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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Masterfoods Mars Planets Confirmed sighting: Masterfoods Mars Planets
Posted: 18:39 Thu 29-Mar-2007. Price: 43p. Location: Somerfield, Hamilton, Scotland.
"Zeddy" discovered these (looking a lot like the Mars 3 they've been researching since at least July 2005), but found them: "Not exactly out of this world. They have essentially taken a Mars Delight and put the layers into... well... balls. The little chewy ones are my favourite but Masterfoods really haven't come up with anything innovative."

...In other geological jaw-exercisers, "Zeddy" seemed more impressed by Cocoa Deli's Rocky Road Clusters (49p, RS McColl, East Kilbride, also available in Fruit and Almond, photo Snackspot's own), relating: It states "3 clusters of soft marshmallow, moist raisins and caramelised hazelnut pieces smothered in smooth Belgian chocolate". Funnily enough, that is what it is! 3 bite size pieces with a nice chewy texture (more marshmallows, please). The chocolate is pretty bland though. Overall, a nice try at something different - and, undeniably, an improvement on the multi-coloured (yet homogeneously flavoured and textured) Giant Size Mallow Burger, found here for 99p in the Amersham (Buckinghamshire) branch of Budgens.


Posted: 14:34 Fri 30-Mar-2007 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: the nougat and caramel planets are pretty good, but i'm not wild about mars delights, so i find the inclusion of the wafer without labelling the planets as 'delights' weird.

on the positive side, these are much easier to identify the flavour from the appearance than revels, which makes planning your flavour combos more straightforward.

you're still better breaking a traditional mars into layers and enjoying it that way.

Posted: 15:00 Fri 30-Mar-2007 by "Soulman " # permalink comment
Comment: No need for this! They might as well bring back BELIEVE Mars Bars. I don't know why but there was something about which was so damn good!
Posted: 15:03 Fri 30-Mar-2007 by "Talkshowhost" # permalink comment
Comment: Weren't the BELIEVE Mars bars the same as ordinary Mars bars, just with WC2006 packaging? I thought that they tasted the same anyway.
Posted: 15:15 Fri 30-Mar-2007 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: Indeed they were. And everyone believes England are good at football too! :D
Posted: 18:34 Tue 03-Apr-2007 by "Spazzzzz" # permalink comment
Comment: lol. your all stupid :D haha i like GALAXY!! haha ¦]
Posted: 18:40 Tue 03-Apr-2007 by "Spazzzzz" # permalink comment
Comment: lol. your all stupid :D haha i like GALAXY!! haha ¦]
Posted: 19:40 Tue 03-Apr-2007 by "willow" # permalink comment
Comment: what would you say they taste like?
Posted: 14:17 Tue 10-Apr-2007 by "Drydo" # permalink comment
Comment: Bugger - virtually everyone I had in my packet were the 'chewy' type. Bah!
Posted: 17:19 Fri 13-Apr-2007 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: These Mars Planets are nice enough but the chewy caramel is rather soft and the soft nougat is rather chewy so they're barely any different from each other. Plus the rice crispyish ones have an odd taste to them. The caramel's much better than the far-too-hard stuff in Revels, though. But overall not a patch on Revels.
Posted: 09:12 Sat 14-Apr-2007 by "Grace" # permalink comment
Comment: These are ok, nothing special though. It would have been better if they had spent their time adding new flavours to revels instead though. As this seems essentially what they are, a poor rip off of revels!
Posted: 11:49 Sat 14-Apr-2007 by "Katya" # permalink comment
Comment: Found a packet today, bought and shared with my mum. Neither of us thought they were anything special: probably won't be buying them again.
Posted: 10:35 Mon 16-Apr-2007 by "Gladstone" # permalink comment
Comment: Hmmm, I'm not partial to the crispy ones, a bit like the M&M crispy's they did a while ago. And my pack doesn't have enough chewy ones. On a Mars Bar, I tend to peel the caramel layer off and just eat that as I find the nougat a bit too much. Much prefer a snickers. Ooh, snicker's planets would be good I think!
Posted: 14:28 Mon 16-Apr-2007 by "be" # permalink comment
Comment: Great idea Gladstone! The Snickers nougat is much nicer than the mars ones!
Posted: 12:25 Wed 18-Apr-2007 by "fat ed" # permalink comment
Comment: Mars planets are tasty
Posted: 18:33 Fri 20-Apr-2007 by "Joe" # permalink comment
Comment: Love them!!! love Mars .. these are perfect... nibbled through 5 packs this week already... Great to sort them out so i can eat all the Caramel (the little planet) first. Loads better than Revels (hate the coffee one).
Posted: 20:38 Fri 20-Apr-2007 by "Sweeney" # permalink comment
Comment: "..not a patch on Revels.", "..poor rip off of revels!" -- are you serious ? - Mars Planets excel over Revels in one major area: no Coffee.

After just one single packet of Mars Planets, i'll certainly be thinking twice when looking at another packet of Revels.

Just one problem; The packet is just too small.

I'll leave my comment ended with a suitably topical and everso slightly borrowed catchphrase:

"..to 250g packets and beyond!!"

