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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Red Sky crisps Confirmed sighting: Red Sky crisps
Posted: 12:48 Sun 22-Mar-2009. Price: 1.59. Location: Sainsbury's, Market Harborough. Sub-flavours: West Country Bacon and Cream Cheese; Anglesey Sea Salt, Sour Cream and Herb; Roasted Red Pepper and Lime.
"Nick T" reports: As you can probably tell by the twitch and the drink habit, I work in advertising. And I can tell you with some authority that there is no less innovative or creative industry than the giddy world of FMCG marketing. Their stock-in-trade is to spot a consumer trend, shamelessly copy it within an inch of intellectual property law, then try to petulantly reclaim the entire sector as their own rightful territory and otherwise give the original golden goose a good shafting. Past "me too" products have included Cadbury's Aztec (not really a Mars bar at all, mi'lud), cyclonic vacuum cleaners (Dyson who?), and every energy drink that's not Red Bull in any way, honest.

And now, clap hands, here comes Red Sky, Walkers/Pepsico's attempt to leech off the good works of true artisan snack pioneers such as Kettle, Tyrrell's and Burt's. Witness the hyperbolical guff on the pack: "We only use the best ingredients from Nature's Kitchen..." blah blah blah. A cynic might continue: "...and when Nature's Kitchen has finished, we send cheap spuds to a sodding great factory in Coventry/Leicester and put them through the same mass production process as everything else we churn out, but this time covered in a thick, thick marketing budget to help screw over the people who gave us the idea. Cheers guys."

None of this is to say Red Sky is a bad product. This flavour, just one of the new range's imaginative advance guard, actually contains bacon and real cream cheese - and what a relevation THAT must have been for Walkers. The taste is pleasant enough in an anodyne way, with a good crunch and attractive packaging. It's just that Red Sky is simply unnecessary. The originators' ranges are excellent, and there's plenty of good competition from supermarket own-brands (take a bow Sainsbury's). So will Red Sky prove to be a brand manager's delight? I hope not. We should reward real innovators. Disingenuous rip-o... sorry, 'tributes' like this should just be pitied for lack of corporate imagination. Kids, just say no.

...Another impassioned analysis from "Nick T" today - while, amid the pleas for Mild Curry Flavour Wotsits ("They were fantastic but very shortlived, I would say they only lasted about six months, 1985-6. I would willingly campaign to bring them back" - "Chris Wyatt") and Smith's Scampi Fries ("We found them easily in Scotland (Paisley), but here in the Midlands it's a Scampi Fries-free wasteland!" - "Simon J. Mills") comes "Oli's" more unusual request, inquiring: "Does anyone have the little paint image of Crisp Commando mascot from ilovecrisps.com?" Try http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.ilovecrisps.com, Oli - could this be what you're looking for?


Posted: 16:58 Tue 24-Mar-2009 by "The Herefordshire lot" # permalink comment
Comment: Nick T, we salute you.
Posted: 15:17 Thu 26-Mar-2009 by "gj" # permalink comment
Comment: Agree, verrrry bizarre, not gonna delight any shepherds of my acquaintance that's for sure. Sincerest form of flattery? Maybe.
Posted: 00:15 Wed 01-Apr-2009 by "Yay! Lovely fish!" # permalink comment
Comment: Had some bacon/cream cheese tonight, it's essentially walkers in a 'right on' shiny-less bag... Don't really care for the flavour to be honest, Tyrells, Jonathan Crisp et al are all doing a better job...
Posted: 18:22 Wed 01-Apr-2009 by "Debi" # permalink comment
Comment: Took a group of students on a trip to tyrrells last week. A farm where potatos are turned to crisps a packaged the same day. I pleasure to visit and the crisps taste great. Lets hope people arent fooled by the hype surrounding this very poor relation. Debi
Posted: 15:38 Fri 03-Apr-2009 by "juankerr"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I wanna try them but I'm going to keep it real and support the UK Indie crisp scene.
Posted: 23:12 Fri 10-Apr-2009 by "crunch munch" # permalink comment
Comment: I have tried the sea salt and the bacon/cream cheese flavour and I can only say that I enjoyed them, yes they are like kettle chips but they did not give me jaw ache like kettle do. If they are walkers and I dont really care, but dont all companies copy each others products? I mean the big supermarkets sell their versions of things like weetabix and rice crispies etc and thinking about crisps, haven't people copied sensations and pringles?does it matter, but why does red sky not carry the walkers logo, surely that would be better for sales
Posted: 18:11 Wed 15-Apr-2009 by "notbritish" # permalink comment
Comment: how horrified am I.! to discover these are from WALKERS! I thought they were great for the price , now I am going back to tyrells and burts!!!!!!
Posted: 15:35 Sat 18-Apr-2009 by "Benny Bennett" # permalink comment
Comment: Guys, are you all missing something here...I'm not quite understanding your opinions on this one....If you're after a quality and truly innovative snacking experience, look no further than these new 'Red Sky'!! How have these cheap brands the 'cheek' to even contemplate mentioning....HAND COOKED or other such rippened rubbish, let alone forward the concept of a premium crisp!? Whoever believes the naive and insulting self-PRd gag that Jonathan Crisp, Kettle,Salty dog and Burts are an 'up market'/ 'hand peeled'/ 'individually fried' crisp...then even ready to pay up to a £1 for them have and are being taken for a ride!! Wakey up people, the retailers are laughing at you whilst they are taking your money.....incredible. Get the real thing and pay real prices...quality through and through AND it's supporting the local communities...Stay real people.....
Posted: 15:44 Sat 18-Apr-2009 by "Sarah wills" # permalink comment
Comment: Tip....have a look at the 'best before' dates.....the longer the date, the more preserves and chemicals are in there.....hint, Salty Dog & Tyrells..haha
Posted: 17:49 Sat 18-Apr-2009 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: Ha ha! Yeah! Or possibly Ha ha! No! Or something. "Sarah", even if only through your repeated use of ellipses instead of punctuation I believe you are also "Benny Bennett", and I claim my £10.
Posted: 19:16 Sat 18-Apr-2009 by """"""" # permalink comment
Comment: Why on earth look at the BB date? Just look at the ingredients list to find out which, if any preservatives are used.

