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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: KFC Toasted Twister Confirmed sighting: KFC Toasted Twister
Posted: 21:34 Fri 12-May-2006. Price: 2.69; "Meal It" for 3.69. Location: KFC, Swiss Cottage, London. Sub-flavours: Salsa, or Normal. Nutritional unusualness: 53g carbohydrate, 27g fat per Twister.
Snackspot reports: Obviously just a toasted version of KFC's previous Twister wrap thing - not bad at all, plus it doesn't seem to take too long to make (unlike, say, McDonald's Breakfast Bagels or Toasted Deli Sandwiches). Also: isn't "Toasted Twister" what they call the biker bar in "edited for family viewing" versions of From Dusk Till Dawn?

...Oh never mind - in other fast-food frolics: McDonald's appear to have reinstated the Toasted Ham and Cheese Melt as the (unexpectedly David Dickinson-endorsed) Ham and Cheese Toastie (99p, price and participation may vary). Also, "KFC has just recently sent out a bunch of coupons for different offers, one has an upcoming promotion", announces "John" regarding their current Deluxe Boneless Box offering ("8 Mini fillets, 2 Regular Popcorns, 4 fries, 4 dips, 2 large sides, 1.5 litre [drink]" for 11.99) - as described as "macabre" by internetsdairy, though I assume he hasn't stumbled across this trade ad for a "state of [the] art chicken processing facility" capable of "processing" 500,000 chickens a day, and apparently named Plant TH144, perhaps in homage to George Lucas' THX 1138 dystopian nightmare?


Posted: 20:38 Sun 14-May-2006 by "M-fan" # permalink comment
Comment: One of the joys of the original twister was it's volatile 'soggy' texture. It was like playing Russian Roulette, when would it collapse into my lap? Surely my twister fun is no more? I quite fancy the boneless box but £11.99? - do me a favour!
Posted: 16:02 Mon 15-May-2006 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: The "Alternate Versions" section of the IMDb entry for From Dusk Till Dawn says that the bar name was edited to "Kitty Twister".

Minus five pop-culture house points, Mr. Spot.

Posted: 21:49 Mon 12-Jun-2006 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: well you learn something new every day (I still prefer my idea though)
Posted: 23:56 Sat 02-Sep-2006 by "KFCLICIOUS" # permalink comment
Comment: I still don't get why KFC get funny when I ask for just breast meat. Where does it say i can't? Nowhere. They look at me as if I've said "could you cut up your grandma and feed her to me". Where do they get these people? 79440 5 83
Posted: 17:02 Thu 22-Feb-2007 by "Ahmad Mikari" # permalink comment
Comment: put the secret recipes
Posted: 15:46 Fri 24-Aug-2007 by "LiL Chum" # permalink comment
Comment: The reason they get a little stressed about giving all breast pieces of chicken to you, is because for every two ribs, wings, thighs and legs they have, they only have one breast piece...so there isn't as many of these pieces to go around.
Posted: 05:35 Sat 29-Sep-2007 by "aussie kfc girl" # permalink comment
Comment: Our signs say "set combinations apply" for the chicken. Also, with the toasted twister it takes 12 seconds to toast them, so not long at all. Weird for me though, you guys have salsa flavour! We have sweet chilli or original (lemon pepper mayo). Used to have one with BBQ sauce, mayo and crunchy noodles too. Anyway that's it from me...
Posted: 15:21 Sat 29-Sep-2007 by "Nabs" # permalink comment
Comment: I wish they had this in S.A.!!!!
Posted: 01:41 Thu 31-Jan-2008 by "Chris"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Well, I've commented on other KFC things, so might as well do this one as well!

They're easy to make - can be put together in around 15 seconds, plus 10 for toasting - but its a right royal pain when you get an order for 8 at once... ho hum....

Anyway, as a KFC member of staff, I prefer Zinger burgers, with the pepper mayo... YUM!

