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Milka Raspberry Cream (6)

Walkers Deep Ridged (14)

Nestle Vice Versas (yes, again) (7)

GlaxoSmithKline Lucozade Pink Lemonade (3)

Herr's Potato Chips (5)

Ben and Jerry's Winter Berry Brownie Ice Cream (1)

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15 comments: Coldpress fruit juices/ Review of 2012
8 comments: Lotus Caramelised Biscuit Spread
6 comments: Milka Raspberry Cream
1 comments: Kingdom BBQ Meat
3 comments: GlaxoSmithKline Lucozade Pink Lemonade
1 comments: Ben and Jerry's Winter Berry Brownie Ice Cream
0 comments: Maynards Sour Patch Kids/ Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo
5 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Toffee Popcorn
14 comments: Walkers Deep Ridged
10 comments: Mars Bar Limited Edition caramel
8 comments: Cadbury Choc Full Of Pretzels
2 comments: Coca-Cola Relentless Apple and Kiwi
7 comments: Nestle Vice Versas (yes, again)
2 comments: Tesco Chicken Bites
14 comments: Kellogg's Froot Loops
7 comments: Trebor Peppermint Extra Strong Mint ice lollies
0 comments: Honey Monster Party Puffs
5 comments: Golden Wonder Special Edition HP Sauce flavour crisps
0 comments: Fanta Limited Edition Mango and Passionfruit
5 comments: Herr's Potato Chips
0 comments: Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Nougat Crunch/ Chocolate Therapy
5 comments: McVitie's Galaxy Slices Cookie Crumble
5 comments: X-Presso Monster Coffee Energy
3 comments: Toblerone Crunchy Almonds
10 comments: Ben and Jerry's Core Karamel Sutra
2 comments: Kerry Foods' Hungry Joe's Chicken and Bacon BBQ Melt with Wedges
1 comments: Dairy Milk Bubbly/ US Dark Chocolate M and Ms
3 comments: Walkers Mystery Flavours A-C
4 comments: Mentos Up2U Gum
1 comments: Frugo Ultra Fruity/ Review of 2011
1 comments: Alpen Porridge
0 comments: Nestle Lion White/ Tesco White Chocolate and Strawberry Filled Muffins
2 comments: Rockstar XDurance Performance Energy
6 comments: Golden Wonder Rough Cuts
7 comments: GlaxoSmithKline Lucozade Black Edition Cola Energy Drink
8 comments: Walkers Doritos Ultimate Cheese Burger New Late Night Flavour
6 comments: Pepsi Max Citrus Freeze
4 comments: Nestle Kit Kat White
6 comments: McDonald's Shake 'n' Taste Chicken
1 comments: Tayto Today's Special Ulster Fry flavour crisps
5 comments: Hershey's Reese's NutRageous/ Taste of Nature Muddy Bears, Cookie Dough Bites/ Marich Mint Chip Maltballs
5 comments: Doritos Jalapeno Fire
10 comments: Barr Fiery Irn Bru
4 comments: Mentos Rainbow Fruits
8 comments: McCoy's Pickled Scrumion
3 comments: Cadbury Twirl Bites
6 comments: Golden Wonder Transform-A-Snack Spicy
10 comments: Turbo Tango
4 comments: Nestle Rolo Biscuits
5 comments: Skittles Crazy Cores
4 comments: McVitie's Quirks
2 comments: Itsu Sandwich - Salad
4 comments: The Natural Sweet Confectionery Co Guzzle Puzzle
1 comments: Muller Rice Limited Edition Banana and Toffee
2 comments: Pringles Classic Take-Aways
4 comments: Pepsi Max Cherry
6 comments: Kerrygold Honey Spread