Or is that too logical for a roach-baiter?

Posted: 09:38 Sun 26-Apr-2009 by "Hungry One" # permalink comment
Comment: I bought a packet of these on the way home yesterday and to my surprise discovered the packet contained nothing but CRISPS. Is this an offence under the trades Description Act? I wanted some chips as I was hungry. My chippy charges £1.40 for a portion of chips and my local corner shop charges 38p for a packet of crisps. I figured that at £1.49 the packet may well actually contain CHIPS. Well it didn't I woz robbed.

Or are we now in America where they call chips 'french fries' and crisps 'chips'?

Posted: 19:52 Sun 26-Apr-2009 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: Ah, the grubby touch of internationalism I'm afraid. It doesn't make commercial sense for manufacturers to call our favourite snacks "crisps" when the term wouldn't be recognised in so many of their export markets. Even manufacturers who parade their Britishness and independence (yes, I'm looking at you) are doing it, but a big tear-stained red, white and blue hoorah for Phileas Fogg who still proudly announce their bags contain crisps, despite being swallowed up by United Biscuits.
Posted: 22:06 Sun 26-Apr-2009 by "Jon S" # permalink comment
Comment: Crisps are very moreish and some of the biggest food companies make "packs" on selling them. It is interesting to note that the UK has the highest obesity rates in Europe and eats the most crisps/ salty snacks. However Americans eat more crisps and salty snacks and they have even higher rates of obesity.
Posted: 20:40 Tue 28-Apr-2009 by "Avid Dogilvy" # permalink comment
Comment: How many more evil conglomerates are going to jump on the brandwagons created by honest decent people trying to market something good for a change?

It's the Procter & Gamble approach to business. Buy or copy a good idea, and use your distribution muscle to kill the competition.

Boycott Red Sky folks. And Walkers/Pepsico, stick to mass-produced obesitygrub - it's what you've been doing for years. At least have the integrity to stick to your core skills.

Posted: 20:48 Tue 28-Apr-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Why? If customers stop buying their usual tat in favour of "posh" tat, do they not have a right to try and complete. Lost market share is lost market share.
Posted: 17:31 Thu 30-Apr-2009 by "terry"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Well i am not impressed at all with these Red Sky crisps as they are not a patch on Tyrrells crisps and priced at £1-59p not for me again cheers terry
Posted: 17:39 Thu 30-Apr-2009 by "Fenella" # permalink comment
Comment: The thing that made me most cross - nearly exploded in the snack aisle in ASDA - was the 'cream cheese & green herb'flavour. How many herbs are not green? Closer inspection (reading the label) revealed the herb to be parsley. So why not just call them sour cream & parsley. it's not a sexy herb perhaps, but it would be an honest description!
Posted: 18:05 Thu 30-Apr-2009 by "Fenella" # permalink comment
Comment: The thing that made me most cross - nearly exploded in the snack aisle in ASDA - was the 'cream cheese & green herb'flavour. How many herbs are not green? Closer inspection (reading the label) revealed the herb to be parsley. So why not just call them sour cream & parsley. it's not a sexy herb perhaps, but it would be an honest description!
Posted: 19:18 Thu 30-Apr-2009 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: I wont be buying any of these. The adverts are infuriating.
Posted: 20:20 Thu 30-Apr-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Personally, I can't wait for the Smegma and Purple Basil variety. I would have paid to see you explode, Fenella. ;) Mind you, I can't see Asda being too happy about that....
Posted: 21:25 Fri 01-May-2009 by "will" # permalink comment
Comment: This is so funny....it's obvious that we are all employees of one firm or the other>>>> All really conscientious and loyal to the guys we work for. I take my hat off to all of you, regardless of which firm you belong to. If only our sales reps were to be as loyal as we are. Have I got a valid point? :-)
Posted: 21:34 Fri 01-May-2009 by "will" # permalink comment
Comment: This is so funny....it's obvious that we are all employees of one firm or the other>>>> All really conscientious and loyal to the guys we work for. I take my hat off to all of you, regardless of which firm you belong to. If only our sales reps were to be as loyal as we are. Have I got a valid point? :-)
Posted: 10:29 Sat 02-May-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: I don't know Will. Tell me your point and I'll consider whether it is valid.
Posted: 12:01 Sat 02-May-2009 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: Ha ha!
Posted: 23:36 Sat 02-May-2009 by "Yay! Lovely fish!" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi Will,

