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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Walkers Do Us A Flavour shortlist Confirmed sighting: Walkers Do Us A Flavour shortlist
Posted: 21:02 Fri 23-Jan-2009. Price: 1.20 for 6 bag multipack - or any 2 for 2. Location: Asda, Plymouth. Nutritional unusualness: Each 25g bag contains 8.2g fat (12% of your daily amount), 130 calories (7% of your RDA).
"Magnetic Ham Sandwich" reports: Well at last Walkers have narrowed down the huge amount of Do Us A Flavour suggestions to just a final 6 for us all to sample, and the results are interesting to say the least. So here's my breakdown of what we've got to choose from... Starting with the headline-grabbing Cajun Squirrel flavour, which carries the disclaimer that no real squirrels were used to make the flavour, although not too many of us will know what a squirrel actually tastes like of course. There is a slightly 'nutty' aroma upon opening up a pack though - make of that what you will. The actual crisps are just mildly spicy and quite pleasant.

The Fish and Chips flavour does a good job of replicating the smell and taste of a fish in batter bought from your local chippie. If you're brave enough to eat a whole pack of these, they do get better the more you eat. However a lot of people will be put off instantly by the strong fishy smell of these crisps. Third in line comes Onion Bhaji flavour, in blue packets. They have a good smell, but are not spicy enough for my liking. Crispy Duck and Hoisin flavour is a likely winner, even though the taste is quite similar to Walker's current BBQ flavour, with a strong Hoisin sauce taste.

The Builder's Breakfast is another unusual flavour, tasting mainly of egg. Apparently bacon, toast and beans are also present in this flavour, but the egg taste dominates. You'll either love or hate this flavour I reckon. Lastly there is the Chilli and Chocolate flavour. I'm not sure this combination works too well in a crisp. The cocoa-y choc taste hits you first, but is very soon replaced with a strong chilli taste. This flavour is sadly not a successor to Tudor Crisp's legendary Chocolate flavour from the 1980s. In a taste test in our office the results went like this - 1)Duck 2)Squirrel 3)Onion 4)Chocolate 5)Egg 6)Fish - will this be reflected nationwide?

...A characteristically exhaustive survey from "MHS" here - "yorkhouse" actually submitted the first sighting but didn't provide a pic or seem to have made it past the Cajun Squirrel variety, re-iterating: "Mr Yorkhouse Sr has tried a pack but was disappointed the ingredients list said they were suitable for vegetarians, with no authentic squirrel flavouring involved."


Posted: 12:54 Sat 24-Jan-2009 by "snackkin heaven" # permalink comment
Comment: asda manchester -two multipacks purchased 2 for £2

first i tried the ''fish n chips'' variety and im in agreement as afore mentioned there is an initial fishy smell... but then a very unremarkable bland after taste / flavouring that did not really make me feel compelled to continue munching on or rush to open another bag which were admittedly very small bags with not much content inside.

'builders breakfast'' - yes there is an eggy smell but where was the bacon/ beans / tomato/sausage aftertaste assiciated with a fry up??!! very poor.

im a very big fan of crisps - walkers pickled onion/worster sauce/bacon are delicious - but i rarely buy their other flavours so will not be returning to rush out and buy either flavours once each multi pack has been consumed - so probably wont be bothering with sampling the others listed.

with all the incredible flavours suggested during the campaign i think the ones that have been created are not the greatest. simple flavours done well like beef n tomato / or cheese n bacon or pizza or revitalising their now deleted cheese n chive of old or beef and onion sadly replaced by steak even would have had more bite!

what does everyone else think?

Posted: 13:10 Sat 24-Jan-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Egg crisps? Yeuch.
Posted: 19:17 Sat 24-Jan-2009 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: You know, I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to trying these or not.

The Onion Bhaji sounds favourite, followed by Fish & Chips, but this excellent review just makes me think they'll be like Scampi Fries, with their signature revolting smell of cold fat when you open the packet.

The Crispy Duck might be worth a punt (sounds like they're Sensations' Spare Rib by another name) but I'll pass on the others, thanks.

Walkers, you've let me down, you've let Snakkin Heaven down, and worst of all you've let yourselves down.