Posted: 00:25 Wed 20-Feb-2008 by "Kurtis"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: We don't have Zinger anything! T_T But I love the Toasted Wrap! We havn't started selling them yet, but we got to learn to make them and try them the other day. ^_^ Wonderful pieces of work! Whoever came up with this idea was a right genious! Also: Our pieces are cooked with four breast, four thighs, eight legs and eight wings. It is a hassle when people ask for a bucket filled with one piece... One time we had an order for 90 legs. Seriosly... (Sorry for the rant.)
Posted: 17:49 Sat 15-Nov-2008 by "Sarah (Chicken lover)"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Is KFC made of real chicken? I've heard it's not?

Posted: 19:40 Sat 15-Nov-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Well spotted Sarah! They had to rebrand from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC a few years ago when it was discovered that the "chickens" are actually grown in vats without heads or feet. This allows the company to maximise profits by pumping growth hormones into the vats to increase the muscle density of the meat. They are kept in the vats for 3 months after which time they are removed and immediately cut into the standard pieces and then fried. The FDA of America challenged the name and they agreed to call themselves KFC as technically no real chicken is involved in the process. Still, they taste pretty much the same, don't they?
Posted: 21:21 Sat 15-Nov-2008 by "Sarah (Chicken lover)" # permalink comment
Comment: Well Zeddy if you think chicken that tastes like salt is pretty good then this is one sick world we live in! Chicken lovers across the world should make a stand! We say NO to mutated chicken!
Posted: 21:27 Sat 15-Nov-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Incidentally, the second sentence in your post at 17:49 is not actually a question. Man! I love it here!
Posted: 21:52 Sat 15-Nov-2008 by "Sarah (Chicken Lover)" # permalink comment
Comment: If grammatical errors are all you have to worry Zeddy then you should count yourself lucky! I bet those poor defenceless chickens who are mass produced for people like you to consume wish that was all they had to worry about! Oh Zeddy...oh Zeddy you have much to learn!
Posted: 22:05 Sat 15-Nov-2008 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: Sarah, your learning is not over either: the second sentence in your most recent post ended in a hanging preposition. This is something up with which this group will not put.
Posted: 22:11 Sat 15-Nov-2008 by "Chegg (Chicken Eater)" # permalink comment
Comment: maaan i LURVE Chicken! Especially when they are poor and defenceless! they taste better! do you like chicken sarah? x
Posted: 12:31 Sun 16-Nov-2008 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: not as crazy as it sounds - check this out:

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/ [URL display truncated] From Wednesday's Globe and Mail June 4, 2008 at 9:11 AM EST

After five years of protests, KFC Canada and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have cut a deal that will see the Canadian chain improve its chicken slaughter conditions and introduce vegan menu options.

Yes, vegan chicken at KFC.

The fake chicken, known as unchicken, has been around for years and is available in a handful of restaurants and stores in Canada. Most of the fake meats are soy-based and fair game for vegans. Some may contain eggs, but are meat-free.

There are some Canadian unchicken manufacturers (one calls it "Chick'n"), but a selection of the mock meats is not easy to find. Many Ontarians turn to an unusual supplier: the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The church offers a range of fake meats, including chicken, burgers, hot dogs and bacon. Adventists do not eat shellfish or pork and many strive for vegetarianism as part of a healthier lifestyle. They sell the unchicken (frozen, canned or dried) to anyone, and it's "very, very popular," said Halsey Peat, a church spokesman.

The mock-meat market remains small, but with the KFC deal it's about to get a whole lot bigger.

"It means more choice for people who are vegetarian and more options for people thinking about it," said David Alexander, director of operations for the Toronto Vegetarian Association.

PETA will now call off its Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign in Canada, which was supported by many celebrities including Canadians Pamela Anderson and Ryan Gosling. KFC Canada pledged to buy from suppliers who gas their chickens, what PETA calls "the least cruel form of poultry slaughter ever developed."

PETA will continue to press KFC in the United States and elsewhere to change its slaughter practices - and sell unchicken, as 461 KFC Canadian chain stores have agreed to do.

Posted: 13:34 Sun 16-Nov-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Hmmmm, it's not meat though. I'll stick with the "chicken" in the vats thank you. ;)
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