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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Nestle Nesquik Magic Straws Confirmed sighting: Nestle Nesquik Magic Straws
Posted: 14:36 Mon 27-Mar-2006. Price: 1.85/ bag of 10 straws. Location: Asda, Old Kent Road, London. Sub-flavours: Strawberry (tested), Chocolate. Nutritional unusualness: 1 straw + 250ml semi-skimmed milk contains 15.0g sugar (ie only about 2.5g sugar per straw?).
Snackspot reports: I've been on the lookout for these since I heard of last month's legal battle by rival Unistraw to stop Nestle repeating their Australian success of "capturing over 25 per cent of the multi-million dollar 'milk modifier' category". Whatever your opinion of Nestle, this is the product that Coco Pops Straws should have been - you sip ordinary milk through the "magic [plastic] straw", then (to the tune of Chef's song from "South Park"?) "Watch as the great tasting balls of Nesquik flavour the milk as it's sucked up". With a - highly effective - option to "Slurp slow for a fuller flavour, or fast for a more milky taste", this is unarguably a (pricey) way to "make less mess" when making milkshake - next: to find out what happens when you disobey the Gremlins-style packet warnings "Do not use with hot milk. Use each straw only once - discard after use."

...As Arthur C Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic", but if you prefer more traditionally supernatural beverages, "Guy in Japan" writes to say he's got stock of the (allegedly) hit point-restoring limited edition Final Fantasy XII "potion" ($17.50/ 400g), which: Comes with a large "potion" bottle with one of six tops, a box, and a foil wrapped card. It's really a health drink with herbs, caffeine and some cool blue coloring, and is darned hard to find in Japan.


