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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Nestle Oats And More Confirmed sighting: Nestle Oats And More
Posted: 20:54 Thu 12-Apr-2007. Price: 1.49/ 375g (intro offer), normally 2.49. Location: Tesco, Lanark, Scotland. Sub-flavours: Honey or Almond. Nutritional unusualness: From 17.5g whole grain, 13.9g sugar per 30g (plus milk) serving.
"Zeddy" reports: "Crispy yummy wheat and oat flakes covered in baby oats with oat clusters sprinkled with tasty almonds" - I think there are oats in there somewhere. Remember those hot sugar-glaze-coated almonds found at Continental markets? That is what these remind me of. Absolutely delish! Crunchy Nut Cornflakes are the poor man's version IMHO. Very, very moreish.

...I agree they're not bad, "Zeddy", (at least for a Nestle cereal), but do you really prefer them to Crunchy Nut Clusters - or even Kellogg's confusing new Cornflakes Hint Of Honey? We're surely just months from some supermarkets going completely all-cereal, as Kellogg are also launching Special K Sustain (to "keep you satisfied for longer"), Weetabix are diversifying into Oatiflakes (or, for the kids, Power Rangers Star Force and Disney Princess Stars), plus you can add "Crunchy dessert topping" or "Granola" to either Muller Simply Desserts or Rumblers Bio Yoghurts, respectively.


Posted: 12:07 Fri 13-Apr-2007 by "zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: Yes, yes I do. Peanuts are for hamsters.
Posted: 00:59 Sat 14-Apr-2007 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: I agree, they've done good with these. The flakes taste like the toffee innards of a Dime (Daim) bar.
Posted: 07:25 Sat 14-Apr-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: mmmm dime flavour cereal sounds good to me!
Posted: 10:38 Tue 17-Apr-2007 by "TimR" # permalink comment
Comment: I bought a packet of Almond Oats & More and couldn't eat more than two spoonsful. They are sickly sweet and packed with sugar (It's SECOND on the ingredients list!). I've written a letter of complaint to Nestle. I thought I was buying a healthy breakfast cereal, but it actually tastes sweeter than Frosties. YUK!!
Posted: 14:02 Tue 17-Apr-2007 by "zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: Well read the packet before purchase next time! Have some cardboard, sorry, All Bran if you want healthy. :(
Posted: 17:56 Tue 17-Apr-2007 by "Rose" # permalink comment
Comment: I agree with your point Zeddy - Oat's and More does not make health claims, except that it has oats in (true) and there's a lot of oat-promotion going on at the moment (with it being a 'superfood' and all - 'whatever', I say!). However, don't criticise All-Bran - it's delicious! Try mixing it with muesli and weetabix minis or raisin wheats, or have it with a weetabix, country crisp and raisins. Yum!
Posted: 20:58 Tue 17-Apr-2007 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: The fact you needed to add something to it Rose strengthens my claim. It's delicious on its own, isn't it? ;)
Posted: 08:58 Wed 18-Apr-2007 by "be" # permalink comment
Comment: dear oh! I agree Oats and More tastes very sweet, but it doesnt seem to have any more sugar than other cereals (except the likes of shredded wheat etc!) Even All Bran has sugar as its second ingredient!!!!!! Oats and More has less sugar than the likes of Sultana Bran,and Start and the same amount as Special K berries. Anyways, they just serve to give us plenty of energy for the day ahead. My favourite cereal had to be cinamon grahams, which are the sugariest damn things youll ever taste, but complelty delicious!
Posted: 10:10 Wed 18-Apr-2007 by "Rose" # permalink comment
Comment: I was expecting that comeback Zeddy! I always mix cereals. In my opinion they are all boring on their own, but mixed up cereal is my fave breakfast food. A bowl of muesli is too heavy, as is a bowl of All Bran and a bowl of Coco Pops is just boring. I think you always need a bland base (All Bran, Bran Flakes, Weetaflakes, Crunchy Bran), then I add a muesli or crunchy sweet granola type cereal like Jordan's Country Crisp, and then you need something that goes soft in the milk, like weetabix, raisin wheats, oatbix minis etc. Once you've tried cereal combining, you realise it is far superior (and cheaper) than buying one of the 'ready made' mixes (Jordans 3 in 1, Kellogg's Optivita) and you'll never look back! Anyway, to get back to my point, All Bran is a terrific cereal base for your mixes!
Posted: 12:17 Wed 18-Apr-2007 by "zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: Aw sorry, Rose. *big hug* icon
Posted: 13:41 Fri 20-Apr-2007 by "Soulman" # permalink comment
Comment: Lovely! These smell like red roses in a vase full of coke! Heaven...