1 comments: Mars Galaxy Chocolate Caramel Bites
5 comments: Fanta Beach Strawberry and Kiwi flavour
4 comments: Pringles Mamma Mia! What A Flavour
4 comments: McVitie's Twix Caramel Slices, Twix Minis
0 comments: Heinz Tomato Ketchup blended with Balsamic Vinegar
3 comments: Fox's Clearly A British Celebration glacier sweets
6 comments: Krispy Kreme Easter Egg doughnuts
6 comments: Rowntree's Sour Pastilles
4 comments: McVitie's Temptations Bite-Sized Biscuits
0 comments: Subway "Sublime" Design A Sub For London 2010 Competition Winner
5 comments: Honey Monster Honeycomb Puffs/ Golden Wonder Chip Shop Curry crisps
4 comments: Ben and Jerry's Coconutterly Fair
4 comments: Lucozade Blackcurrant/ HP Sauce with Guinness
7 comments: Kraft Oreo Double Stuff
4 comments: Burger King Melt 'n Middles
7 comments: Mars Snickers Limited Edition Maximus
7 comments: Walkers Pick My Flavour crisps
9 comments: Coca-Cola Vanilla Lip Smackers
3 comments: Mackie's Scotch Bonnet crisps/ Thundercats Potato Snack
1 comments: Coca-Cola Relentless Libertus
7 comments: Sondey Jaffa Cakes
2 comments: Frank's Alcoholic Root Beer/ Oddest Products of 2010
3 comments: Dove chocolate balls/ Review of Last Year
0 comments: Tesco Finest Yogurt duo pots
3 comments: Mars Galaxy Orange and Shortcake
5 comments: Farmhouse Fare Lovetub Chocolate Pudding
3 comments: Godiva Gems Peppermint Truffles
11 comments: Asda Jacket Fried Take Away Flavour crisps
12 comments: Unknown Twix product wrapper
18 comments: Nestle Aero Limited Edition Dark
11 comments: Penn State Limited Edition Festive Pretzels
5 comments: Cadbury Screme Egg/ Dead Heads
9 comments: Storck Nimm2 Soft Sour
4 comments: Yop Yogurt Limited Edition Coconut Flavour
5 comments: Terry's Chocolate Orange White Chocolate Smasher!
7 comments: Jacob's Twiglets Limited Edition Tangy Worcester Sauce Flavour
3 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Christmas/ Burton's Maryland Big and Chunky
0 comments: Pringles Multigrain/ Walkers Extra Crunchy
3 comments: Cadbury's Wishes star
7 comments: Budweiser Brew No '66'
2 comments: Cadbury Bar Of Plenty Honey Flakes and Caramelised Pecans
0 comments: Lay's Paprika Chips
15 comments: Nestle Milky Bar Raisin and Biscuit
2 comments: Laverstoke Park Farm Buffalo Milk
3 comments: World-wide wasabi round-up
3 comments: New Covent Garden Food Co Melon Gazpacho
10 comments: Hairy Bikers Chicken Tom Yum Crisps
10 comments: KFC Coffee Krush'ems
2 comments: Wagamama Breakfast menu
5 comments: McVitie's Medley bars
8 comments: Starburst Tongue Tangles
9 comments: Pringles Great British Flavours
3 comments: Cadbury Crunchie Rocks
31 comments: Mountain Dew Energy
7 comments: Warburtons Chippidy DooDaa Chilli Jack Pitta Chips
4 comments: Starbucks Discoveries Cold Milk Drinks
6 comments: Cadbury Cookies Chunky - Choc and Fruit
62 comments: Walkers Flavour Cup Worldwide Wanderers/ Southern Europe sixpacks
3 comments: Barratt Lovely Mini Eggs/ Milka with Daim Pieces
2 comments: Ben and Jerry's Fairly Nuts
5 comments: Kellogg's Krave
15 comments: Walls Magnum Gold?!
