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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Cadbury Dairy Milk Double Choc Confirmed sighting: Cadbury Dairy Milk Double Choc
Posted: 20:12 Tue 13-Mar-2007. Price: 1-1.29/ 250g bar. Location: Sainsbury's, Sheffield; Asda, Hamilton, Scotland. Nutritional unusualness: 40 calories per square, "May contain traces of peanuts and wheat".
"Grace" reports: The newest of the Dairy Milk range. I was not impressed. It is far too sweet. No wonder they give you the calories for only one chunk, I think that's all you could manage. I offered it to many people and everyone agreed that it is far too sweet. I don't know if this is limited edition, but if it is I can't imagine it lasting for too long! Sort it out Cadbury's and give us a better variation than this.

..."Grace" was first with the mainland sighting of this one, though the pic comes courtesy of "Zeddy", who counters: This is one of Cadbury's best bars. A bit like a chocolate caramel in its texture. The chocolate flavour is quite rich. I can see this being bought again. Incidentally, loads more varieties were all 1 too. Not bad for 250g worth of chocolate. While, on the international stage, "robertster" located it in "Rochforts Superstore, Mullingar, Ireland" a few days before, lilting: Looks like the Irish are getting their usual early release, in the traditional Irish 47g bar size as well. This was nicer than it looked like it might be at first. The centre wasn't too overpowering and seemed to complement the Dairy Milk covering well. Irish Dairy Milk variants always seem nicer than the UK versions though. Is this the bar shape I wonder, or is there actually a different recipe?


Posted: 23:28 Tue 13-Mar-2007 by "Redsetter" # permalink comment
Comment: I've never tasted Irish Dairy Milk, but I did once do a taste test of UK Dairy Milk versus Australian Dairy Milk. Australian Dairy Milk is more like how a Galaxy bar tastes in the UK - with that velvety smoothness - and it also has an ingredient/recipe to prevent the chocolate melting as easily. Dairy Milk tastes slightly different in the US and Canada too (it's made in Canada I believe) and is much, much nicer than the native Hershey's.

As well as slightly different recipes the taste of the chocolate may also differ depending on the milk used (different cows, different grass), as I presume they don't export UK milk half way across the world, and may be not even to Ireland?

