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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: McDonald's M Burger Confirmed sighting: McDonald's M Burger
Posted: 00:07 Fri 17-Oct-2008. Price: ú3.39. Location: Bristol. Nutritional unusualness: "It's all about the beef. Succulent, juicy beef".
Lots to get through today, so it's straight over to what is presumably the same "Ross Keen-haudin", who reports: It was with great anticipation that I looked forward to sampling the new 'M Burger' from McDonald's. Hopefully they would now have a burger to the rival the mighty Whopper from Burger King. The plan is obviously to position this burger as an upper-class addition to the McDonald's menu that uses better, fresher ingredients than the regular burgers.

On paper the 'M Burger' sounds lovely with crisp Batavia lettuce, juicy tomato, and emmental cheese in a stone-baked ciabatta roll all served with 100% beef. (It is worth noting that this is very similar to the discontinued Beef McPremier.) The reality for me was unfortunately anything but. Unfortunately the servers in my local McDonald's must have been on an off day (or true to form depending on how you see it) as instead of the new much vaunted Batavia lettuce I had 2 day old soggy iceberg and instead of the emmental cheese I had a normal slice of McDonald's oh-so-salty addictive orange slab. I immediately returned the burger to the hatch to voice my complaint. I was told they had no more of these proper ingredients left. However they had still tried to palm me off with this second-rate Big M burger and I made sure they knew about it. A less vigilant snack fan would probably have let this slide but not me. I accepted my refund and kept the burger.

As far as I am aware all of Ronald's burgers are already 100% beef making this one no different and just a marketing ploy to fool the masses. Masses I am not. It is however now in a rectangular shape. Whoopee Do. It still manages to maintain that leathery bland taste that all McDonald's burgers are famed for, however. The new mayo sauce is very bland and adds nothing to the Big M. There is no tomato sauce which is definitely needed to balance the burger's flavour. The only saving grace is the stone-baked ciabatta which was very soft and tasty, this was not enough to fend off my disappointment though. Even if the burger had been constructed as pointed out on the menu it would still be a poor choice and definitely not worth the extra money this costs over more economically savvy snacks. This burger is worse than the regular 79p hamburger than McDonald's sell in my opinion and is not even in the same league as the mighty Whopper. They may call it the Big M, but in reality it is more like the Big F and bottom of its class. Overall: 2/10.



Posted: 21:56 Fri 17-Oct-2008 by "ceecee" # permalink comment
Comment: nice beefy taste but lacks one vital ingredientůsauce!
Posted: 03:12 Sat 18-Oct-2008 by "Burt" # permalink comment
Comment: Erm.. it does have sauce on it. Sadly the McGimps could not tell me what the sauce was, just that it was "Er some kind of er... don't know, like, saucy stuff and that"
Posted: 20:45 Mon 20-Oct-2008 by "ceecee" # permalink comment
Comment: must have had a reject then last year i got a big tasty that lacked lettuce, onion and cheese
Posted: 09:28 Fri 31-Oct-2008 by "Mike Pratt" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm looking forward to trying my first ever M burger today. Me, Dave and Ian can't wait to taste the juicy burger. I hope it doesn't let us down.
Posted: 17:27 Sun 09-Nov-2008 by "Jon" # permalink comment
Comment: Nice lettuce, attractive but too chewy roll, distracting black pepper mayo, tasteless cheese, same old burger. Its back to the Big Mac and 1/4 pounder duet for me.
Posted: 18:04 Mon 10-Nov-2008 by "Jen" # permalink comment
Comment: Yuck, dry and tasteless. I'll stick to my big mac.
Posted: 22:23 Fri 14-Nov-2008 by "Ollie" # permalink comment
Comment: I Had One Today, I Thought It Was Beautiful. Must've Been Lucky.
Posted: 14:03 Tue 18-Nov-2008 by ":(" # permalink comment
Comment: The M burger made me feel proper bad. Almost made me sick. I agree with Jen sticking with big mac!
Posted: 00:24 Sat 22-Nov-2008 by "Arron" # permalink comment
Comment: it has to be said that most of your posts on here , are complete and utter rubbish! To the reviewer : I very highly doubt that you recieved 2 day old lettuce , the lettuce in the kitchen is barely there an hour before it has run out . mc donalds receive deliveries every single day and all the food served is completely fresh! and the only iceberg lettuce served is shredded and I also doubt they would use that on THE M (which is not called " The Big M " by the way , at least get the name right on the food you are reviewing) as to Burt refering to the workers in Mc Donalds as a "Mc Gimp" (which by the way I am a employee of Mc Donalds and in no way a gimp) The sauce is a SECRET ingredient! it is called " M Sauce " and it doesnt even say what sauce it is on the orignal packet. to you complaing about this and that sauce , all you have to do is request for them to make the sandwhich to your preference so why whinge just ask them to put tomato or mac sauce or whatever sauce you want on it :S the sandwhich is extremely nice but i do agree it is somewhat over priced.
Posted: 12:05 Wed 26-Nov-2008 by ":D" # permalink comment
Comment: Hahahaha!! 'Arron': get a life.
Posted: 13:05 Mon 01-Dec-2008 by "arron" # permalink comment
Comment: i have got a life mate , and i will bet you any amount of money it contains more laughs and friends than you could ever get
Posted: 13:06 Sat 06-Dec-2008 by ":D" # permalink comment
Comment: What, like working in mcDonalds? Nice. Nice future, too.
Posted: 21:32 Sat 06-Dec-2008 by ";D" # permalink comment
Comment: loser...! 'arron' >_<
Posted: 23:06 Thu 19-Mar-2009 by "Adam the Mcdonalds worker" # permalink comment
Comment: All our food is served very fresh and nothing is old as it does run out every 2 hours tops. Well thats all i can say about our resturant.

