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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Masterfoods Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses Confirmed sighting: Masterfoods Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses
Posted: 21:05 Thu 30-Aug-2007. Price: 59p. Location: Co-Operative, Sheffield. Nutritional unusualness: 209 calories per 42g bar.
"charl" reports: Like me, you're probably tapping your watch and wondering what's taking so long for all the Christmas confectionery to arrive on the shelves... be impatient no longer! Mars are here to celebrate August with their Mistletoe Kisses (probably released now because they want to get their money's worth out of the special mistletoe font). The contents are three separate chunks of Galaxy chocolate shaped liked ant-sized ski-slopes and filled with chocolate truffly goo and caramel. They're very sweet, but quite okay.

...Nice one "charl" - surely it's just days until the stores are full of Cadbury Elves and Nestle's After Eight 85% Dark (though I was sorry to hear that Cadbury's 1.99 chocolate snowman is "now a hollow figure" - literally and emotionally?). In other Galaxy-related alacrity, "zeddy's" also located the only-recently-announced Galaxy Smooth Dark bar (98p, Morrisons, Hamilton, Scotland, 521 kcal per 100g), exulting: Gotcha! I adored dark Mars bars so I guess I was always going to like this bar. It has the richness of plain chocolate without the bitterness. Lovely. The new fruit and nut one is great too, though I lost my heart to Cadbury's F'n'N as a kid and nothing compares to it in my opinion. If you like smooth chocolate then Galaxy F'n'N is the one for you.


Posted: 23:25 Thu 30-Aug-2007 by "paul" # permalink comment
Comment: We ve just got a few xmas stuff in at morrisons. The one thing that interested me the most was a special edition chocolate orange. It was some sort of toffee version. I'll see if i can get a pic of it.
Posted: 13:56 Sun 02-Sep-2007 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: I thought these Mistletoe Kisses very ordinary. Not much different to a Galaxy caramel really. Doubt I will buy them again.
Posted: 21:58 Mon 10-Sep-2007 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: These are 55p in my local Co-op now. I presume this product is Mar's answer to the Hershey's chocolate kisses that have been around for the last couple of Christmases - but the Galazy kisses are not remotely 'kiss' shaped. Also they're overpriced for what you actually get - little more than 3 mouthfuls - and the truffle half of each kiss is overshadowed by the caramel half. Not a classic.
Posted: 15:19 Sat 15-Sep-2007 by "Galaxy lover" # permalink comment
Comment: These Galaxy Mistletoe kisses are fantastic - the shape is so elegant and really fitting to the Galaxy brand. The chocolate, truffle and caramel are yummy and really well balanced. The sweet is designed really cleverly becasue when you bite it in half, your lips kiss the lushious creamy caramel filling - I will defintely buy them again - I hope they keep them all year round : )
Posted: 21:27 Fri 28-Sep-2007 by "snackamaster! " # permalink comment
Comment: spotted in my local shop "the local" london e11. 55p there too. I thougt a bit steep.

Havnet tried them yet, dont think ill bother now after reading these

Posted: 19:55 Sat 29-Sep-2007 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm not keen on the Galaxy Dark myself, but I do very much like the other new variety out now - that I don't think anyone has yet mentioned - the Galaxy Creamy Cappucino.

The traditional creamy Galaxy milk chocolate blends perfectly with the real Cappucino crispies they've used to make a fantastic flavour sensation. The tiny coffee 'bits' in the chocolate give the underside of the bar a lumpy appearence like those old Nestle Dairy Crunch bars and the way the chunks melt in your mouth is just divine. It's like all the best bits from the Coffee flavour of the short-lived Galaxy Promises range, but without the pretentious dark chocolate triangle stuck pointlessly on the top.

Virtually every supermarket chain is doing some sort of promotion on the new-look Galaxy range just now, but I've only seen these Cappucino bars in Sainsburys so far.

Posted: 07:02 Thu 04-Oct-2007 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: Upon further inspection on another shopping trip, the Galaxy Cappucino bars are in boxes that say 'exclusive to Sainsburys' on them.
Posted: 09:41 Fri 12-Oct-2007 by "be" # permalink comment
Comment: awe these kisses really are absolutely delicious
Posted: 12:28 Fri 19-Oct-2007 by "Jennifer Anderson" # permalink comment
Comment: Mars test on animals! Vivisection!

Why do Mars test on animals?

For what possible reason do Mars Test on animals?

How is your company linked to Mars? Are you proud to be linked to Mars? Do Masterfoods endorse Animal Testing for the sake of profit?

