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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Walkers Old Mega Monster Munch Confirmed sighting: Walkers Old Mega Monster Munch
Posted: 21:42 Tue 16-Sep-2008. Price: 99p. Location: Morrisons, Southport; Glasgow. Sub-flavours: Roast Beef, Pickled Onion and Flamin' Hot. Nutritional unusualness: 196 kcal, 10.0g fat, 23.6g carbs, 0.7g fibre, 0.26g sodium per 40g serving.
First-time spotter "kate ball" got in first with this close-up, exclaiming: "I couldn't believe it when I found these. They taste EXACTLY how they used to. It says on the packet 'Bigger like they used to be'. They really are huge! It looks like they're only selling them in big bags though." Then: "Spotted these in local Makro wholesale store," added "Alan". "They come in a longer bag than normal and say New (scored out) OLD to emphasise that the crisps are back to the older style large Monster Munch we used to love. The pack reads: 'Massive Hunks of Roast Beef flavoured baked corn snacks' and 'Bigger like they used to be*'... *as in 1977."

...But the double-flavour pic above comes via "Lee Taylor", who paid only 50p at Bargain Booze Blackpool, and clarifies: "Now these are not your nasty '90s rebrand of Monster Munch, these are the real deal original ones with the original monsters. The recipes are back to the '70s (NO aspartame in the pickled onion) and the crisps are the old bigger size. They are only available in the Mega Monster Munch 40g size."

Elsewhere, in (slightly) more sophisticated savouries: I haven't yet had a chance to try Cracked Black Pepper or Multi-Seed flavoured Ryvita Thins, but it's good to see KP staying in the game with a Mixed Nuts version of their Baked and Seasoned Peanuts (upwards of 1.40/bag), though even the Chilli in Lemongrass with Sweet Fire Red Pepper Pieces wasn't as spicy as their McCoy's Extremes (Costcutter on the way to Kentish Town, in Red Hot Chilli, Spicy Paprika or Chicken Madras, 50p/bag).


Posted: 22:19 Tue 16-Sep-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Monster! Monster!
Posted: 19:36 Wed 17-Sep-2008 by "Yay! Lovely fish!" # permalink comment
Comment: Can't wait to get my mitts on these buggers!
Posted: 04:23 Thu 18-Sep-2008 by "Robert Funland" # permalink comment
Comment: They don't look like the old school ones in the pictures, but time will tell...

I can only hope, my fingers are crossed.

Posted: 04:57 Thu 18-Sep-2008 by "Fergal Hunter" # permalink comment
Comment: AWOOGA! I am hoping to get these delivered to my new home in Kuntesberg, Germany to remind me of home!
Posted: 09:58 Fri 19-Sep-2008 by "Ryan Bird" # permalink comment
Posted: 06:45 Sun 21-Sep-2008 by "Derek Williams" # permalink comment
Comment: I bet they still only have the one shape though..
Posted: 16:00 Wed 24-Sep-2008 by "Jimbotfu" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah, they're bigger - but they're a bigger version of the newer type. They're STILL not the old style.
Posted: 18:22 Wed 24-Sep-2008 by "SNAKKIN HEAVEN" # permalink comment
Comment: To clarify the points above the Beef flavour is NOT the original taste nor are there 2 shaped claws/feet of old so in short the 'new' styled retro crisps are just larger versions of the current products but at least these do not just dissolve into mush into you mouth and there is some actual 'munch'. I wish Walkers would not limit the flavours to just three but I should not be complaining as the corporation have done something great for once and brought a great snack back from the fab crisps graveyard so well done to them(well ...kind of!!!)
Posted: 20:18 Sat 27-Sep-2008 by "Phil" # permalink comment
Comment: Yes, the 'new' beef monster munch don't, to me anyway, like the original ones. Also I've just got bag from Morrisons...they sell beef monster much ON THEIR OWN but in big (100 or 150gram) sized bags for 99p!! And another unrelated issue, what did happen to the cardboard base in Milky Way's & Bounty Bars?
Posted: 20:31 Sat 27-Sep-2008 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: Mmmm... great washed down with some Rose's Cola Tonic.
Posted: 18:37 Sun 28-Sep-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Had a packet of the Pickled onion variety today. Certainly have the shape and size of the old version. I noticed no sweeteners (artifical) in the flavour BUT I am not completely convinced they are the same as the original ones. In saying that, a lot of food has passed over my tongue since I tried the originals and the mind can play tricks!
Posted: 23:16 Sun 28-Sep-2008 by "rob" # permalink comment
Comment: SNAKKIN HEAVEN Wrong!! They are the originals and NOT a bigger version of the recent ones.