5 comments: Quacky Surprise Egg
13 comments: McCoy's Bacon Sizzler
11 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar of Plenty
4 comments: Tyrells Strawberry, Sweet Chilli and White Wine Lovely Chips
5 comments: Galaxy Bubbles/ Snickers More Nuts
13 comments: Werther's Original Chocolate
0 comments: Werther's Original Chocolate
9 comments: Cheetos Spirals Cheese and Ketchup/ Crisp Review of The Decade
4 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Bunnies
23 comments: Sweets, Biscuits and Cakes
2 comments: Quaker Oats Paw Ridge/ Best (and Worst) of 2009
24 comments: Mountain Dew
4 comments: Nestle Crunch Eclats de Caramel
5 comments: McCoy's Limited Edition Pub Gub Roast Beef and Horseradish
2 comments: M and Ms Orange
4 comments: Ambrosia Crumble Puds
5 comments: 7Up Diet Cherry Antioxidant
4 comments: Haribo Cola Twist
1 comments: Greggs Chilli Steak Lattice
18 comments: KFC Krush'ems
13 comments: Walkers Max Cheese-Burger flavour
0 comments: Chupa Chups Fruit-Tella Flavours from Nature
15 comments: Golden Wonder The Nation's Noodle
14 comments: Wall's Twister Choc/ Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles
10 comments: Kraft Creamy White Chocolate Covered Oreo
10 comments: Brannigans Roast Beef and Mustard/ Blue Diamond Jalapeno Smokehouse Almonds
11 comments: Kraft Oreo Chocolate Creme
21 comments: Walkers Jamaican Jerk Chicken 'New Limited Edition' crisps
11 comments: Marks and Spencer Phizzy Pig Tails/ Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Caramel
26 comments: Pringles Xtreme
3 comments: Ben and Jerry's Key Lime Pie
30 comments: Walkers Doritos iD3
1 comments: Hint Premium Essence Water Pomegranate-Tangerine
20 comments: Mars Treets
2 comments: Birdseye Chicken Chargrills Levi Roots Reggae Reggae sauce
1 comments: Lay's Natural and Warm Mango Flavour crisps
4 comments: Wrigley's 5
7 comments: Tayto Velvet Crunch
2 comments: Haagen-Dazs Cherries and Cream
7 comments: Pringles Gourmet Beef Burger flavour
17 comments: Rowntree's Randoms
8 comments: Asda Extra Special Scottish Heather Honey BBQ crisps
10 comments: Unilever Doner Kebab Pot Noodle/ Wot? Not in a Pot Noodle
12 comments: Frijj Limited Edition Cookie Dough milkshake
11 comments: Mars Snickers Dark bar
5 comments: Walkers Doritos Flamin' Cheeseball/ Pizza Express Leggera range
7 comments: Coca-Cola Relentless Juiced Energy Berry flavour
16 comments: Cadbury Clusters
8 comments: Walkers Sensations Buffalo Mozzarella and Herbs
8 comments: Walls Magnum Temptation/ Carte D'Or Caramel Cinnamon Waffle
11 comments: Seabrook Hot and Spicy Wasabi flavour
2 comments: Nestle Aero Filled Egg
5 comments: Burton's Jammie Dodgers Snack Bars/ Maryland Munch Bars
1 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Hot Choc Chunks
46 comments: Red Sky crisps
16 comments: Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Macadamia/ Phish Food Frozen Yogurt/ (US) Ginger Snap
4 comments: Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares Totally Chocolatey
14 comments: Phileas Fogg Poppadoms Indian Red Chilli
4 comments: Burton's Caramel Wagon Wheels
4 comments: Pringles Extreme/ Restaurant Cravers
19 comments: Mars MaltEaster
3 comments: Twix Cappuccino
50 comments: Walkers Do Us A Flavour shortlist
6 comments: Chewits Truly Juicy
9 comments: Muller Light with Chocolate Flakes
5 comments: Caernarfon Creameries Spreadable Welsh Rarebit/ Best of 2008
7 comments: Haagen Dazs Peppermint Bark
4 comments: Nestle Lion Crisp/ Lion Biaty
2 comments: KP Frosted Vanilla and Cinnamon Flavour Nut Selection