Posted: 15:30 Mon 27-Mar-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Naughty Nestle.
Posted: 03:06 Mon 10-Apr-2006 by "Jim L." # permalink comment
Comment: I've just tried a chocolate straw and I'm not impressed. No matter how slowly I sipped, the milk remained pretty much white in the straw and I could barely taste any chocolate. At 18.5p a straw, it would be overpriced even if it did work. Not worth bothering with.
Posted: 03:18 Mon 10-Apr-2006 by "Jim L." # permalink comment
Comment: I've just tried a chocolate straw and I'm not impressed. No matter how slowly I sipped, the milk remained pretty much white in the straw and I could barely taste any chocolate. At 18.5p a straw, it would be overpriced even if it did work. Not worth bothering with.
Posted: 17:11 Mon 10-Apr-2006 by "Chris" # permalink comment
Comment: I've tried the Coco pops ones and they are awful. i may as well just down a pint of milk and munch on the dry straw things afterwards. What a rubbish attempt!
Posted: 17:17 Mon 10-Apr-2006 by "Chris" # permalink comment
Comment: 03.18? were u slightly lean while writing that jim? as far as munchies snacks go, the straws don't even get a look in!
Posted: 00:05 Tue 25-Apr-2006 by "Jim L." # permalink comment
Comment: I have chronic insomnia. :) I've tried one more Nesquik choccy straw and it worked better than the previous one so I guess it's a bit hit and miss. Still not worth bothering with though. It's not like mixing normal Nesquik (or Crusha or whatever) with milk is hard work, and at least you can adjust the flavour/milk ratio to taste this way (unlike with the straws).
Posted: 19:44 Tue 02-May-2006 by "tom" # permalink comment
Comment: got a choccy one now, and its not very strong. i agree with chris
Posted: 23:21 Wed 03-May-2006 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: did you not read the packet? the slower you drink it, the more flavour you get (an interesting exercise in stopping you from slurping the whole thing in one go, for a start)
Posted: 18:16 Fri 05-May-2006 by "Jim L." # permalink comment
Comment: Well I certainly did read the packet. This is why I said above "No matter how slowly I sipped...". I even tried repeatedly slowly sipping the milk then slowly blowing it back down the straw, so the milk went back and forth through the straw numerous times, all to no avail. It was simply too weak throughout, even though all the granules had gone by the time I finished the glass.
Posted: 20:47 Thu 11-May-2006 by "Godzilla" # permalink comment
Comment: Surprised to see the Magic Straw on the market. Unistraw made some serious clams of IP claims. Interested to know how Nestle got around legal challenge.
Posted: 23:27 Sun 02-Jul-2006 by "Jules" # permalink comment
Comment: Just tried the Sipahh straws. EXCELLENT! Sadly the kids were given a free sample from the local shop, wnet back to buy some as they were that good but couldnt as they arent on sale here.... Much better than the Nestle straws!
Posted: 22:41 Mon 10-Jul-2006 by "amandamoo" # permalink comment
Comment: well, i totally agree. if i wanted to drink milk, i wouldve just bought a pint'er for 40p. not spendt a quid fifty on some stupid plastic things that will probably give me wrinkles on my top lip thru having to suck so hard
Posted: 23:57 Mon 10-Jul-2006 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: Anyway, why not just buy chocolate/strawberry milk to begin with?
Posted: 02:14 Tue 11-Jul-2006 by "grotbag" # permalink comment
Comment: Don't be ridiculous. That would be far too simple.
Posted: 18:42 Wed 12-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: So....these are just plastic straws with some soluble nesquik powder encrusted on the inside? to attempt to flavour the milk?....what a crap gimmick, Coco Pops Straws are delicious and are versatile, use em for ice cream, yogurts, allsorts really, they are decent, but this is sooooooo crap - Nobody ever think of trying these
Posted: 20:01 Wed 12-Jul-2006 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: they're not encrusted, they're loose in that part of the straw (like a chromatography column!)
Posted: 20:15 Wed 12-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: Won't they all get sucked up in a big powdery gob-full with the first suckle?
Posted: 20:52 Wed 12-Jul-2006 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: No, they're strategically "lodged" in the straw. Like when you sometimes pour Smarties from a tube and they bunch together getting stuck in the end like morons.
Posted: 21:18 Wed 12-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: Ahh ingenious idea, actually sounds interesting now, although, at £1.85 for 10, i find that too expensive
Posted: 17:39 Sun 16-Jul-2006 by "andy" # permalink comment
Comment: your all really sad
Posted: 11:55 Sun 23-Jul-2006 by "Matthew" # permalink comment
Comment: i think the strawberry ones are absolutely delicious aprt from the end where some of the strawberry bits get in you mouth
Posted: 10:28 Mon 24-Jul-2006 by "Smeemi" # permalink comment
Comment: These are very nice especially when you have the chocolate and strawberry straws together the only bad thing i would say is the price but good product though :D
Posted: 23:21 Tue 19-Sep-2006 by "erika" # permalink comment
Comment: hi, i can ask you, where can i buy nesquik magic straw? I'm come from Slovakia and i'm in London only holiday. I can buy some present for my little sister. Now i live in Wood Green, can you tell me, is here nearly some shop or supermarket, where can i by nesquik magic straw? Thank you very much. Erika 75135 1 62
Posted: 11:38 Fri 26-Jan-2007 by "alexandra" # permalink comment
Comment: hello, i really wanted to buy some nesquik magic straws the other day. I went to waitrose, they didn't sell them, i went to sainsburys, they had the nesquik powder but no straws. Does anyone know where i can buy some? xx
Posted: 23:14 Sun 14-Oct-2007 by "Simon"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Not impressed with these at all!!

No matter how slow you drink them you just taste milk.. dont know if im doing it wrong but i dont reccomend them, i used strawberry and aint even gonna waste money on other flavours..

stick to the powder stuff..

Posted: 13:49 Mon 22-Oct-2007 by "daisy" # permalink comment
Comment: the spar sell them!!
Posted: 17:51 Mon 04-Feb-2008 by "rachel"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: i am young and i love them! yeah you losers they might not be amazing but there cool , so chill people! ps. i get them from tesco and i think its a good price meh!
Posted: 16:22 Wed 22-Oct-2008 by "d-rex" # permalink comment
Comment: all you guys who dont appreciate how good these are need to sort your lives out. i just tried both flavours of these and they might just be the greatest thing i ever tasted. i found this site while trying to find a place to order them on the internet, they're that good. and im not a kid either, i'm 20 years old.
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