Old M.M is back!!

Posted: 01:06 Mon 29-Sep-2008 by "Lazybones" # permalink comment
Comment: They look the same at first glance, but turn out to be just bigger versions of the current roast beef flavour. They're not as big as the originals and the texture is different - porous like the modern ones rather than dense like the old ones. A step in the right direction, but that's all.
Posted: 11:54 Mon 29-Sep-2008 by "darren" # permalink comment
Comment: nahhh. The bigger beef ones are more bovrilly, which is how they were. I had a packet of the old style and then a packet of the smaller Beef ones and the flavour just wasnt as rich. You could totally tell the difference.

How can anyone say they are not as big as the originals. All the original sizes and packaging has been used from 1977 when they were owned by Smiths. We have just grown that is all and probably expect them to still be bigger but trust me they are the same size as before.

I think the problem is it was a long time ago and taste buds have changed as we get older but just eat a packet of Beef small size and then a packet of Beef big size and you will taste that they are not the same taste.

Posted: 12:01 Mon 29-Sep-2008 by "darren" # permalink comment
Comment: it's like Wagon wheels. I know most people are convinced they got smaller but Burton foods have made a statement saying It has been suggested that the supposed shrinkage is due to an adult's childhood memory of eating a Wagon Wheel held in a much smaller hand. They have and always remained to be 48g
Posted: 16:00 Mon 29-Sep-2008 by "ZomBie Jim" # permalink comment
Comment: All of those who think that these are the same as the classic Monster Munch obviously don't remember them.

The old Monster Munch came in two shapes - a paw shape and a circle with two "toes".

Their texture was denser and crunchier and as somebody said above, less porous than these new "mega" monster munch.

Here's an illustration:


Can't believe people don't remember this!

Posted: 16:41 Mon 29-Sep-2008 by "jason" # permalink comment
Comment: yes old M.M did have 2 shapes but im old enough now not to bother about 2 shapes. On your link Zombiejim, the new shape size refers to the new monster much not the revamped ones which are the same size as the 2 illustrations at the top. If this was the case then the old monster munch wouldve been about 3 and a half inches big hence only getting about 6 hunks in the old pack. That was not the case.

The new monster munch are exactle the same size as old school M.M

Posted: 16:48 Mon 29-Sep-2008 by "dave" # permalink comment
Comment: nothing ever stays the same. Mars tastes different, so do smarties,discos,chipsticks,drifters,twix,creme eggs

Why should monster munch be any different. Just cos they dont have 2 shapes. wow!!

They are crunchy and better than the smaller ones so that will do for me.

Posted: 17:19 Mon 29-Sep-2008 by "xxx" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh my god. Next people will be moaning cos they are now in a silver foil bag rather than the old style non fresh bags.

How can people remember smiths Monster Munch anyway. It was in 13 years ago and im sure how you percieved it is different to reality and how they really were anyway.

Posted: 19:53 Mon 29-Sep-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: I love this! The financial markets are in meltdown and folk on here are losing it over the shape, taste and texture of their Monster Munch. Give it a week and you won't be able to afford them any way!
Posted: 07:49 Tue 30-Sep-2008 by "James" # permalink comment
Comment: I really really really need a bag of these. 45g of big monster munch goodness!
Posted: 17:08 Tue 30-Sep-2008 by "SNAKKIN HEAVEN" # permalink comment
Comment: Right guys - this Monster Munching topic is becoming divided by who can correctly recall the old style shapes when Smiths owned/made the brand during our skool playground days and those who cannot (soz but you have been ''Walkers ey fied!!''). The crisps WERE large and YES they didnt get many in the bag because of this.