Posted: 15:53 Fri 19-Oct-2007 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: If it makes my Mars Bar better tasting then throw another cocoa bean at that smoking Beagle in the corner.
Posted: 17:24 Sun 21-Oct-2007 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: :D
Posted: 21:09 Wed 24-Oct-2007 by "LIZB" # permalink comment
Posted: 18:30 Thu 25-Oct-2007 by "zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: It's more likely they will die of boredom listening to this drivel.
Posted: 22:31 Sun 28-Oct-2007 by "Melanie" # permalink comment
Comment: Mars has funded cruel experiments in which mice were fed a candy ingredient and forced to swim in a pool of paint and water. The mice had to find a platform to try to avoid drowning, only to be killed and dissected later. In another experiment supported by Mars, rats were fed cocoa and anesthetized with carbon dioxide so that their blood could be collected by cardiac puncture, a procedure that can lead to internal bleeding and other deadly complications. Mars also supported an experiment that involved cramming baby mice into small Plexiglas chambers and then submerging the chambers for nearly five hours in a chilled water bath to determine whether or not a chocolate ingredient affected the mice's breathing rates. In the second phase of this test, experimenters shoved tubes down mice's throats to force-feed them an ingredient in chocolate, deprived them of all other food, and finally killed them and cut them up for analysis.
Posted: 07:59 Mon 29-Oct-2007 by "zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeh, but I bet none of the mice liked coffee Revels! Why do Mars experiment with consumers' tastes so cruelly?
Posted: 10:38 Mon 29-Oct-2007 by "Kate" # permalink comment
Comment: The name is soo sweet =)
Posted: 14:42 Mon 05-Nov-2007 by "Cath s" # permalink comment
Comment: i LOVE these kisses, they do taste a bit like galaxy caramels but why make do with ordinary when you can have luxury!
Posted: 11:34 Thu 15-Nov-2007 by "jawad" # permalink comment
Posted: 23:44 Mon 26-Nov-2007 by "jax" # permalink comment
Comment: who is the boy in the kisses ad??? it looks like that cute kid from the x factor last year who used to be in brookside???
Posted: 10:05 Tue 27-Nov-2007 by "jax" # permalink comment
Comment: who is the boy in the kisses ad??? it looks like that cute kid from the x factor last year who used to be in brookside???
Posted: 16:41 Mon 03-Dec-2007 by "sanya h" # permalink comment
Comment: they are suitable for veg
Posted: 17:58 Mon 03-Dec-2007 by "abe" # permalink comment
Comment: would like to try but never seen them in the shops like the disapearing popping elves and wispa bars i guess.
Posted: 16:10 Tue 04-Dec-2007 by "anitarose" # permalink comment
Comment: I agree with LizB (posted 24th Oct)as soon as I saw the ad for mistletoe kisses I thought it very dangerous to name a sweet after a highly toxic plant.This company is being extremely irresponsible, after all ads are supposed to influence those who watch them and this one sends out a very dubious message.
Posted: 17:25 Tue 04-Dec-2007 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- zz
Posted: 09:32 Wed 05-Dec-2007 by "be" # permalink comment
Comment: the whole complaint over naming these mistletoe kisses is a step too far in correctness.... i mean, come on!!! What abou Haribo Bears, doesnt mean kids want to go around eating bears. Unless you have taught you kid to be so literal in life, doh!!Or cady canes for Christmas, doesnt mean they go around trying to eat Canes. Have a bit of cop on
Posted: 17:57 Wed 05-Dec-2007 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: I think those two "are seeing each other".
Posted: 18:24 Wed 16-Jan-2008 by "J" # permalink comment
Comment: The way they are designed for the 2 mouths to meet from either side (abit like the "lady and the tramp scene") hense the name mistletoe kisses, ingenious, defintely one for xmas
Posted: 14:49 Thu 13-Nov-2008 by "babis" # permalink comment
Comment: guys pls take it easy on the criticisms,there's nothing wrong with the name.....sre y'all have had that chocolate secretely.
Posted: 19:55 Sun 30-Nov-2008 by "harleyquinn" # permalink comment
Comment: galaxy kisses are a-bloody-mazin' 55p, a bit steep?!in ireland they are 95c/85c. my local ice-cream parlour is selling mince pie ice-cream with maaaasive mince pie halves
Posted: 20:01 Sun 30-Nov-2008 by "harleyquinn" # permalink comment
Comment: jeeeezz youse fellas are odd! just try it! they are not minging, god goys keep cival tounges in yissir's heads galaxy are going to sue the lot of yiz.
Posted: 19:28 Wed 03-Dec-2008 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: Ah, Boswell! Witness the beauty of the English language!
Posted: 20:26 Wed 03-Dec-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Veritably, this page is a cornucopia of prodigious witticisms.
Posted: 22:17 Wed 03-Dec-2008 by "Choclover" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh dear, some people do take things a bit too seriously don't they!

Couple of points to add to the 'debate'...

1. mistletoe is not highly toxic - and is widely available all over Europe as a herbal tea... don't put it in your salad (it's not exactly edible), but please don't peddle silly myths about toxicity.

2. Does it matter what the chocolate bar is called? Do Crunchie Bars make you want to eat grit? Do mar bars make you want to devour planets?

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