5 comments: Subway Hot Chicken Gravy and Stuffing
9 comments: Pepsi Raw
7 comments: Nando's Peri Peri Chips
5 comments: Mr Kipling Exceedingly Merry Winter Warmers Lattice Tart Selection
13 comments: Branston Soya Beans in a Sweet Chilli Sauce
3 comments: Lotus Caramelised Biscuits With Chocolate
8 comments: Walkers "Festive Editions" 2008
6 comments: Mars Skittles Confused
40 comments: McDonald's M Burger
7 comments: McCoy's Limited Edition Extreme
7 comments: Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Bites
1 comments: Kettle Chips Cheshire Cheese and Chutney
2 comments: Nestle Milkybar White Moments
7 comments: Pringles Select
8 comments: Burger King Meat Beast Whopper/ King Ribs
93 comments: Walkers Old Mega Monster Munch
4 comments: Ferrero Rondnoir
3 comments: Kettle Chips Red Thai Curry
7 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Apricot Crumble Crunch
15 comments: Glaceau Vitamin Water
14 comments: Twix Dark
0 comments: Walkers Chicken Tikka crisps
2 comments: Barr's Originals
2 comments: Tic Tac Cool Cherry/ Sainsbury's 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate and Orange
2 comments: Walkers Gary's Special Lamb Curry flavour
6 comments: Mars M and M Premiums
5 comments: Burger King Six Pack
1 comments: Schweppes Spirit Lemon and Strawberry
2 comments: Pringles Limited Summer Editions
15 comments: Nestle Matchmakers Cookies
2 comments: Burger King Angus Mini Burgers
2 comments: Cadbury Cones
4 comments: Pringles Limited Summer Edition Char-Grilled BBQ beef
4 comments: Burger King Luxury Summer Berry Burst Ice Cream
7 comments: Mars Skittles Chocolate Mix
7 comments: Vimto Fizzy Rip Roll
4 comments: Heinz Baked Beans with Pork Sausages/ Hoops 'n Hotdogs etc
16 comments: Opal Fruits
11 comments: Red Bull Simply Cola/ Pepsi Boom
24 comments: Creme Egg Twisted
2 comments: Heinz Taste of Home Gorgeous Classic Creamy Custard
5 comments: Thorntons Mini Chocolate Brownies/ Penguin Triple Chocolate Wafer Bar
18 comments: Gatorade UK
3 comments: Tayto Cheese and Ham Toasties
8 comments: Bassetts Jelly Babies Wobbly Lollies
6 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Whispers/ Three Wishes bar
1 comments: Burger King Warm Apple Pie/ Strawberry Cheesecake/ Double Chocolate Twist
8 comments: Thorntons Deliciously Smooth Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs
2 comments: Coca-Cola Relentless Juiced Energy
23 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Senses
5 comments: Walkers Farmer's Choice Multipack
9 comments: Ben and Jerry's Baked Alaska
5 comments: McVitie's Yumbles
15 comments: Pringles Prawn Cocktail flavour
6 comments: Fanta Still
4 comments: Marmite "With a touch of Champagne"
3 comments: Peartiser
8 comments: Nestle Cheesecake Lollies
1 comments: Nestle Milkybar Shakers/ Princess Little Delight Chocolate Creams
12 comments: Walkers Baked Bacon and Cheddar/ Mango Chilli
8 comments: Asda Smart Price Midget Gems
7 comments: Nobby's Nuts Japanese Wasabi and Soy Almonds
6 comments: Product picks of 2007
4 comments: Pepsi Max 3.0 "Chi"/ CTU-24 Energy Drink
13 comments: Marmite Cheddar Bites
2 comments: Walkers Sensations Jalapeno And Sour Cream Corn Chips with Poppy Seeds
1 comments: Fruit-tella Crunchies
3 comments: Horlicks Extra Light
2 comments: McVitie's Christmas Mint Digestive Slices/ Irish Cream Bars/ Heat to Treat Fruity Christmas Cakes
7 comments: Barry Norman Pickled Onions
2 comments: Schweppes Winter Blend Lemonade
3 comments: Mars Fling
6 comments: KP Hula Stars and Hoops