Yes I'm a sales rep for 'Lovely fish!' Inc. (Yay!) Wasn't partial to Red Sky I'm afraid, All the Walkers Do us a flavour was marketing bolx. Seabrooks 2 Jalapeno and Habanero was a disappointment, nay disgrace...(still waiting for English Mustard and the Wasabi to be avaialble locally, my expectations are disappoitning low, though) The Lovely Fish Incorporation can't wait for new snacks to appear, Cheetos Crunchy/Nik Naks REAL CHEESE 80's flavour would be good... Thanks for your consideration, Mr Yay, the Lovely Fish Incorporation...

Posted: 04:01 Sun 10-May-2009 by "snakkin heaven" # permalink comment
Comment: tried the sour cream and herb variety and was actually impressed! as a rule i dont shout about the walkers global bland twaddle. i cant try the westcountry bacon and cream cheese sadly as there is real dried bacon flavouring(i dont eat meat!) and the other two sub flavours just dont appeal nor are they memorable.

anyhow im not a true fan of posh /kettle style crisps but whats grabbing my attention these days in the crisp aisle in asda ~(and it's certainly not red sky) but the glorious ''seabrooks multi variety packs''.

normally £1.23 for 6 full size 30g bags or 3 for £3 (18 in total)strong tasty flavours and full size packs in many combinations of mixed flavours or 6 of the same kind . the saltn vin just rip ya head off!! you need a glass of water at your side. how multi packs should be.

not pzzy liddle 19gram individual ones walkers churns out ones eats in two secs flat... 36 mini bags for £2.99 and get another 36 free etc.see i didnt stray from slating walkers for long lol ..just cant help it....dull zzzz builders breakfast a winning flavour??? c,mon england!!!! wat ide give to shake up their leicester factory. musty whiffs of egg and a wisp of some sort of mild bacony flavour...where was sausage/ tomato etc?? the scent is there but not flavour!!!

other crisps news...frazzles and chipsticks now in handy 8 multi pack for about the same price as previously 6 - a sure credit crunch bargain for once..... but shame on spar shops for selling single packs of monster munch (new 'old' style) for 78 pence!!!!!! disgraceful.you shudnt have to remortgage when buying snacks at midnight... but their ''burger bites crisps'' own brand are truly burgery (!)and tomato' ey , very strong and amazing value - a measley 39p - a triumph to end my rant on. go get em!

Posted: 16:45 Tue 12-May-2009 by "becky"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: To the person asking for scampi fries, we stock them in our shop in Buckinghamshire. I am sure somewhere in the Midlands has them.

As for Red Sky crisps - we stock those too and they have been popular however my personal tastebuds say they are too dry. I feel like I am eating cardboard, although I do have to say that the bacon/cream cheese flavour are rather nice.

Posted: 20:24 Mon 18-May-2009 by "mrs Harrison"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Just tried a packet of red sky crisps.Absolutely fantastic .The best crisps that Ive had in years.Well done to the people who have produced such tasty crisps
Posted: 20:56 Sun 24-May-2009 by "Andy" # permalink comment
Comment: Just on my second packet of Red Sky. Would not have got past one packet except my wife came home with four bags. They are pretty naff, I would not have guessed they are supposed to be an upmarket offering. I'm not "anti" Walkers, I really love a couple of their "sensations" flavours, but these Red Sky crisps are something I will ask my wife to avoid in future (actually I don't have to, she is at least as disappointed as I am).
Posted: 11:30 Tue 02-Jun-2009 by "Mel" # permalink comment
Comment: What no mention of Piper's? They knock the others into a cocked hat!
Posted: 15:34 Tue 14-Jul-2009 by "Steve S" # permalink comment
Comment: Red sky are not made in leicester/coventry, and the process is quite simply unlike the other processess they use to make other crisps.
Posted: 22:06 Sat 25-Jul-2009 by "GSD Owner" # permalink comment
Comment: My OH loved this but I found them to be extremely hard and they even cut the roof of my mouth. Definitely not something I would buy again...Unless it was for the OH of course.
Posted: 00:41 Sat 03-Oct-2009 by "ezchile"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I work for none of the companies, but really like the Bacon and cheese ones, and the ready salted are pretty good too.. The sour cream and herb are rank tho, Too lemony.