As we know MM today are only made in 3 flavours but who can recall the flavours Monster Munch used to be available in ? Please correct/add etc)

Walkers have produced: Spaghetti Bolongnese/Vanilla Ice cream/Roast Beef/Pickled Onion/Flamin Hot

Smiths Crisps(Pre Walkers): Roast Beef/Pickled Onion/Sizzling Bacon/Saucy Ketchup/Prawn Cocktail/(and very briefly) Cheese and Onion/Salt and Malt Vinegar.

What are the chances of Walkers resurrecting the old flavours or adding new ones?

Furthermore''Zeddy'' mate the only ''crunch'' Im interested in is the crunch of a crisp and not world politics lol. Im now off to SPAR on Ashton New Rd, Manchester to get sum!

Posted: 10:25 Wed 01-Oct-2008 by "ZomBie Jim" # permalink comment
Comment: Absolutely. The credit crunch pales in insignificance next to the importance of the size and shape of my Monster Munch.

I remember them so well because I think they made up about 80% of my diet between the ages of 5 and 11.

Snakkin Heaven - yeah! You remember them too!

Posted: 10:37 Wed 01-Oct-2008 by "jeff" # permalink comment
Comment: I have contacted walkers who tell me the original sizes were used as well as the original ingerdients and packaging.

My guess is back in the 80's there were so many E numbers used and nowadays there isn't plus the oil has been changed from vegetable to Sunseed so this is probably the reason why they are not as dense anymore but the size is confirmed the be the same.

Walkers did not just take over Monster Munch they took over Smiths crisps. Take a look on a packet of Smiths Frazzles and chipsticks. On the back they have the email address for Walkers but decided to keep these 2 crisps under the name of Smiths.

Posted: 10:43 Wed 01-Oct-2008 by "Jeff" # permalink comment
Comment: furthermore. Has anyone ever tried a packet of Tayto's Mighty Munch? they are the old monster munch of Ireland but were forced to change their name when Walkers took over. they are not quite as big as the mega M.M although they are bigger than the horrible little ones but they are dense and are like the M.M of the 80's. They come in a paw shape same as M.M
Posted: 12:56 Wed 01-Oct-2008 by "mark"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: thay r back hope 4 good the shop down the road from where i live sell the old mega monster munch it all good love them live in gosport po13
Posted: 12:57 Wed 01-Oct-2008 by "Baz" # permalink comment
Comment: ********Ok listen up guys******* I will have solid proof this afternoon whether they are the same size of old and ill keep you all posted.

In Febuary there was a guy selling an 18 year old packet of Pickled onion Monster Munch but after a few days ebay removed it. I managed to trace his username and contacted him last night just to see if he was the same person who had tried to sell them. He said that he was and how could he help.

I have asked him to look through the clear bit at the back of the pack(which there is if you remember and you can see it in his photo) and tell me if they are the same size or bigger than Mega Monster Munch.

Iam taking a chance whether he has had a packet of the new Mega Monster Munch though but my guess is he probably has.

This guy is probably one of the very few that still has an original unopened bag of Monster Munch at hand as proof to check. They wont taste very nice but looking at the photos the crisps still look in tac if a bit hard and smelly nowadays.

Iam not too sure if the pickled onion flavour had the Paw shape or the other shape but nevertheless they were both the same size anyway.

As soon as this guy emails me back Ill let you know and we can put the size debate to bed.

Posted: 13:10 Wed 01-Oct-2008 by "mark " # permalink comment
Comment: u got to ask your self y did it take so long 4 them to come back ? ie MEGA M.M . The beef 1 are the best i think . i will buy them by the box lol.
Posted: 16:27 Wed 01-Oct-2008 by "paul" # permalink comment
Comment: where is the 4th monster? It was a round fat orange one with like a center partin that was on the original picked onion flavour?
Posted: 04:48 Thu 02-Oct-2008 by "SNAKKIN HEAVEN" # permalink comment
Posted: 11:55 Thu 02-Oct-2008 by "Darren" # permalink comment
Comment: Ok can someone confirm something for me please.