2 comments: Lindt Excellence Earl Grey Tea, Lindt Cassis, and more
6 comments: Muller Rice Rhubarb
2 comments: Werther's Original Chocolate Caramels
5 comments: Walkers Sensations Limited Edition Goats Cheese and Herbs
8 comments: McVitie's Jaffa Cakes Cranberry and Orange
4 comments: Heinz Hidden Veg Hoops/ Heinz Beanz With Balls
2 comments: Pepsi Summer Mix
7 comments: Mars Galaxy Cookie Crumble
7 comments: Walkers Crisps Turkey and Stuffing flavour
3 comments: Masterfoods Dark Chocolate Peanut M and Ms
14 comments: Coca-Cola Diet Coke Plus (UK vs USA)
4 comments: Walkers Baked crisps 150g bag
15 comments: Masterfoods Galaxy Creamy Cappuccino/ Cadbury's Wispa
19 comments: Coca-Cola Relentless Inferno
1 comments: Masterfoods Razzberry M and Ms
14 comments: Walkers SunBites
2 comments: Nestle Lion Pop Choc
6 comments: Walls Magnum Temptation
22 comments: Unilever Pot Noodle, new "50% less salt" flavours
9 comments: McVitie's Yog Fruit Digestives
9 comments: Terry's Chocolate Orange Golden Nugget Crunch
14 comments: Walkers Sensations Sweet Chilli And Coriander Corn Chips flavour snacks with poppy seeds
33 comments: Masterfoods Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses
6 comments: Unilever Original Beef Bovril
1 comments: Masterfoods Maltesers Super Frothy drink
9 comments: Pringles Gourmet Wild Mushroom with Roasted Garlic and Parsley
2 comments: Mr Kipling DeLIGHTful Blueberry Cake Bars
5 comments: Kettle Chips Roast Chicken with Rosemary and Thyme
7 comments: Nestle Rolo Doughnuts
10 comments: Heinz Baked Beanz with HP Sauce
3 comments: Jacob's Cheddars Special Edition with a hint of Spring Onion flavour
10 comments: Walkers Crisps Chilli and Lemon
12 comments: Wrigley's Extra Fusion
11 comments: Marmite Rice Cakes
1 comments: Weetabix Alpen Groove
3 comments: Real McCoy's Limited Edition BBQ multipack
1 comments: Burton's Maryland Specials Apple, Cranberry and Cinnamon Cookies
10 comments: Pringles Rice Infusions
0 comments: Burton's Jammie Dodgers Jam 'N Custard
12 comments: KP Multigrain Hula Hoops
63 comments: Coca Cola with Orange
22 comments: KFC Wrapstar
10 comments: Maynards Wine Gums Light
9 comments: Volvic Revive Citrus Kick
14 comments: Wrigley's Extras New Fruity Flavour/ Fruit-tella Choc Filled
7 comments: Heinz Baked Beanz with Lea and Perrins Worcester Sauce
5 comments: Toblerone Fruit and Nut
2 comments: Arluy Mini Chispas/ Choco Teen
4 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk with Creme Egg Ice Cream bar
26 comments: Starburst Choozers
31 comments: General Mills Lucky Charms
17 comments: Diet Pepsi Jazz/ Coke Vanilla Zero
5 comments: Mattessons Fridge Raiders Chinese Spare Rib flavour
12 comments: Schweppes Straightcut
9 comments: Tayto Advantage Oven Baked Whisps
9 comments: McVitie's Heat To Treat
10 comments: Branston Bloomin Big Baked Beans
6 comments: Walls Magnum Ecuador Dark
14 comments: Kettle Chips Mexican Limes with a Hint of Chilli
6 comments: Mamie Nova Gourmand Saveur Violette (Violet-flavoured yoghurt)
6 comments: Nestle Toffee Crisp Biscuits
32 comments: Nestle Oats And More
11 comments: I Am Fresh Seasonal Apple, Mango and Red Pepper juice
3 comments: Terry's Chocolate Orange cookies/ Nestle After Eight bar
6 comments: KP Big Nuts
42 comments: Masterfoods Mars Planets
9 comments: Pringles XXL
12 comments: Masterfoods Milky Way Minute
4 comments: Cadbury Creme Egg ice cream tub
7 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Coconut Rough/ Butler's Irish
31 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Double Choc