Posted: 13:48 Mon 30-Apr-2007 by "nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: I'd like to know where they managed to find almonds that don't taste of almonds.
Posted: 14:39 Mon 30-Apr-2007 by "be" # permalink comment
Comment: cinnamon grahams..... i defy anyone not to say how damn tasty these are. Especially as an evening. They are better without milk..... just straight out of the box!!!!
Posted: 20:28 Mon 30-Apr-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: I've eaten my way through a few boxes of Cinnamon Grahams dry, and while they are nice, they get very sickly after you eat a whole box dry, i'm telling ya, better with milk
Posted: 10:00 Tue 01-May-2007 by "Electric Apple (was Soulman)" # permalink comment
Comment: And I'm telling you, better WITHOUT milk.
Posted: 19:00 Tue 01-May-2007 by "Rose" # permalink comment
Comment: yep, better WITHOUT milk! In milk they go soggy and loose all their flavour. You end up with soggy flavourless cereal and cinnamon flavoured milk. But dry they are yum! I have a box to snack on in my cupboard, for work crises!
Posted: 19:35 Tue 01-May-2007 by "zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: mmmmmm,cinnamony milk.
Posted: 23:37 Tue 01-May-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: Well, yes they are better without milk, but not a whole boxfull, and when you have them with milk, of course you're supposed to eat them quick before they go soggy, like with any cereal, i don't like any cereal soggy, cinnamon grahams with full cream milk, eat quickly! mmmm
Posted: 21:44 Mon 07-May-2007 by "Rhosboss" # permalink comment
Comment: I love this cereal, sooo yummy! I know what you mean about it being sugary, but that's how I like my cereal :) I haven't bought it again after the first time though, because I love it so much, I can't stop myself from snacking on them all the time, which is not good for my waistline...
Posted: 17:56 Thu 17-May-2007 by "fizz"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I have been searching everywere for the " honey oats and more" I havnt been able to find them anywere please could you tell me where to buy them from in the south wales valley thank you very much.
Posted: 17:24 Thu 31-May-2007 by "stardancer" # permalink comment
Comment: Oats and More very disapointing, better and cheaper brand in Lidl, where are the oats? Can I have a refund?
Posted: 10:16 Tue 05-Jun-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: Well, I loved these! These are better than most cereals around, and I've tried just about all of them... except Wheetos.
Posted: 20:21 Tue 05-Jun-2007 by "Doberlane"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I love oats!!! But after reading all the bad comments I was expecting a less sweeter version- but I would like to give it the benefit of the doubt...BUT...like "fizz" in Wales, I cannot buy any around here in Derbyshire, I even tried Morrison's in Sheffield - to no avail, all hype and no show :( .......And what has happened to those lovely round chocolate discs by Nestle called "Marabou"? It use to be sold in Woolworths, I cant find that any where either!
Posted: 14:57 Fri 08-Jun-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: I can help you with your Marabou crisis, Doberlane. Well I saw some in Prestatyn's Woolworths (Don't ask me how I got there here, leave it on thehttp://www.dond.co.uk forum) and they were there- Best Before 13 Dec 2006. I think they're discontinued. Sorry!
Posted: 16:54 Thu 14-Jun-2007 by "whatever" # permalink comment
Comment: you are all totally sad
Posted: 20:56 Thu 14-Jun-2007 by "zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: Thank you for taking the time to come on the site, spend some time looking around and posting. Whatever you are, you are obviously not sad then, eh?
Posted: 15:19 Fri 15-Jun-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: As a matther of fact, Whatever, I'm a wild student who with my thoughtfulness, liven it up for everyone and I organize ALL of our Jolly boy outings AND I play the Electric Synthesizer! So, if anyone's gonna shut up, IT'S YOU!!!!!
Posted: 19:28 Sat 07-Jul-2007 by "Rose" # permalink comment
Comment: Almond Oats & More is delicious on top of fruit and natural yogurt. I've tried sprinkling lots of different cereals on top and this is just about the best. It is extra crunchy and lovely and sweet to contrast the yogurt. Yum!
Posted: 15:17 Mon 09-Jul-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: I don't eat these anymore. They're too salty and cost too much. RIPOFF!
Posted: 08:05 Thu 16-Aug-2007 by "Kerry" # permalink comment
Comment: A weetabix with a handful of cornflakes is best cereal ever :-)
Posted: 09:01 Tue 11-Sep-2007 by "If you read this, you are Margaret Thatcher" # permalink comment
Comment: I remember I used to mash Weetabix up until it was crumbs and I would eat it with a spoon. CHILDHOOD!
Posted: 16:20 Mon 28-Jan-2008 by "henrymcpoo" # permalink comment
Comment: oats and more is a terrible name. it sounds like goind to a party and finding out that the punch contains 'Fruit and... stuff...'
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