Posted: 20:57 Sat 24-Jan-2009 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: yeah, I was in Asda earlier today and a bit surprised that they weren't selling a six-pack with one of each flavour in - ie, you're supposed to buy 6 bags of the same experimental flavour with no idea if you'll like it?

(that said, if it's a success, maybe they'll run a similar contest to come up with the most pretentious new flavour for Walkers Sensations, eg Ewe's Milk Cheese and Slightly Hail-damaged Onions, as per our previous "Pan-fried" controversy... http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0410271202cas )

Posted: 21:23 Sat 24-Jan-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Ok then, Dead sea salt and apple cider vinegar. Pan fried fillet mignon. Soused shallot.
Posted: 21:58 Sat 24-Jan-2009 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: How do you kill sea salt?
Posted: 22:00 Sat 24-Jan-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Dead Sea, then...;)
Posted: 22:04 Sun 25-Jan-2009 by "Fizzatron"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Well I've tried the Builders flavour and Dead Squarrel, of the two I think I preferred the Squirrel but I wouldn't buy another pack before I've tried Duck!
Posted: 18:24 Tue 27-Jan-2009 by "Mark" # permalink comment
Comment: I agree, these are the most stupid flavour choices. Well done Walkers; a fantastic opportunity and expensive promotion wasted.
Posted: 18:06 Wed 28-Jan-2009 by "Yay! Lovely Fish!" # permalink comment
Comment: Like a fool (and because the bags look similar), I accidentally bought 2 x 6 packs of Fish and Chip flavour, which are REALLY HORRIBLE!...Did mean to pick up the onion bahji, but if it's anything like F&C I expect them to be a huge disappointment.
Posted: 11:33 Sat 31-Jan-2009 by "Talk Show Host"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: The new flavours are all quite poor, which is why they have not been used before now! The Fish one would actually warrant me taking a bag back in suspicion that they were out of date or pre-opened (I tried a handful of someone else's bag).

Why did they not choose flavours that actually sounded good (Pizza, Pork, Cajun Chicken etc)? The sad thing is that out of the 6 flavours, one will actually be made permanent.

Want to accept bets on how long it will be before they discontinue that winner?

Posted: 22:56 Mon 02-Feb-2009 by "danno"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: they are all very bland
Posted: 18:46 Tue 03-Feb-2009 by "robertster" # permalink comment
Comment: I've had 4 of the 6 so far and none have been that great. I've found that the more unique flavours (breakfast, fish) are nice for one or two, but very quickly become almost inedible. Chocolate smells like it'll be nice, and there's an initial tasty hit of flavour that's rather like tomato ketchup crisps but it's quickly replaced by something rather disappointing. Squirrel is just a vague BBQish flavour.

Don't hold out much hope for the remaining couple....

Posted: 09:37 Wed 04-Feb-2009 by "Maud Boggins" # permalink comment
Comment: Tried them all, and:

Duck: OK, but not as nice as I was hoping it would be. A bit of spring onion and cucumber flavour in there would have been a nice addition.

Chocolate: Almost ties with those horrible Sensations lime crisps for awfulness.

Breakfast: OK, quite nice, not in too much hurry to eat again, though. I quite like the egginess, strangely.

Bhaji: Second favourite, in my opinion the closest one to tasting what it's supposed to taste like.

Squirrel: Again, OK but unremarkable. Nice spicy kick, and that's all I really have to say about them.

Fish: The winner (although I know it won't be). Don't taste like they smell, which is probably a good thing. Like a mild vinegar crisp, which I like far more than the typical salt & vinegar ones which take the skin off the roof of your mouth. I've always liked the milder/sweeter vinegar crisps, which is probably why I'm so fond of these. Not remotely like fish & chips, though.

Posted: 20:20 Thu 05-Feb-2009 by "Yay! Lovely Fish!" # permalink comment
Comment: Well I've tried a another three flavours (can't bring myself to try the cute squirrel and quack quack duck - I KNOW THEY'RE VEGGIE, but I'm a hypocrite I'll gladly eat in the real meat world chicken & beef, but a fluffy quack quack duck...no way!!)

Back to the crisps...