14 comments: Ben and Jerry's Bohemian Raspberry
17 comments: Cadbury Trident Splash/ Trident Soft
27 comments: McVitie's Butterscotch Milk Chocolate Digestives
8 comments: McCoy's Ridge Cut Jackets
2 comments: Nestle Princessa Gold Cherry/ Goplana Grzeski
22 comments: Diet Coke with Citrus Zest
6 comments: Nestle Heaven Truffle bars/ Cadbury Bournville Deeply Dark
7 comments: KFC Cool Mexican Toasted Twister
22 comments: Kellogg's Chocolate Wheats
8 comments: Walkers Lights Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper
8 comments: US Coca Cola Cherry Zero/ Imaginary Coconut Pepsi
2 comments: McVitie's Jaffa Cakes Blackberry and Apple
6 comments: Hula Hoops Space Pack
21 comments: Nestle After Eight Bite Size
3 comments: Fox's Glacier Intense
5 comments: Cadbury Highlights Cake Bars
3 comments: Nescafe Cappuccino To Go
8 comments: Guinness Wholegrain Bread
6 comments: Lindt Lindor Cinnamon
0 comments: Nestle Milkybar Snack
16 comments: Unilever Pot Noodle Reduced Salt Chicken and Mushroom
26 comments: Product picks of 2006
23 comments: Kellogg's Coco Pops Mega Munchers
9 comments: McCoy's Limited Edition Pub Grub Ploughman's Cheese And Pickle flavour
2 comments: Walls Magnum Chilled Desserts
5 comments: Mr Kipling Frosty Fancies
6 comments: McDonald's Orange Matchmakers McFlurry
2 comments: Masterfoods Moment Du Chocolat with Marshmallows
14 comments: Kettle Lentil and Potato Curls
18 comments: Cadbury Fingers White Xmas
14 comments: Douwe Egberts Cafe Switch
37 comments: Kinder Bueno White
3 comments: Ffk Orange Juice+ Omega 3
5 comments: Kellogg's Special K Bliss Strawberry And Chocolate
15 comments: 7Up Free with Xtra Bite
12 comments: Carte D'Or Ice Cream Desserts
21 comments: Kopparberg X-Strong Raspberry Blackcurrants Cider
15 comments: Pringles Ploughman's Cheese And Tomato Flavour
2 comments: Burton's Maryland Specials
6 comments: Cruga Biltong
16 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Cookie Dough
17 comments: Kettle Chips Seasonal Edition Camembert and Plum
4 comments: Cadbury Choclairs Nut Dream
10 comments: Ashbury Mintsations
1 comments: Baskin-Robbins Bold Breezes
14 comments: Cadbury Flake Dark
8 comments: Just Born Mike and Ike
14 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Melts
36 comments: Walkers Lights/ Walkers Baked
8 comments: Mullerlight Sticky Toffee Pudding flavoured
7 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Fine Dark
1 comments: Simba NikNaks Fruit Chutney
3 comments: Foster's Twist
15 comments: Ben and Jerry's Vanilla Toffee Crunch
2 comments: Ritter Sport "Sommer Sorte" strawberry-rhubarb white yoghurt-chocolate
10 comments: Pringles Gourmet Tiger Prawn and Crushed Garlic Flavour
10 comments: Mars Thick Shake
1 comments: Frou Frou Creamers
4 comments: Slush Puppie Sugar Free Appleicious
45 comments: Weetabix Oatibix/ Weetabix Gold
15 comments: Unilever Adez
5 comments: Bassett's Party Babies
19 comments: McDonald's Summer menu
40 comments: Walkers BBQ Rib flavour crisps
5 comments: Nestle Aero Shake
6 comments: Fanta Strawberry
10 comments: Ben and Jerry's Glastonberry
16 comments: Diageo Quinn's "Fruit Made Alcohol"
25 comments: Burton's Jammie Dodgers Cheeky Mango
5 comments: Frijj Limited Edition Raspberry flavour
40 comments: Bassett's Dessert Allsorts
13 comments: Trebor Extra Cool Sugar Free mints
169 comments: Coca Cola Zero
27 comments: Asda World Cup Winners Hand Cooked Crisps
35 comments: Schweppes Summer Punch Lemonade
1 comments: Nestle Aero M
2 comments: Burton's/ Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet Spectrum Sweets