According to here http://www.findourmonsters.com/main.html

in the BIGGER SNACKS LIKE 1977 section the graph shows that the Monster Munch went smaller in 1985 and was only actually massive between 1977 and 1985. Well Smiths crips still owned M.M until the mid 1990's so my question is, Was it Smiths that reduced the size NOT Walkers???

Check my link and check for yourselves. I thought it was Walkers that reduced them but according to their website graph they were reduced in the mid 80s

Posted: 03:38 Fri 03-Oct-2008 by "snakkin heaven" # permalink comment
Comment: furthermore years ago crisp bags were as so: pickled onion:red roast beef: yellow bacon:orange prawn cocktail:pink ketchup:blue... (i think!!!) can anybody else confirm this guys?
Posted: 20:49 Sun 05-Oct-2008 by "KatieP" # permalink comment
Comment: Anyone know if Monster Munch have the dreaded MSG in them? :o(
Posted: 20:55 Sun 05-Oct-2008 by "Charlie" # permalink comment
Comment: i got some from the bp 5minz ago xx
Posted: 17:41 Mon 06-Oct-2008 by "dave" # permalink comment
Comment: what is MSG?

Anyway I emailed Walkers and she said the texture has changed over the years though the size is the same as 1977 onwards.

So just to confirm that they probably are not as dense and claggy on the teeth as before but that isn't a major problem. The good thing is they have the crunch back, they are bigger and they dont leave loads of bits in the bottom of the bag like the smaller ones do. Thumbs up from me and a step in the right direction

Posted: 10:40 Tue 07-Oct-2008 by "KatieP" # permalink comment
Comment: Monosodium Glutamate! a nasty flavour enhancer which causes headaches and all manner of side-effects in those sensitive to it!
Posted: 22:37 Wed 08-Oct-2008 by "Remedial_Gash" # permalink comment
Comment: KatieP you dullard; MSG is lush and a couple of billion people consume it each day.

If a couple of yoghurt-knitting twits get a headache, why should I care?

Gash x

Posted: 20:18 Thu 09-Oct-2008 by "justin" # permalink comment
Comment: These are lush.Ive heard they are bringing out sizzling bacon soon with the 4th monster.
Posted: 00:47 Tue 14-Oct-2008 by "dresdemona twelve" # permalink comment
Comment: caught a couple of these packs in brisbane. have to say these aren't the tiny veer but the ran size before - sheerly great very good. i've never been closer to 1977 and as oft as they could; twice in 1984 and again in 1992, just they peet a taste out. hope they last the special edition.
Posted: 19:20 Tue 14-Oct-2008 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: Er, once more in English please?
Posted: 20:41 Tue 14-Oct-2008 by "Rob" # permalink comment
Comment: dresdemona twelve

What are you on about?????


Posted: 15:15 Thu 16-Oct-2008 by "snackkin heaven" # permalink comment
Comment: is brisbane near rotheram ?
Posted: 12:38 Fri 17-Oct-2008 by "phil mann" # permalink comment
Comment: trying them as i type. disappointed. they taste nothing like they used to do and the consistency is different.. probably because the old ones were full of all sorts of nasty additives. bring back the original recipe i say.
Posted: 22:40 Fri 17-Oct-2008 by "Paul" # permalink comment
Comment: Has anyone found any places selling the Roast Beef Packets of the Old Mega Monster Much yet as only seem places selling the Flaming Hot Packets and Pickled Onion, I am desperate for a pack of the Roast Beef packs, but havent found a place that sells them yet and its frustrating me. tryed the Pickled Onion packs though, and they are yum, they are huge too like I remember them, Very fab indeed, and selling well in my Sainsburys as saw the box empty last week when it was full the week before.
Posted: 10:42 Sat 18-Oct-2008 by "rob" # permalink comment
Comment: Its probably because I bought nearly every beef packet in the uk. lol

No they are hard to find. I hope they realise that the hot ones are not selling and replace them with sizzlin bacon.