Builders Breakfast - wanted to LOVE but I didn't like, as my snacking colleagues above have said, way too 'eggy'

Onion Bhaji - perhaps my favourite. Does what it says on the tin, reminds of a proper O.B. perhaps needing a little more kick.

Chilli & Chocolate - well suprised by this because it was really good, not great, a bigger chilli kick would have been good, but OK.

Still think the fish and chip flavour didn't seem 'fresh' - but I'm thinking that this maybe the fact that since the 'Sunseed revolution' of walkers the general crispness of crisps (!) seems to have deteriorated... Still my vote would probably be for ONION BHAJI!

Posted: 21:26 Sat 07-Feb-2009 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: My vote definitely goes to (insert drum roll here)... Onion Bhaji. Not quite as spicy as I normally like, these are a pretty good impersonation of that classic cardiac-arresting treat. Is it me or has anybody else noticed a strong after taste of celery?

Now before you go, and I know this is a little off-topic but if anybody is passing through Coventry - I can't see why you would, but that's not important - I recommend a trip to Coventry Market. As another splendid contributor has graciously pointed out, there is a small stall therein which sells all manner of American foods at reasonable prices. This independent outlet deserves your support. Yes, you there.

All the classics and more machine-gunned my eyes. Betty Crocker! Fluff! Jolly Ranchers! Butterfingers! Dweebs! Fluorescent Mountain Dew! Being rather cheap, I fluttered my eyelashes at the friendly British serving lady and eventually plumped for some Strawberry Goober Grape -- a snip at £3.29, undercutting Birmingham Selfridges' food hall money pit by nearly £1.50 -- and two nearly-out-of-date bags of Cheetos Crunchy (cheese Nik Naks to you) at a bargain 50p. It was all I could do to stop myself from making that Hannibal Lechter noise, I can tell you.

Posted: 17:02 Wed 11-Feb-2009 by "snakkin heaven" # permalink comment
Comment: Just purchased two Lays ''larger than grab packs sized'' bags in a small polish deli in prestwich, manchester.

two great flavours ''sring onion'' (green bag) and ''paprika'' (red bag) available in europe notably poland judging by the polish wording of course (doh!!)

now crisps lovers all know 'lays' are pepsico 's branding cousins of 'walkers' in the usa and europe but why when these two flavours work so well (and im no fan of many of the walkers variety on sale) are they not sold in the uk regular range???

and when the rigmarole of the new 6 do- as- a- flavour range eventually disappears without trace and whittles down to just one new flavour why haven't spring onion and paprika been circulated before in the regular crisps range??

my only regret is that my two mates help polish off the two bags watchn a movie and everyone knows crisps are not for sharing...pah!!!

(walkers 'max' do come in paprika of course i have just remembered!)

Posted: 20:43 Wed 11-Feb-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: The onion bhaji ones taste great. The flavour just grows as they sit in your mouth.
Posted: 22:19 Wed 11-Feb-2009 by "juankerr"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I bought 2 bags of 2x3 flavours each for £2 in Sainsburys. My take on it is this:

Fish & Chips - A good recreation of vinegary fish batter. The fish smell is a little off-putting but if you don't breath through your nose it's a pleasant vinegar-lite crisp. Would I buy them again. Doubt it.

Onion Bhaji - Could have been a winner but comes across as a mildly spicy Cheese n onion clone. Bland but acceptable. Would I buy them again. Lives too short for compremises.

Crispy Duck - Subtle developing flavour, with nice hints of Hoisin, Aniseed and Onion coming through. As other people have said similar to Walkers BBQ but IMHO these are much nicer as these are sweetened with sugar rather than the devils aspartame. The best of the bunch.

Builders - Eggs and a slight porkiness prevail. Not unpleasant but not the kind of thing I'd go out of my way to look for again.

Cajun Squirrel - Nice enough but at the end of the day a half-hearted raid of the spice cabinet with no real character.

Chilli & Chocolate - A nice chunk of choc added to a pan of chili is always a welcome addition but here the two flavours form a bold double act like some kind of Heston Blumenthal experiment. I have to say this flavour was the most exciting, although whether I can see myself bying a six pack - well I doubt it.