Posted: 10:56 Wed 14-Mar-2007 by "MaW" # permalink comment
Comment: I would imagine that chocolate recipes are deliberately altered between countries to conform to at least the perception of local taste and conditions. Coca-Cola is something else which varies across the world, having different sweeteners and even different syrup formulations between countries.
Posted: 13:11 Wed 14-Mar-2007 by "Soulman" # permalink comment
Comment: This is so funky-Licious! I must have MORE!
Posted: 00:42 Fri 16-Mar-2007 by "Redsetter" # permalink comment
Comment: I thought Coke tasted the same everywhere! Little did I know. But then I don't like Coke... or Pepsi for that matter.
Posted: 01:21 Fri 16-Mar-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: They both taste miserable
Posted: 20:55 Fri 16-Mar-2007 by "Chester" # permalink comment
Comment: The coca cola to try is from holland as its made with cane sugar. And Hersheys is much nicer than cadburys in smores.
Posted: 10:15 Sat 17-Mar-2007 by "zeddy"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: "Hesheys is nicer than........" Now there is a comment you don't hear very often.
Posted: 19:48 Sun 18-Mar-2007 by "Grace" # permalink comment
Comment: I saw the smaller bars of double chocolate in Woolworths in Sheffield today. In sainsburys they only had the large ones.
Posted: 19:30 Mon 19-Mar-2007 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: The smaller 6-chunk bars are 45p each in Woolies, but for the last week or so, they have been on offer at 75p for two in my local corner shop. I don't think they are anything special.
Posted: 18:36 Tue 20-Mar-2007 by "yummychocolate" # permalink comment
Comment: THIS CHOCOLATE IS AMAZING!! I GAVE IT TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND THE LOVED IT. i think we're all officially obsessed:P amazinggggg
Posted: 19:04 Tue 20-Mar-2007 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: Hmmmmmm, too many E numbers?
Posted: 20:40 Sun 25-Mar-2007 by "observant weirdo" # permalink comment
Comment: when i first had cadburys double choc, i was not impressed. i'm not a big fan of caramel, and frankly that's all this bar tasted like! me and my friends went to asda to investigate. We compared the ingredients of the caramel and the "liquid chocolate", and both were exactly the same. pretty low of cadbury to bring out this new bar of chocolate with "brown coloured caramel"!!!!!!!
Posted: 17:10 Fri 30-Mar-2007 by "choccieman" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm actually a fan of double choc, yes it's cheap choc but to me it is recognition that caramel double chocolate dream was, as I believed, good enough to warrant a product in its own right (just that nearly everything cadbury does now is dairy milk xxx).
Posted: 13:24 Sat 07-Apr-2007 by "masterfull" # permalink comment
Comment: totally sick inducing flavour.
Posted: 11:11 Thu 26-Apr-2007 by "rod strang" # permalink comment
Comment: i do apologise i can handle one piece of chocolate but cadburys double?????two pieces of chocolate in one???my mouth is smaller than most and find it very difficult to even fit this double the chocolate shit in my mouth!!not to mention my little arms can hardly pick the big bar up itself!!this is clearly a bar not designed for midgits/dwarfs!
Posted: 15:23 Thu 26-Apr-2007 by "Electric Apple (was Soulman)" # permalink comment
Comment: Look, if you're going to swear or act silly, you're not welcome on Snackspot, Rod Strang! Rant over.....
Posted: 19:33 Thu 26-Apr-2007 by "TED" # permalink comment
Comment: Total indulgement...Yum!!!
Posted: 21:35 Thu 26-Apr-2007 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: Considering the dross the Cadbury generally produce, this bar is as good as it gets for Cadbury. Anyone else think CDM with Caramel tastes nasty in comparison to a Galaxy one?
Posted: 13:13 Thu 03-May-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: IAT! I've had Cadbury's for a while, but have since recently switched to Galaxy. I think Cadbury's have changed their recipe, their chocolate does taste different than ,say, 2002
Posted: 21:48 Mon 07-May-2007 by "Rhosboss" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried the normal sized bar of this the other week, and although it was quite nice, I wasn't that fussed, and I doubt that I'll buy it again. I agree with Zeddy about the chocolate in the middle having a caramel texture, which was why I was dissapointed. Had it been really smooth, more runny chocolate, I would have liked it better. The shortbread dairymilk and the bubbly ones are the best I reckon...
Posted: 00:00 Fri 11-May-2007 by "dan murray" # permalink comment
Comment: hmm, it's an interesting move by cadbury. i'm guessing the dairy milk brand is on its way out and this is their last attempt to rejunivate a dying brand. just my two cents.
Posted: 23:46 Tue 15-May-2007 by "Josh" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried one of these. It was disgusting. It was like chocolate ice cream sauce in a dairy milk shell - not nice at all, and too sickly sweet.
Posted: 16:30 Wed 23-May-2007 by "Regan" # permalink comment
Comment: Hey i need help! i keep sending my bf out to various shops for the double choc! they dont seem to be anywhere in medway kent? xx
Posted: 22:01 Thu 24-May-2007 by "Rachel" # permalink comment
Comment: I thought it was ok. But, i thought eating a whole bar was really quite sickly. One chunk is definately enough!
Posted: 18:29 Fri 25-May-2007 by "ASDA Gloucester" # permalink comment
Comment: CDM Double chocolate is one of the most sickliest and revolting things Cadbury's has ever made i took one bite out of it and vomited.. i will sure not buy this product again..
Posted: 19:41 Fri 25-May-2007 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: Asda, you have TRIED Bournville, haven't you?
Posted: 20:43 Mon 04-Jun-2007 by "Laura" # permalink comment
Comment: Even the sight of it is sickening
Posted: 23:49 Thu 11-Oct-2007 by "joanna" # permalink comment
Comment: i have a really bad sweet tooth and i hope they dont stop selling them because i buy some almost every day! i cant seem to find and big sizes though. i dont think that chocolate in the middle is anything like caramel its wayyy better, although i do like galaxy better than any dairy milk bars.
Posted: 22:42 Thu 22-Nov-2007 by "rhidian" # permalink comment
Comment: ive tasted irish dairy milk and its nicer than those from the uk. i checked the ingredients and they are pretty much the same but ingredients are in different proportions. i wonder why that is.
Posted: 17:50 Sat 15-Dec-2007 by "Talk Show Host" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried a bar of Double Choc (45g, not the monster sized ones that many have commented on) today for the first time, purely because it was on special at my local newsagent. Since it has a short date of Jan 2008 they were being sold as 4 for £1 - quite good for Cadbury's chocolate in my opinion. I was quite impressed with the whole concept of smooth chocolate within solid chocolate. The filling reminded me of an expensive chocolate cake that they used to sell in Pizza Hut (it was called a Chocolate Challenge if I remember correctly) and so it was instantly memorable.

I can't really say that it was nicer than the old classic Dairy Milk with Caramel though - especially since the filling is much runnier (making the bar 'drip' all over your chin if you choose to bite into the chunk as opposed to eating the whole chunk in one go).

Posted: 14:26 Fri 08-Feb-2008 by "Sophie"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I tried the dairy milk double chocolate and i thought it was really nice. Not to sweet and not to runny like the caramal chocolate bar. I dont think they should of took it off the market because some people like it.
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