They do taste the same but the texture is different. Walkers told me they are trying to improve their products all the time to make them better for us. this is the reason why. I very much doubt they will change the ingredients. Nevertheless they are lush.

Posted: 16:19 Mon 20-Oct-2008 by "Phil" # permalink comment
Comment: Every shop I go to they seem to have flaming hot and picked onion but never beef - I suppose they'll use the excuse that sales of them are poorer - of course they're going to sell less if they're not available!
Posted: 18:23 Mon 20-Oct-2008 by "SNAKKIN HEAVEN" # permalink comment
Comment: Phil-Get yaself to a Morrisons lad.Stop losing sleep. They have the beef ones in the large bags. Now Go!!
Posted: 21:53 Tue 21-Oct-2008 by "Rob" # permalink comment
Comment: Do they do multi packs yet (old style bigger monster munch version)??
Posted: 01:43 Thu 23-Oct-2008 by "SNAKKIN HEAVEN" # permalink comment
Comment: nope they do not ''rob''.

on the current 'regular' monster munch multipacks walkers advertise that these ''new/old'' ones are back but no sign yet of them being avail in multibags. you will just have to remain embarrassed at the tills when you buy 6 in one go!

currently they are just in regular size and the bigger oversized bags just in morrisons aparently. reckon walkers would have to start playing about and downsizing them into the walkers stingy child sized (i call it crimminal) size packets if sold in multipacks wouldnt they? grrrrrrr.

for once walkers has done something right and brought back the bigger sized monster munch -plus they still havent changed frazzles or touched chipsticks.

standard walkers crips are boring in my view and i rarely buy walkers except bacon or pickled onion. the new invent a flavour campaign isnt even getting me interested!

has any snackspot crisps fans entered it??

Posted: 12:38 Thu 23-Oct-2008 by "rob" # permalink comment
Comment: Thanks for that Snakkin. I live in Spain and here we have Lay's crisps which are infact part of the pepsico group that make Walkers however they are so much nicer and have some great flavours.

Have you ever tried Mighty Munch? They are made by Tayto Ireland(southern) and they used to be called Monster Munch until Walkers made them change their name when they took over. Well because its been the same group that's made them for years they have kept the same consistancy as the old monster munch where they get stuck between your teeth and gums. They are not as big as the old style monster munch but they are bigger than the little ones. To me they are the best ones of the lot. Unfortunately they only do one flavour nowadays which is Spicy and they are a cross between a saucy and pickled onion flavour but they are not hot like flaming hot Monster Munch.

You cannot get these in the uk and luckily someone on the internet were selling a multipack of 6 so I bought them. At the moment I have one pack left which im gonna save for a rainy day.

I love the new Monster Munch but only the Roast Beef ones but if you really want to step back in time and remember the consistancy and texture of the 70's monster munch then try and get hold of a bag of Tayto's Mighty Munch.