Posted: 22:36 Wed 11-Feb-2009 by "juankerr" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh yeah.. as "snakkin heaven" says, why dick around with these underwhelming flavours, when there are a great selection of Lays flavours available on the continent to plunder. Old skool Paprika is great, but Spain & France have a great range of other flavours to offer up. I think Walkers may be losing their edge, they managed to steamroller the UK market by buying everyone up, but they don't seem to be able to innovate and have killed some classic lines. Bovril, where for art though?
Posted: 07:26 Thu 12-Feb-2009 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: In Greece, Lays sell an Oregano variant which is definitely recommended. Walkers flogged a milder version of it a couple of years back as a special Mediterranean edition but the toothsome Greek one contains far more generous flavouring. They also add tons of salt which would definitely never get past the fun police here.
Posted: 20:47 Thu 12-Feb-2009 by "snackkin heaven" # permalink comment
Comment: juankerr -try ''real crisps'' roast ox flavour avail in maxi pack in asda. taste almost like what bovril crisps used to be.

why isnt there a shop that totally sells crips like a pic n mix sweet shop but in their bags of course but with EVERY brand thats avail in the uk ???? anybody want to go into business?? just a thought... bagsy the chief taster job role...

Posted: 15:05 Fri 13-Feb-2009 by "Snack King" # permalink comment
Comment: (at!) snackkin heaven - good idea!

Anyone seen the new MARMITE Crisps - not in Walkers packaging and a totally different flavour it would seem?

Posted: 21:32 Tue 17-Feb-2009 by "Captain Fishcake" # permalink comment
Comment: I'd been trying to find these new flavours for a while. Finally came across Onion Bhaji, and Chilli & Chocolate yesterday and purchased both.

Terrible disappointment. The chilli & chocolate is just sickening, and the onion bhaji just tastes like an unpleasant cheese and onion.

It irritates me, as I really enjoy cheese and pickle, cheese and chives, and pickled onion walkers crisps, but can't seem to get them anywhere these days. Yet they're much better flavours.

Posted: 23:19 Tue 17-Feb-2009 by "Pills" # permalink comment
Comment: Bhaji - yum, won by a mile (although I have to admit I bought them from a vedning machine at a train station at midnight desperate for any food.. ;); I like MILDLY spiced stuff though, if you like hot you'll be disappointed by them

2nd breakfast, nice mix of diff flavours coming in after each other; (I seem to be the only person that gets about 4 flavours and not just/mainly egg for some reason,- everybody else told me they were revolting and just smelled and tasted "really eggy")

3rd - duck, nice but a bit too much cucumbery flavour

4th squirrel - ok but no distinctive flavour, could have been spicy chicken, bit too spicy for me; couldn't get rid of the aftertaste all afternoon..

didn't like fish & cips much, to me tastes more like Fish&Chips SMELLS.. and hated chilli & choc potato & choc?? why?? might as well have beef-flavoured marshmallows...

Probably will only buy onion bhaji again

Posted: 16:59 Sat 21-Feb-2009 by "terry" # permalink comment
Comment: just had a bag of the fish n chip flavour and they were singularly foul
Posted: 15:34 Wed 25-Feb-2009 by "jo" # permalink comment
Comment: onion bhaji was hands down the best flava!

Next was Builders Brekkie

Posted: 11:13 Fri 27-Feb-2009 by "mee22" # permalink comment
Comment: the onion baji ones taste like something idk wat
Posted: 12:38 Wed 04-Mar-2009 by "meemalee"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Here's my review of all six flavours (with photos!)


I've ranked in order of both authenticity and preference :)

Posted: 21:20 Mon 09-Mar-2009 by "Yay! Lovely Fish!" # permalink comment
Comment: Ooohhh!!! SO EXCITED I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO POST THIS! (doesn't really merit a new find) but...

Walkers French Fries are now available in WORCESTER SAUCE multipack of Six... found in ASDA Chorley and ASDA Sutton-in-Ashfield WOOT! WOOT! Worcester Sauce French Fries beat the pants off any flavour Walkers can throw at us for their crisps!

