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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: McDonald's Summer menu Confirmed sighting: McDonald's Summer menu
Posted: 15:20 Thu 13-Jul-2006. Price: From 99p. Location: McDonald's, Swiss Cottage, London. Sub-flavours: Onion rings; Summer quarter pounder with cheese deluxe; Chicken deluxe with bacon; BLT with cheese Deli Sandwich; Rolo Milkshake; Flake Deluxe McFlurry. Nutritional unusualness: "Buckets and spades not included"; 51.3g of sugar, 16g fat (8.55g saturated) per Flake Deluxe McFlurry.
Snackspot reports: In accordance with prophecy, there are ads for these all over the place now - the tomato-salad-packed Summer Quarter Pounder seemed to be just another BK Whopper wannabe (though on a slightly more sensible scale this time), while the Onion Rings were every bit as disappointing as you might expect from a branch of Burger King. I haven't tried the other sandwiches or the Flake Deluxe McFlurry yet, but the "Limited Edition" Rolo Milkshake is quite a revelation, with an interesting burnt-sugar caramel flavour that's surely more Toffee Crisp than Rolo?

...And, speaking of savouries: "I've searched on the site and can find no reference to the current story of HP sauce to be moved from its home in Birmingham to Holland?" raged "Martin Rake". "This story needs as much highlighting as possible, as I for one shall be boycotting HP sauce until this is decision is reversed, and Heinz products too if it goes ahead. HP is part of England's heritage and it should not and cannot be HP if it's made overseas! I am currently searching for an alternative sauce to replace my HP, one which is not owned by the [alleged] demons at Heinz!"


Posted: 23:01 Thu 13-Jul-2006 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i saw *two* people today with rolo milkshakes. and i was really jealous. but i can't justify the calories.
Posted: 15:08 Fri 14-Jul-2006 by "Mr Plop" # permalink comment
Comment: Its always shown London on the label not Asdton and surely that's the same principle? And if you boycott it the lower sales provides even more incentive to move the production. Think long term, what's better - made in Holland or none at all?
Posted: 15:40 Fri 14-Jul-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Go on charl have one, you need to indulge now and then.
Posted: 16:39 Fri 14-Jul-2006 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: maybe next week... :)
Posted: 00:01 Sat 15-Jul-2006 by "Fiona Corke's wardrobe supplied by Kamizole" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm in the same prediciment as Charl...I'm on weightwatchers at the moment (I REALLY shoudln't be looking at this site..) The Chicken deluxe has been haunting me since this morning on the tram, some cow was reading her free 'metro' newspaper with a big advert showing that bloody burger on view for about 15 minutes!...the onion rings appeal as does the rolo shake...HELP ME SOMEONE!!! - its about 55 WW for that lot
Posted: 10:49 Mon 17-Jul-2006 by "be" # permalink comment
Comment: The rolo milkshake is average enough. The onion rings are excellent though - its whole onions in crumbs, rather than the chopped up versions that seem to be everwhere these days. They are the good old fashioned rings, where you take a bite, and the whole ring of onion comes with you!
Posted: 14:21 Mon 17-Jul-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Fiona, maybe you could try just getting a milkshake and taking it away, then go back another day for the other stuff?
Posted: 00:57 Tue 18-Jul-2006 by "James" # permalink comment
Comment: They have replaced vanilla milkshakes with this Rolo flavour. This makes me angry.
Posted: 22:35 Tue 18-Jul-2006 by "ezchile" # permalink comment
Comment: That's just plain wrong,... (geddit)

I also love teh Vanilla... but mourned the day they went over from the real American syrups over here,.. Depending on your age, depends on whether you know what I mean... The real choco was much better IMHO too.

Posted: 22:58 Fri 21-Jul-2006 by "Fiona Corke's wardrobe supplied by Kamizole" # permalink comment
Comment: Walked quite a bit this week so went to 'treat' myself at McD's eariler this evening, ordered the Chicken Deluxe..."sorry sold out", Rolo milkshake...."sorry sold out"...Onion rings...Yes!, got 'em & got the Quarter Pounder Deluxe...Quarter Pounder = nothing to write home about (I think my local 'sold out' of the cheese & conned me a bit though)...The onion rings are a triumph though!...proper rings of oninon...took me back to the mid-eighties & the chip shop by the petrifying well at Matlock Bath on a summer Saturday evening...
Posted: 21:32 Sat 11-Nov-2006 by "BigFatGingerTom" # permalink comment
Comment: Rolo milkshakes are fabulous! The only thing worth buying from that god-foresaken hell-hole..... 43794 5
Posted: 20:06 Thu 25-Jan-2007 by "Galieth" # permalink comment
Posted: 12:30 Sat 27-Jan-2007 by "Dan" # permalink comment
Comment: The trick with McDonalds is to buy what you went in there for, and nothing more. When you're asked if you'd like the McMega Gut-Buster super-sized meal deal with extra fries, a bucket of Coke and free plastic toy, decline the offer and just buy your 69p burger. You'll still get that sickly junk food hit but you'll also save a small fortune and avoid getting fat like every one else in there.
Posted: 21:00 Sun 29-Apr-2007 by "cam"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: arent rolo milkshakes just a limited edition thing or are they here to stay
Posted: 13:40 Mon 30-Apr-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: They're limited edition last time I checked.
Posted: 02:44 Sat 07-Jul-2007 by "Tiger Energy Drink"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: www.power-is-back.de
Posted: 20:18 Sat 21-Jul-2007 by "ymmit" # permalink comment
Comment: Well, seldom do I walk into McDonalds with anything other than low expectations, however yesterday I got a Chicken Deluxe and that failed to even meet them. No taste, no texture.

Nothing at McD is better than a Quarter Chees/Fries/OJ...

Posted: 11:07 Tue 23-Oct-2007 by "Karl " # permalink comment
Comment: I work in McDonalds in caernarfon and everytime i go on my brake I have a big mac meal and I am getting very fat LOL!!!!!!
Posted: 20:22 Tue 23-Oct-2007 by "zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: Next time you go on your "brake" try accelerating instead, away from the burgers, fatty-fat, fat, fat, fat.
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