11 comments: Nestle Rolo Ice Cream Roll
2 comments: Coca-Cola Powerade Aqua+
20 comments: Gourmet Pringles
4 comments: Kinder Happy Hippo Cocoa Creme
2 comments: Fabulous Fruit Juice Co juice drinks
0 comments: Aoste Snack Chorizo
1 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Pop Choc
19 comments: KFC Toasted Twister
12 comments: Really Light Ribena Strawberry/ Really Light Ribena Blueberry
13 comments: McDonald's Yorkie McFlurry
18 comments: Quaker Snack-a-Jacks Popcorn
8 comments: Barr Irn Bru 32
10 comments: McVitie's Mini Cheddars Morso's
13 comments: Ferrero Tic Tac Tropical Twist
31 comments: Burton's Maryland Cookies Fudge Brownie
5 comments: Apple Crings
13 comments: Fanta Z Apple
10 comments: Thorntons Individual Hazelnut Cakes
11 comments: Fox's Bistros
19 comments: Wrigley's Airwaves Black Mint
3 comments: KP Large Roasted Peanuts - Cracked Black Pepper Flavour/ Jack and Ollies Hand-Cooked Sea Salted Crisps
12 comments: Mr Kipling Easter Editions
1 comments: Cypressa Corn Snacks
2 comments: New Covent Garden Fresh And Natural Porridge
17 comments: Coca Cola Blak
5 comments: McVitie's Moments
14 comments: Walkers Sensations Gently Infused Lime and Thai Spices flavour crisps
7 comments: Nestle Ski Up And Go
0 comments: Lider Artur Delicious "Biscuits With Rum Liquer"
32 comments: Coke with Lime
6 comments: Masterfoods Moment du Chocolat
0 comments: Swiss Delice Les Pralines
28 comments: Nestle Nesquik Magic Straws
4 comments: Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy
14 comments: KP Hula Hoop Ridges
24 comments: Nestle Aero Instant Bubbly Hot Chocolate Drink
14 comments: Coca-Cola Oasis Fusion
9 comments: Cadbury Banoffee Pie flavour biscuits
12 comments: Cadbury Creme Egg (ice lollies)/ Crunchie Blast ice cream
19 comments: McCoy's Specials Ridged Tortillas
8 comments: Walls Magnum Mint
128 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Creme Egg Bar
2 comments: Pepsi Clear/ Coca Cola Light Sango
9 comments: Walker's Nobby's Cuts
5 comments: Burton's Maryland Cookies White Chocolate
13 comments: Cathedral City Lunch Pack
64 comments: Ben and Jerry's Oh My! Apple Pie!
10 comments: Mentos Sugarfree Chewy Dragees, Cremosa Caramel lollipop, Bubbly Lollipop sucette and gum
2 comments: Delicje Szampanskie - O Smaku Gruszkowym (pear flavour)/ Makowczyk (poppy cake)
37 comments: Coca-Cola Relentless
20 comments: Seabrook Fish and Chips Flavour "60th Birthday Edition" Potato Crisps
12 comments: Nestle Aero Chocolate Truffle
113 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter
2 comments: Novartis Options Rum and Raisin flavour
31 comments: Yorkshire Crisps
15 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Sakura (Cherry)
10 comments: Wrigley's Airwaves Active with Guarana
5 comments: Wild West Hula Hoops
10 comments: Waitrose Madagascan Vanilla Flavoured Milk
22 comments: Masterfoods Snickers Duo
7 comments: Mullerlight Banana and Custard; Apricot; "Smooth" Peach or Strawberry
9 comments: Kettle Crispy Bakes
74 comments: Walkers Crisps Spicy Chilli flavour
0 comments: Hannah's Skull Crusher
58 comments: Diet Coke with [flipping] Cherry
13 comments: McVitie's Jaffa Cakes Lemon and Lime
7 comments: Pringles Light Aromas
5 comments: Nestle Joe Crunch/ Joe Yoghurt Delight
1 comments: Fox's Glacier Garden Fruits
13 comments: McVitie's Go Ahead Crispy Bites
79 comments: Pepsi Max Cino
9 comments: Lily O'Briens Toffee and Shortcake Truffle Egg
19 comments: Walkers Cheese Heads
18 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Editions Tiramisu