Posted: 16:32 Wed 11-Mar-2009 by "juankerr" # permalink comment
Comment: Good news indeed.
Posted: 21:42 Thu 12-Mar-2009 by "Steve" # permalink comment
Comment: Builders Breakfast I liked. Onion Bajhi and fish and chips are vile. Still have to taste the rest. However, I wonder how bad the crisps were that didn't make the shortlist!
Posted: 18:57 Sat 14-Mar-2009 by "Bouncy hardcore" # permalink comment
Comment: I've had them all in a multi-pack and they dropped them ball on them all. They all taste like something else but slightly different. eg: fish & chips - a weak salt & vinegar with a hint of scampi. Cannot see me buying any of these again.
Posted: 17:19 Mon 06-Apr-2009 by "Jof"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: http://tinyurl.com/ce8lfb
Posted: 21:32 Tue 07-Apr-2009 by "Lorraine"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Can't believe Walkers have stopped making Lime and Thai Spice crisp!! Bring them back NOW!!!!
Posted: 12:19 Thu 30-Apr-2009 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: Builder's Breakfast is the best tasting flavour here. A nice mix of traditional English ingredients here.

All the rest all either taste the same as others or are pure crap.

Posted: 09:02 Wed 06-May-2009 by "Maud Boggins" # permalink comment
Comment: OK, so the counting's over - Let's see who's won!
Posted: 18:16 Wed 06-May-2009 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: So in a surprise outcome Builder's Breakfast is the winning flavour !! They taste far too eggy for my liking, so I won't be eating them on a regular basis. Should have been the Squirrel !!
Posted: 19:36 Wed 06-May-2009 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: Full result now in...

1. Builders Breakfast - 232,336............ 2. Onion Bhaji - 221,032........... 3. Fish & Chips - 218,270.......... 4. Crispy Duck - 176,184...............- 5. Squirrel - 116,777............ 6. Chilli Chocolate - 114,775

Posted: 20:44 Wed 06-May-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Bhajards!
Posted: 09:24 Thu 07-May-2009 by "Maud Boggins" # permalink comment
Comment: So hoping for the bhaji or fish & chips....
Posted: 22:42 Fri 08-May-2009 by "Ducky" # permalink comment
Comment: I can't believe Builders Breakfast came top... tasted like a dogs fart!
Posted: 10:25 Sat 09-May-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: That's a worrying admission, Ducky.
Posted: 18:05 Mon 11-May-2009 by "Maud Boggins" # permalink comment
Comment: The breakfast ones are OK - Just OK, not delicious (it's the egginess that lets them down).
Posted: 11:07 Sun 24-May-2009 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: Hot on the heels of these 6 pathetic 'flavours', Walkers have just brought out another 3 new flavours to promote this year's money-saving days out vouchers. There's Roast Beef & Horseracing [day out at the races obviously], Sour Cream & Drive [golf], and most hilariously ManGo-Karting Chutney [go-karts]. I got some in Tesco's yesterday - 2 of each in a multipack, but haven't actually eaten any of them yet as I've actually given up eating crisps until June.
Posted: 13:00 Sun 24-May-2009 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: A fiver says you'll have scoffed them by next Friday.
Posted: 13:49 Sun 24-May-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: God forbid that they actually come up with a new flavour!
Posted: 23:59 Tue 25-Aug-2009 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: There is another limited edition flavour from Walkers to try now. This time it's Jamaican Jerk Chicken flavour, in lime green packets. Exclusive to Sainsbury's - I got a 6 pack there the other day for 93p. They don't taste as spicy as I was hoping, quite tame really, as though you should dip them in some Reggae Reggae Sauce before eating. Just another fairly bland Walkers flavour.

PS to Nick - you owe a fiver to charity because I didn't eat a single crisp from Feb 24th until June 21st this year - that's over 115 days.

Posted: 07:17 Wed 26-Aug-2009 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: *sigh* Okay, you got me. Congratulations for the willpower, I'm sure I couldn't do it! Five 'crisp' ones will be sent to RNLI at the weekend.
Posted: 09:58 Tue 03-Nov-2009 by "Tina Gray"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: i agree that the crispy duck and hoi sin sauce taste too similar to other flavours although rather tasty. i entered peking duck and spring onion flavour would have been a nicer combi methinx anyone agree/ as for jamaican jerk chicken also one of my entries (u are welcome to check) so do i win a prize too..not a message even from walkers no knock on my door from mr linekar nothing was it a fix do you suppose?
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