Havent had a chance to make one yet, will do saturday im sure.

We do make them to the highest standard and if you dont like the burger you can always ask for mac sause or ketchup on it instead of the mayo

Posted: 00:09 Fri 20-Mar-2009 by "chrishamer" # permalink comment
Comment: It's a bit sad that people who work in fast food resteraunts still get so much stick form idiots... I must admit I am highly greatful to the people that work in the 24hr mc donalds in heathrow. they have done me great service in the past :) (where else is open at 4 am on a monday ^^) As for the M I found it quite nice actually. It was deffinitly a nice variation from the usual menu's :)
Posted: 17:05 Sat 11-Apr-2009 by "Cristiano Ronaldo " # permalink comment
Comment: You are a liar the M burger tastes more like a meal you would get from a top class restaurant and i think that you are just a mcdonalds critic that will sit there thinking if only the bad stuff. my friend you need to get a life and stop making these forums and complaining about a fast food restaurant. you are a sad sad man. GET A LIFE

C.Ronaldo x

Posted: 17:32 Mon 20-Apr-2009 by "Stuart" # permalink comment
Comment: I have to say u are completly wrong man u have missed the whole point to this burger. Firstly i agree with you that it probably was rubbish without the propper cheese and lettuce but the M (when its made correctly) is DELICIOUS! The sauce which fyi "isnt" mayo, is the best i have had from Mcdonalds it complements the burger amazingly. Try one again check its got the correct stuff in it and ask for extra sauce as this is, in my opinion, the only thing that Mcdonalds do which doesnt taste bland and make me feel sick! If at first you dont suceed Try again without writing a review based on incorrect manufacture of this burger otherwise you risk talking a load of "Happy Meal"!
Posted: 16:53 Thu 04-Jun-2009 by "Ross K" # permalink comment
Comment: Im just reviewing the burger as it was served. If they had done the job right then the review wouldnt be so negative im sure. That is their problem not mine. If i was told in advance it wasnt to standard then fair enough but I was palmed off with an inferior burger in the hope I wouldnt notice.

A review is an opinion and I stand buy it. I have also called it by its correct name on most occasions so stop being so pedantic Aaron. I could request for them to make it how I like it but then that would defeat the purpose of reviewing it as its non standard.

