:18 Wed 03-May-2006 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: If anyone can send me packets of these fish and chip flavour crisps either full or empty, I'll gladly pay you with genuine cash. I can't find them in any shops down here in the Westcountry.
Posted: 14:10 Sat 06-May-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: you will pay cash for empty packets of these??

you must be mad 68695 1

Posted: 20:54 Mon 03-Mar-2008 by "foxy" # permalink comment
Comment: can sumone please help me i cant find a picture of an oldschool pic of potato puffs ny flavour just not the new green think please!!!!!!
Posted: 13:25 Sat 22-Nov-2008 by "sam"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: does anyone remember bacon and bean flavour. they were the dogs bollocks. best ever
Posted: 19:46 Fri 02-Jan-2009 by "kenneth platt" # permalink comment
Comment: now i know why theres no more potato puffs ? burtons should make these delicious puffs again.i had a packet in my school blazer every day bought from the tuck shop and still bought them into my middle age. So c'mon burtons bring em back so i can buy em into my old age.theres nothing out there to replace these !
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