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Click pic to view comments - Semi-international sighting: Coca Cola Blak Semi-international sighting: Coca Cola Blak
Posted: 13:04 Mon 10-Apr-2006. Price: 0.95 . Location: Rond Point, St Louis, France (or currently 1.10 from Cybercandy). Nutritional unusualness: From the looks of things, only 5g "Dont Sucres" (sugar?) per 100ml; 20mg caffeine (again per 100ml).
"Stewart" reports: Initially very effevescent, but this wore off quickly. Following this, it's a coke with an espresso flavour. My wife describes it as "vile, yuck", but she doesn't like coffee anyway.

...I'm fairly certain this must be the same "Stewart" who stumbled across the French Pepsi Max Cappuccino a few months back (unless the St. Louis area is some sort of Mecca for them) - and, just to clarify, I'm calling it a "Semi-international sighting" because you can also buy cans of it from Cybercandy (though they're selling 250ml cans, as shown in the photo here, while the - larger-looking? - one "Stewart" found was served "Not [in] a glass bottle, but one formed from aluminium"). Cybercandy claim it's "A bit of a more grown up taste [...] preferable, in our humble opinion, to Pepsi Cino which tastes of pretend coffee" (personally, I think I prefer Cino's hints of Vanilla Coke) - the Covent Garden shop was also doing a roaring trade in Cadbury Creme Egg Bars (79p), which are already appearing in some UK outlets ahead of their official launch on April 24th.


Posted: 23:55 Fri 14-Apr-2006 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: tastes terrible
Posted: 21:26 Sat 15-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh dear, Oh dear, what have coca-cola done..... this is the kind of thing that really pisses me off, coffee cola
Posted: 21:40 Sat 15-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: i bloody well hope it stays in france
Posted: 10:53 Sun 16-Apr-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: "The french are best left where they are - over the water", as my uncle used to say.
Posted: 01:32 Mon 17-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: elegantly put philly ;-)
Posted: 22:29 Tue 02-May-2006 by "Chubworth" # permalink comment
Comment: Stupidly drank one of these while preparing to cross continent on sleeper train. Didn't get any bloody sleep. A stupid error which will not happen again. I prefer Pepsi Cino as it is more tame; Coca Cola Blak a bit scary, too much muscle for me.
Posted: 16:54 Wed 03-May-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: Just pause for a moment and think...Coca-Cola are discontinuing vanilla and bringing coffee and lime flavours in its place.....MADNESS!!

What are these people thinking??

Posted: 00:56 Sun 28-May-2006 by "cokeblaktasteslike" # permalink comment
Comment: What does Coke Blak REALLY taste like? http://www.cokeblaktasteslike.com
Posted: 10:57 Thu 15-Jun-2006 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: well... yer umm... i like sheep!
Posted: 15:05 Wed 12-Jul-2006 by "Jan Ullrich" # permalink comment
Comment: Split a can with Rudi and Ivan on the way to the doctors in Madrid (just before le Tour) its great lovely coffee flavour. Ideal before blood transfussion! PS David thinks its rubbish
Posted: 09:53 Thu 13-Jul-2006 by "stevem" # permalink comment
Comment: it's like coke .. with an edge of coffee after you have swallowed. I kind of liked it and it's infinitely preferable to red bull..
Posted: 10:02 Thu 13-Jul-2006 by "TalkShowHost" # permalink comment
Comment: I haven't tried any yet, but I love Pepsi Max Cino so I am well up for a taste. The thing that is disappointing about Blak (before even tasting it) is that it is far from calorie free (45 calories per 100ml) and so will never really compete in today's increasingly careful market (many people flip the bottles and check the labels before buying something these days). This is fairly important when you think about how much you will drink in a day (about 1 litre if you are like me) and the calories that amounts to (450 calories just from a drink, that's more than a Snickers).
Posted: 13:47 Mon 06-Nov-2006 by "Lubznuk" # permalink comment
Comment: That stuff is like crack cocaine. I love it. 51207 8
Posted: 09:46 Mon 26-Mar-2007 by "Dean" # permalink comment
Comment: I tasted this in france a few weeks ago and it was really nice!!

I think you'd have to like coffee tho...

Posted: 23:57 Sat 13-Oct-2007 by "A" # permalink comment
Comment: I haven't tried the French version of Coca Cola Blak, but the kind in Canada is delicious.. I'm sad that it's being discontinued.
Posted: 16:55 Fri 23-Nov-2007 by "Joff" # permalink comment
Comment: It's about time this started to make it's way into the UK surely?

Pepsi Max Cino just sounds like a pair of sugar free trousers. At least Coke have it right with the brand image of Blak.

Posted: 20:59 Sat 03-May-2008 by "scoshi" # permalink comment
Comment: coca-cola blak is great - like a Tia Maria and coke - very smooth.

Had some in France last month...

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