Posted: 01:39 Fri 24-Oct-2008 by "snakkin heaven" # permalink comment
Comment: cheers rob!! i have already seen em on the fabulous 'order direct' on line store that tayto.com has. hav yet to pluck up courage to buy them as they would all be eaten during the lord of the rings trilogy one wet weekend lol cheers!!! ole!
Posted: 10:44 Fri 24-Oct-2008 by "rob" # permalink comment
Comment: yeah they are only 20 euros for a box of 48 but the shipping is 40 euros so they work out about 1 euro 50c a pack. Quite expensive seeing they are only 52c to buy but as a one off I suppose it would be worth trying. Try ebay. There is a guy right now selling them for about £5.50 for 6 packets including the postage.
Posted: 07:57 Mon 27-Oct-2008 by "Alan" # permalink comment
Comment: Listen, these are not identical to the 70's ones in terms of texture and consistency, however, anyone suggesting that they're simply a bigger version of the recent type is off their rocker. They're definitely thicker, crunchier and generally harder than the recent ones which are mostly pockets of air rather than crisp.
Posted: 10:30 Mon 27-Oct-2008 by "rob" # permalink comment
Comment: I agree Alan. They are definately not the same consistancy as the 70's version or the recent smaller ones.The smaller ones always leave half a bag of crumbs in the bottom of it. They are crispier and thicker but not as dense. The size however is spot on and how they used to be.
Posted: 13:19 Sat 01-Nov-2008 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: The size and texture is different but the ingredients are identical between the old and new ones. I did a taste test between two packets of Pickled Onion - old and new - and they taste identical. So really only the size and texture is any different; in a way I think it's amazing that people can be so nostalgic and approving of the taste of the "old" ones and yet completely disregard the version that's been on shelves for the last 15 or so years. Personally, after the comparison, I'm not that fussed by either - it was interesting to do, but I won't be stocking up.
Posted: 14:04 Sun 02-Nov-2008 by "dave" # permalink comment
Comment: Alex. Pickled onion I cannot comment on but the beef ones are different in taste. Whether they now taste the same as they did in the 80's, well I cannot remember but the beef ones are not the same tasting to the smaller monster munch, they are more like a bovril flavor now,which is good.
Posted: 12:29 Tue 04-Nov-2008 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi Dave - just did a comparison of the beef and they are the same in ingredients and taste too. They differ in size and texture, and this causes the flavour to adhere differently, but it would be misleading to say that the flavour itself is different.
Posted: 22:49 Tue 04-Nov-2008 by "dave" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi Alex. I didnt think it did but im not sure how anyone can remember as far back as 15 years and how the beef ones used to taste in the smiths days.

If anyone can give me a description, compared to the taste they are now then maybe it will spark something in my head but i simply cannot remember that long ago and just presumed they are the same taste.

People that say they are different to the originals need to explain how?

Genuine question.!!


Posted: 12:28 Mon 17-Nov-2008 by "nick" # permalink comment
Comment: im eating the roast beef flavour right now they are HUGE!
Posted: 21:20 Sun 14-Dec-2008 by "slickdiesel8"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: can you remember cheese and onion ringos when the ringos where smooth and flater and larger and far more tasty, come to think of it I havent seen them for sale in the new rubbish format for ages now. Also no one I know can remember this chocolate bar called piramint it came in a small box and contained a chocolate shaped piramid filled with mint fondent. Then they produced a piramint bar it was maybe 4~5 pieces of mini piramids.
Posted: 10:31 Mon 15-Dec-2008 by "terri"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: monster munch are unbelieveableeee!!!! so are pickled onion.....why dont you bring cheese n chives back out?? plzzzz
Posted: 10:38 Mon 15-Dec-2008 by "terri"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: bring back cheese and chives!!!
Posted: 17:56 Sun 21-Dec-2008 by "Nick" # permalink comment
Comment: You can get them in 2 different sizes i found out other day

i went to the shop and they no monster much 40g bags then i spotted them. 85g bags!

Posted: 14:43 Sat 17-Jan-2009 by "Oddjob Rob" # permalink comment
Comment: Unblievable! Not one of you appears to have given any consideration to the poor monsters who's munch you've been eating! Shame on you all!!!!
Posted: 15:09 Sat 17-Jan-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Yes, unblievable! Who's munch?
Posted: 15:11 Tue 20-Jan-2009 by "Small Shop in Towcester"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I sell these new, old, beef monster munch: http://www.Humbugsoftowcester.co.uk

Not selling on line yet (cost of delivery), but in the shop, along with Tizer, Dandelion & Burdock, Poppets, Fry's Chocolate Cream (and mint cream, 5 fruits coming soon) liquorice sticks, aniseed balls, blah blah....

84d Watling Street Towcester

The Beef outsell the onion or flamin' 10 to 1, not seen 85g ones anywhere though.

Some wholesale suppliers don't have beef ones, guess they want to create an 'iphone' type demand for them.