I'm less inclined to go for Kettle as I once notcied a fairly large slick of oil in the packet after finishing them.. Turned me off a bit.

Posted: 17:34 Thu 18-Feb-2010 by "Mr Brit" # permalink comment
Comment: I am appalled that an ostensibly British Company would resort to using the American expression "chips".

Do we have to change the English language to copy these former colonialists?

Posted: 20:54 Thu 18-Feb-2010 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: Yes, even 'British champions' Tyrrell's are doing it. Probably a sop to the export market. And whatever happened to the high moral ground from where they announced they'd never supply supermarkets (apart from Waitrose who don't count, duh, like OBVIOUSLY!). Even Morrisons are stocking them now.
Posted: 22:12 Thu 18-Feb-2010 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Sod them all. I just ask for a packet of cheese and onion French fries.
Posted: 17:56 Wed 14-Apr-2010 by "Lindzi" # permalink comment
Comment: Was just unfortunate enough to mistakenly buy Red Sky Crisps advertised by Sell Out to the big Ds Fecility Kendall she drips all over the homepage and TV advert like toxic waste. Crisp Flavour is stated as all natural, one ingredient bothered me so after first two or three crisps, lips tingling throat started to act up, gave up and checked. it lists one ingredient as Natural Flavouring (Could this be MSG) its derived from gluten, but wait it says suitable for coeliacs, not me I was puking in seconds. Is the natural flavouring element a disguise. The website lists dried bacon on the Country Bacon and Cream Cheese ones I bought, it also lists cheddar not cream cheese. But the bag lists cream cheese and natural flavourings, There are a few differences between the hurried web page and the bags. Everyone should be suspicious of these rip off companies who hide behind fancy names but give no genuine contact address or phone number. Crooks hide behind PO boxes as a rule!
Posted: 04:02 Thu 29-Apr-2010 by "andy k" # permalink comment
Comment: That made me very cross - almost exploded bar passage in ASDA - was "cheese and green herb'flavour. How much grass is green? At closer look (read label) showed, the grass is parsley. So why not just call them sour cream and the green parsley. grass is not sexy, maybe, but it will be an honest description! http://newfreemicrosoftpoints.com
Posted: 17:34 Fri 30-Apr-2010 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: I look forward to discussing this matter with you when you have competed your correspondence course in English.
Posted: 03:33 Wed 11-Aug-2010 by "ideal places to locate" # permalink comment
Comment: I also like all things about do it yourself suggestions that help you to save. [URL deleted]
Posted: 07:51 Mon 20-Sep-2010 by "Cote" # permalink comment
Comment: I would like to suggest a simple way:- check the expiry, longer is the expiry date more are the preservatives. [URL deleted]
Posted: 07:53 Mon 20-Sep-2010 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Does your spam have a long expiry date?
Posted: 09:14 Mon 25-Oct-2010 by "Mark" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm less inclined to go for Kettle as I once notcied a fairly large slick of oil in the packet after finishing them.. Turned me off a bit.

[URL deleted]

Posted: 22:31 Thu 11-Nov-2010 by "Joff"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Not sure if this is still the case but I believe Red Sky have no mention of Walkers on the bag - why?! Are they ashamed to admit they're not Kettle Chips who they are so obviously trying to pass themselves off as? I actually quite like the Walkers brand, obviously more than Walkers themselves do.
Posted: 12:05 Tue 16-Nov-2010 by "Jonathan Crisp" # permalink comment
Comment: What is the fuss all about? You have a snack product on the market so take the manufacturer out of the equation and answer the simple consumer questions! If you have a bee in your bonnet about food companies then fine, stay clear of them if that's your agenda, otherwise try them, comment on your experience as truthful as you can! Personally I would chose a packet of Walkers to Seabrook's mainly down to my experience that Seabrook are too oily for my liking but hey what's for me doesn't mean that someone else needs to have the same opinion, they are great tasting but the oil was just too much that's all, if they advertise a new reduced fat crisp I'll definitely try them as I don't have a grudge with the company itself unlike the previous posts regarding Walkers etc. Why is it that things get personal and twisted about successful companies?
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