Posted: 08:45 Sat 21-Apr-2007 by "Rose" # permalink comment
Comment: Well, I love coffee Revels! In fact, I love all the Revels sweets (since the peanut one was removed). We've already lost Roses Coffee Creams, so I don't want to lose coffee Revels too!
Posted: 10:22 Sat 21-Apr-2007 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: You don't want to be sitting in front of me when I put a coffee Revel in my mouth by mistake at the cinema!
Posted: 20:55 Sat 21-Apr-2007 by "Rose" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh it's you again Zeddy! We clearly have different tastes! he he :-) Well, I like my All-bran and my coffee revels. We must find some common ground of agreement on some other foods...
Posted: 19:05 Mon 23-Apr-2007 by "sally" # permalink comment
Comment: i think theyre yummy especially the nougaty ones. 250g bags would be amazing. if they put the nougaty mars planets, caramel revels and orange revels in an assortment together i would be very happy.
Posted: 11:20 Wed 25-Apr-2007 by "Mr T" # permalink comment
Comment: Just tried my firstpack of Mars planets. If you get one of each flavour, it tastes fantastic. Great if you like the Mars taste, but don't want a whole bar - and more interesting with the different textures
Posted: 13:02 Thu 26-Apr-2007 by "dave h" # permalink comment
Comment: Just tried a pack - OK but nothing special that would make me say "I'll buy them again". Overall thought the crispy ones were the best of the three.
Posted: 15:19 Thu 26-Apr-2007 by "Electric Apple (was Soulman)" # permalink comment
Comment: That's just as I thought, Dave H. These are good but I wouldn't buy them again.
Posted: 23:00 Sun 29-Apr-2007 by "Tankard" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm surprised no-one else has pointed out that these taste just like a Double Decker...
Posted: 13:44 Mon 30-Apr-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: That's what I thought, cheap, nasty, thieves. Leve Cadbury's ALONE!
Posted: 17:19 Mon 30-Apr-2007 by "Zeddy"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Cadbury's what alone? Their impending court case for putting filth in chocolate?
Posted: 10:02 Wed 02-May-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: Well.... I can't argue with that. That salmonella scare could put someone off for life. But for the chocolate itself, It's tasty.
Posted: 19:37 Sat 05-May-2007 by "Rukky" # permalink comment
Posted: 10:23 Tue 08-May-2007 by "Erik" # permalink comment
Comment: I bought a fresh packet of Mars Planets today and shared them with my dog, however he was allergic to chocolate and choked on my balls. Iv neva come across such a sad excuse for human beings, please find a better way to spend your time rather than writing blogs on 'snackspot.org.uk'
Posted: 15:15 Tue 08-May-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: ...joins in and then calls us sad? think that makes you the saddo Erik
Posted: 10:18 Wed 09-May-2007 by "Electric Aple" # permalink comment
Comment: Erik, it's people like you who are slowly driving me insane! I am seriously considering leaving this website because of spammers. (Though the PATSY 2000 messages are just a bit of fun).
Posted: 12:04 Wed 09-May-2007 by "Erik" # permalink comment
Comment: Im sorry guys, i love you all dearly and i wudnt want to hurt you in any way. Soooo, any of u herd about that new revels, i herd theres only coffee ones in them. Uggghhh, thats disgustin. Any opinions from u guys wud b much appriciated. All the best. Luv Erik. xxxxxxxxxx
Posted: 13:05 Wed 09-May-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: Apology accepted, Erik. I did a unresonable outburst there anyway. The coffee revels are HORRID! I always manage to avoid them and give to 'Mamsie anyway.
Posted: 14:11 Wed 09-May-2007 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: as I've hinted before, Electric Apple - if there are comments that you disagree with or feel are off-topic, you can always ignore them :)
Posted: 11:45 Thu 10-May-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: I know, but I feel really strongly when I see any post that mentions 'Get alife' or 'Get out more'. But Erik has already apologized so no more on this. BOT!
Posted: 00:40 Sat 12-May-2007 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: What a disappointment! The sweets themselves are OK, if underwhelming, but they cost me 47p and there were about seven in my bag: one lacklustre Malteser imitation and six tiny squishy things, though one less tiny than the others, which apparently means it was in fact a different flavour of squishy. I didn't really notice any of them tasting of anything except sugar.

Would I eat them again? For free I guess I would, but I won't be buying them again - what a ripoff.

Posted: 03:59 Sat 12-May-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: These were 46p..wtf? the lady in the shop said they're really nice and talked me into trying them...and they are really nice but 46p takes the cake
Posted: 21:11 Sat 12-May-2007 by "Jane" # permalink comment
Comment: Check out my Awsome Planet Muffin |Recipe
Posted: 13:36 Mon 14-May-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: At 46p, these were a rip-off on Saturday! There were 20 planets in the bag. 3 of them were chewy, 2 were soft 15 WERE CRISPY! I'm sorry but if I want Maltesers, I would have bought some! Definetely won't be buying again!
Posted: 14:28 Mon 14-May-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah most of mine were crispys too, Maltesers in future..
Posted: 23:43 Tue 15-May-2007 by "Josh" # permalink comment
Comment: They were disgusting, the crispy ones were like soggy, undersized Malteasers, whereas the chewy ones were way too plentiful and annyoing to chew. The soft ones were the only OK ones, but I wouldn't recommend trying them!
Posted: 19:36 Wed 20-Jun-2007 by "joel"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: i love them you mad josh
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