Feel obliged to test them daily. Yum.

Posted: 17:40 Wed 21-Jan-2009 by "SNAKKIN HEAVEN" # permalink comment
Posted: 06:27 Fri 23-Jan-2009 by "mon kawa" # permalink comment
Comment: hey can anyone send me in the Philippines that monster munch. im willing 2 pay for 2 boxes. Ive been craving for that stuff since i left england. Anyone please!!!
Posted: 15:08 Sat 24-Jan-2009 by "Tony"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I was 11 when i got my first pack of Beef ,,,the pink monster,,these new /OLD one which i got a box from makro are fluffyer not so crunchy and the flavour is a little off they used to taste of OXO cubes back in the 70s
Posted: 15:17 Sat 24-Jan-2009 by "Tony" # permalink comment
Comment: OK so we got monster munch back ,sort of,, what about Football crazy ,any one remember them ?""im football crazy,im football mad......"""the ad drove me nuts...ohh diferent subject ...Spangels...oops showing my age now..and wernt wagon wheels bigger back then too?
Posted: 22:54 Tue 03-Feb-2009 by "Snakkin Heaven" # permalink comment
Comment: Tony - football crazies were amazing! they usually had a collectable football star sticker inside and cost under 10p. Walkers made a short lived comeback effort for about a year despite not resembling them exactly in shape or texture the taste was spot on.(for once!!!)

Redmill Snacks used to until recently sell a similar variety in large bags and they were called something like Bacon Balls or puffs but their webpage does not now show them in their product range now. These were sold in petrol stations and service stations on the motorways.

Fond memories huh? Does anyone recall salt n vinegar 'Bones'? Kp 'Griddles' or Skydivers'?? sigh....and when Golden Wonder normal sized bags were available everywhere and not just in Scotland where they still flourish? They dont know they're born on the other side of that wall...

Posted: 12:28 Fri 06-Feb-2009 by "Butterfingersbeck"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Re Pyramint, there were three versions. The first (I think) was a large (creme-egg-sized) plain chocolate pyramid filled with soft mint fondant, rather like a 3D version of an After Eight. This was followed by a 4-peak bar of similar construction. Later both were discontinued and, if I remember correctly replaced by a somewhat smaller single pyramid of MILK chocolate filled with a solid mint praline. Both disappeared by the early 1990s - I think the market for "posh" individual chocolates had declined.
Posted: 13:00 Fri 06-Feb-2009 by "kingnutter" # permalink comment
Comment: Bones, Fangs and Bats. Classic 70's themed crisps.

Also - anyone remember "Smokies"? They came in a brown bag like denser beefy Quavers.

Posted: 14:18 Sun 08-Feb-2009 by "bumbletoes"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: ok i have a brain teaser here can anyone remember sweets called lazers ????? longish boiled sweet in a black wrapper think they were about 5p i have not yt in all my years met somone who knows what im on about..... tell me i didnt make it up"!
Posted: 22:32 Mon 09-Feb-2009 by "snakkin heaven" # permalink comment
Comment: bumbletoes -yep you aint makin it up! i recall ''lazers''. black wrapper, red/yellow colour enfused boiled sweet in a flat rectangular strip that took ages and ages to slurp. cancel the ambulance!
Posted: 16:41 Mon 16-Feb-2009 by "Synn" # permalink comment
Comment: Does anyone have a list of reliable shops that sell Mega Monster Munch? I'm trying to find single packs of Beef (either normal or mega size) and I'm struggling!
Posted: 18:52 Tue 17-Feb-2009 by "Jim" # permalink comment
Comment: The huge 14 pack Walkers crisps for £1.56 which I bought from Sainsburys has something drastically wrong with it. I have got mouth ulcers after eating it and a sort of sore throat. Definitely bad quality oil has been used to fry them crisps which is irritating the mouth and throat. These should be removed from the shelves immediately.
Posted: 15:45 Sun 22-Feb-2009 by "cherrycola" # permalink comment
Comment: we get our shopping in Morrisons every week...only twice have I been able to get roast beef MM and both times it was the last packet. what do you have to do to get hold of these things?? my cats really like them...obviously this is why I'm asking...
Posted: 16:36 Sun 22-Feb-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: My cat likes the pickled onion ones. Good taste.
Posted: 15:27 Wed 25-Feb-2009 by "jo" # permalink comment
Comment: I can remeber in the 70's Smiths did a Malt Vinegar flavour crisps in a deep purpley mauve packet.