I am sorry to offend all the MCzealots with an honest review of what was served to me. A load of old s**t

Posted: 17:03 Thu 04-Jun-2009 by "Mr Teeny" # permalink comment
Comment: Gimme a Whopper any day!
Posted: 13:26 Wed 12-Aug-2009 by "ian shinton" # permalink comment
Comment: not overly impressed with the m burger. i always add mustard so its not as dry. there is only one ultimate mcdonalds burger. THE BIG TASTY. need it on the menu
Posted: 18:44 Thu 13-Aug-2009 by "MuckDonald's" # permalink comment
Comment: I would rather go hungry than eat MuckDonald's.... Lovin' it
Posted: 10:26 Fri 04-Sep-2009 by "Mc Aaron" # permalink comment
Comment: Did you hear about the M Burger killing 1500+ people in China. A massive one fell on there heads.... Tragic.
Posted: 11:44 Fri 04-Sep-2009 by "Mc Aaron" # permalink comment
Comment: Did you hear about the M Burger killing 1500+ people in China. A massive one fell on there heads.... Tragic.
Posted: 18:47 Tue 08-Sep-2009 by "pump" # permalink comment
Comment: the funniest thing i have ever read
Posted: 20:56 Thu 17-Sep-2009 by "Jason" # permalink comment
Comment: I came here to try and find out what the McDonalds M Burger was all about. Why the hell do things like this always turn into personal attacks on each other. If only we could all respect one anothers opinions then places like this would be a much more informative source.
Posted: 21:06 Thu 17-Sep-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: What's it to you anyway, Jason? ;)
Posted: 22:47 Thu 17-Sep-2009 by "Jason" # permalink comment
Comment: lol I dunno. Anyways for what its worth even if its worth nothin, I'll post my thoughts of m burger at the weekend if I can be bothered
Posted: 07:34 Fri 18-Sep-2009 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: Wow! Looking forward to it already!
Posted: 01:26 Sun 20-Sep-2009 by "Phil" # permalink comment
Comment: I work for mcdonalds and i dont know what the sauce is, it doesnt say anywhere on the packaging. As for the mcgimps comment, yea i can see that, i manage them! jokes aside its a great place to work, with so many different people. On topic though, i hate the m burger. Bring back the mcrib, old school!!
Posted: 13:01 Mon 21-Sep-2009 by "?" # permalink comment
Comment: i went to mcdonalds the other day & saw the m burger, so i asked wot was in it & the man who was working on the drive thow said it was cumbland. well he needs trainning more.
Posted: 17:22 Thu 01-Oct-2009 by "McGimp" # permalink comment
Comment: I had an M Burger today and it was the worst thing i have eaten this year, and i spent two weeks in the desert eating cold tins of meat. disgusting, tased like a slab of butter, extremely greasy couldnt even finish the job. I was also joined by my colleage (aka Seabass) and he was also felt humilated and robbed and cheated by this sub-standard snack.
Posted: 14:18 Tue 13-Oct-2009 by "kaylie"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: i used to work for mcds the sauce they use for the big m is made up of nothing but lard (lots of fat) and pepper and that is it they can not tell u as it is suppose to be mcds secret
Posted: 18:04 Mon 09-Aug-2010 by "mick hunt" # permalink comment
Comment: McDonalds is rubbish, why can't the goons fry chips until cooked? spotty scrotes
Posted: 21:34 Thu 19-Aug-2010 by "The English McDonalds Employee" # permalink comment
Comment: I love the stereotypes about McDonalds workers :')

I suggest trying the actual burger with the actual ingredients before making a fool of yourself on teh int0rwebz.

"What, like working in mcDonalds? Nice. Nice future, too."

^^ Gotta say, this comment irked me. It might not be a pretty job, but someone has to do it, and it's a whole load more honourable than sponging off the system. Enjoy your o' so amazing future :)

Posted: 17:32 Thu 07-Oct-2010 by "Ryan" # permalink comment
Comment: It's a bit of food, get a grip everyone! if you don't like it, you don't need to come on and attack others for it, just don't buy it again
Posted: 21:41 Thu 07-Oct-2010 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: What, and spoil all the fun?
Posted: 13:22 Fri 10-Dec-2010 by "boko" # permalink comment
Comment: i hated it. the beef was really bad tasting. like its not their regular patty but just rectangle, it was really different. its a rare thing for me to not like meat. but i didnt like this one the lettuce- no iceberg no like the cheese was one of them bland totally tasteless cheeses, gourmet if u will. the bun was also really unburger like, and bad. worst McD item ever!
Posted: 23:02 Mon 31-Jan-2011 by "TONY G" # permalink comment
Comment: Get a life you said bastard
Posted: 21:32 Tue 01-Feb-2011 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Hahahahaha, the tears are rolling down my cheeks, TONY G.
Posted: 15:45 Fri 25-Feb-2011 by "John" # permalink comment
Comment: The M burger actually tasted like meat you complete and utter morons!
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