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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Trebor Extra Cool Sugar Free mints Confirmed sighting: Trebor Extra Cool Sugar Free mints
Posted: 19:59 Thu 15-Jun-2006. Price: 49p. Location: Supercigs, Sheffield. Sub-flavours: Spearmint (blue), Peppermint (green, not tried). Nutritional unusualness: "Neospheredin" sweetener.
"charl" reports: The sugar-free arena has been suspiciously quiet recently, so I was pleasantly surprised to find these. Until I tried one. Despite the label claiming "pure mint oil freshness" on the front, the ingredients list only "sweeteners, flavourings, colours". I've rallied against sweets that use your saliva for their own wicked ends on this site before; here the central mint "pool" is activated by your salivary output on sucking. The centre turns a brighter blue and the horrendously strong spearmint flavour with an unpleasant texture begins to ooze out of the otherwise pleasant translucent shell. Quite the most disgusting sweet I've had the misfortune to encounter in some time.

...Alternatively, the less calorie-conscious may prefer our second unillustrated sighting of Ben and Jerry's Minter Wonderland, sampled at "my mate's in Hounslow" by "Chubworth", who mused: Mint-flavoured ice-cream with big chunks of dark chocolate. A fitting tribute to 70s boxer, Alan Minter! Or possibly just a pun on cheesy Christmas song. So not very seasonal then - yet still no sign of their semi-eagerly awaited Glastonberry flavour, despite their site saying it should be in Blockbuster stores "from June".


Posted: 10:26 Fri 16-Jun-2006 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: oh and I think the sweetener in these is actually "Neohesperidine (DC)" - as per http://www.hermesetas.com/data/en/specialised/sweeteners/product.php "Neohesperidine DC is 1500 - 1800 times sweeter than sucrose at threshold levels. At practical use levels, it is about 400-600 times as sweet as sucrose."
Posted: 10:53 Fri 16-Jun-2006 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: ah, thanks snackspot. i did wonder because 'neospheridin' sounds like something out of a 1970s michael crichton novel. i did check the label about three times, but the text was tiny and it's a curved label so it may have been squished a bit.
Posted: 14:17 Tue 20-Jun-2006 by "Flameproof" # permalink comment
Comment: So, how long 'till we have another varient of cola using Neohesperidine as its sweetner?
Posted: 13:14 Wed 21-Jun-2006 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: coke neo. gotta be.
Posted: 12:56 Thu 22-Jun-2006 by "Appletizzy" # permalink comment
Comment: Surely given B+J's hippie branding, its a tribute to Jeff Minter, the psychadelic computer game writer.
Posted: 13:45 Thu 22-Jun-2006 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: ha ha, brilliant appletizzy! it'd have chocolate llamas in it! :D
Posted: 21:04 Tue 27-Jun-2006 by "Gerald" # permalink comment
Comment: A friend of mine said that when she tried Trebor Mints she rapidly became addicted to them, and went on sucking them all day, but after a few weeks many of her teeth fell out. Has anybody else had this experience? According to "charl" (15 June 2006), Trebor Basset do not list the ingredients on the packet. Does anybody know if these mints contain anything which might cause addiction or tooth decay? I shall advise my friend to write to the manufacturers and ask them!
Posted: 12:23 Wed 28-Jun-2006 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: don't go quoting me as in relation to your extravagant claims! i suspect these may have been tested prior to marketing so it's probably quite unlikely that your friend's symptoms have anything to do with the mints. they should consult their gp. 58518 3 21
Posted: 19:36 Wed 03-Jan-2007 by "jack" # permalink comment
Comment: What the hell is neospheridin-some sort of cancerous chemical? God knows what they put in sweets nowadays!!
Posted: 16:58 Fri 05-Jan-2007 by "jd" # permalink comment
Comment: Definitely a misprint, the packet says "Neospheridin" instead of "Neohesperidine". Whoops!
Posted: 15:58 Sun 07-Jan-2007 by "tim finnegan" # permalink comment
Comment: does any one know whether rowntrees 'bursting bugs' are still available??????
Posted: 21:55 Mon 21-May-2007 by "Rev. Jim" # permalink comment
Comment: Well I like them, I have lost teeth to sugar based mints and gum, and I like mints that'll blow you're face off and laugh at the gap. I thought it was going to be a promising product when they all come wrapped in gum paper, maybe to stop them burning through the wrapper and making their way to the centre of the Earth. Well done Trebor, more of that, spearmint the first and best of all the mints just isn't right when it's been diluted down to chalk.

A brief aside, barbies cause cancer, the sun causes cancer, moving breasts causes cancer, carnal pleasure causes cancer... people need to stop eating fivety mints a day like mint obsessed maniacs... there are better cures for constipation.

Posted: 03:39 Sun 30-Dec-2007 by "TallulahBelle" # permalink comment
Comment: I have to admit that I am addicted to Trebor Extra Strong Mints - so much so that I'm now on 8 - 9 packs per day. I initially had some dental problems, but I now brush my teeth religiously so it hasn't been an issue recently.
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