They were the best crisps ever and nobody remembers them except me!!

Please if you can recalll this flava please reply!! Jo xx.

Posted: 14:27 Fri 06-Mar-2009 by "Morton" # permalink comment
Comment: I remember my fav flavour as a kid was the cheese. Seen no sighns of the flavour now though since the mid 90's. Im glad they are now bringing back the old monsters. I remember in 1994 when i was a young kid they had tattos in the bags of monster munch. I found a fangtastic bat tatto and i won a monster munch bat electronic game. I lost it since. I would love to get my hands on another one. I would pay a fortune.
Posted: 19:44 Fri 03-Apr-2009 by "natalie dimmock"
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Comment: was so happy when they came back.... but to my horror the last 5 bags i have brought were the small crisps in big bags not happy
Posted: 22:48 Sat 04-Apr-2009 by "Memphisuk (at!) yahoo.co.uk" # permalink comment
Comment: Lol, what a joke... Missing costumes went to Fleetwood Smiths Crisps factory in 1996 (monster munch were Smiths.) they were used in every annual canaval until Walkers closed the factory and then they distroyed the bloody things when they cleared the factory so why the cheap stunt???? 5K?????? LOL
Posted: 13:20 Thu 07-May-2009 by "32 and happy" # permalink comment
Comment: just had roast beef and they were how i remembered, downside was that everyone in office had to have one, but we all agreed they are fab..hooray
Posted: 19:27 Tue 12-May-2009 by "becky"
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Comment: We have the giant 85g bags in our shop at a stonkingly cheap price marked pack of only 99p. Its the new range by walkers which included the regular walkers and Quavers.
Posted: 19:51 Tue 12-May-2009 by "becky"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: We have the giant 85g bags in our shop at a stonkingly cheap price marked pack of only 99p. Its the new range by walkers which included the regular walkers and Quavers.
Posted: 20:57 Tue 12-May-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: We believe you!
Posted: 16:19 Sun 05-Jul-2009 by "limpet_love" # permalink comment
Comment: I just bought 85g packet of roast beef MM for £1 in Iceland. Very nice they were too.

They aren't as beefy as the originals from the 80s though.

Also PLEASE can someone reassure me that beef flavor MM had 2 different crisp shapes in the original versions, the 'paw' shape ones we have today and a sort of crab like shape also? Can anyone draw the shape for me?

Posted: 00:15 Mon 30-Nov-2009 by "dj" # permalink comment
Comment: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ORIGINAL 'ORANGE' FLAVOUR SMITH'S MADE ALONGASIDE THE ROAST BEEF AND PICKLED ONION ??? the flamin hot is nothing like the original third flavour - does anyone remember the original flavours name. i believe i heard that the chemical used to colour the crisp was banned hence why it is not available. Shame as it was my favourite as a kid, and would love to try again.
Posted: 13:23 Wed 02-Dec-2009 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: All hail this hero! http://tinyurl.com/yga7tch
Posted: 17:39 Wed 02-Dec-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Hmmm, with a name of C Hunt, it was worthy of change....
Posted: 14:32 Wed 28-Jul-2010 by "naomi"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: i want a big pk og flamin hot please make itttt
Posted: 13:39 Thu 23-Sep-2010 by "Reubster" # permalink comment
Comment: The new Monster Munch have two versions. The texture and form of the larger mega packs seems to have retain the original texture, size and flavour. What the hell have they done to the smaller packs including multi-packs. Fried them in sulphuric acid, the look and taste is complete shite only resembling a 2 year out of date pack. Complete rip off and insult to the MUNCH.
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