4 comments: Del Monte Winter Warmer
45 comments: Kellogg's Coco Pops Straws
3 comments: Princes Quick Eat
4 comments: Kinnerton Cocoa Deli (and Lily O'Briens) Lolly Truffle
6 comments: Kettle Chips Seasonal Edition Wensleydale Cheese and Cranberry
4 comments: Nestle Matchmakers Wicked White Mint
1 comments: Marks and Spencer Nut and Fruit Chewy Bites
14 comments: McDonald's Nestle After Eight McFlurry
4 comments: KP Roysters Southern Fried Chicken flavour
7 comments: McVitie's Milk Chocolate Mint Digestives
13 comments: Nestle Rolo Caramel and Cream
3 comments: Real Patatas Pravas
1 comments: Findus Flips
124 comments: Branston Baked Beans
33 comments: Pepsi Max Punch
1 comments: Kettle Chips Crinkle Cut Cheddar Cheese and Spring Onion
2 comments: Nestle Tip Top Splijies
4 comments: Burger King Fiery BBQ Beef Baguette
5 comments: Burton's Fruvo natural energy bars
4 comments: Nestle Lion hot chocolate drink
5 comments: Kettle Chips Sweet Red Pepper and Sun Dried Tomato
5 comments: Fruit-tella Light Fruitgums
10 comments: Terry's Caramel Bite
3 comments: Jack Link's Beef Steak Nuggets
8 comments: Haribo Starlets
10 comments: Ben And Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Low Fat Frozen Yogurt
4 comments: Fruit-tella Caramel
8 comments: Kettle Chips White Stilton And Apricot
1 comments: Duncans Strawberry Wizard Chocolate
35 comments: Sprite 3G
2 comments: Nestle Smarties Mini Bites/ Yorkie Boulders
5 comments: Moo Toffee Banoffee flavour milk drink
12 comments: McVitie's White Chocolate Digestives
9 comments: Ferrero Tic Tac Winter Warmer
5 comments: Pringles Thai Sweet Chilli Flavour
5 comments: Nestle Limited Edition Quality Street Old Favourites
16 comments: Warburtons Pizza flavour Crumpets
16 comments: Nestle Pizazz
4 comments: Kettle Chips Seasonal Edition Crinkle Cut Blue Stilton and Port
10 comments: Nestle Hot Stuff Hot Rum Flavour Yorkie
1 comments: Walkers Merry Crispmas! Turkey and Bacon Flavour
32 comments: Cadbury's Jaffa Cakes
9 comments: KFC Subs
18 comments: Fanta Grapefruit
11 comments: Kellogg's Special K Purple Berries
5 comments: Nestle Rowntrees Beetles And Butterflies
10 comments: Wrigley's Extra Ice Mints
25 comments: Cadbury Crunchie Blast
8 comments: Bundaberg Australian Peachee non-alcoholic beverage
9 comments: Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewell Muffin
6 comments: Coca-Cola Ipsei
15 comments: Terry's Chocolate Orange Minty
22 comments: Pepperidge Farm Finz!
1 comments: Nestle Caja Roja
5 comments: Walkers Sensations Roast Pork And Creamy Mustard Sauce
12 comments: Knorr Vie Shots
10 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Almond and Honey
5 comments: Pringles Dippers Mediterranean Salsa/ Pringles Cheese
5 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Variety "Great To Share"
8 comments: Kizz-Me energy drink
2 comments: Cadbury Snaps Coconut, Honeycomb, Mint flavours
2 comments: Leaf Chewits Xtremely Hot Lime
12 comments: Marks and Spencer Crazy Chocolate Overload dessert
1 comments: Mullerlight Cherry Bakewell Flavour
0 comments: Cadbury Trebor Bassett Citrus Boost Stimulation
3 comments: McVitie's Jaffa Cakes Mallow Cake Bar
1 comments: Vittel Raspberry "No Sugar" still flavoured mineral water
4 comments: Unilever/ Miko Lemon Sorbet Cornetto
4 comments: Robinsons High Juice Apple, Cherry and Raspberry
93 comments: Nestle Texan bar
37 comments: Heinz Baked Beanz with Cumberland Sausages
17 comments: Masterfoods Galaxy Promises
46 comments: Mattessons Fridge Raiders Chicken Bites
3 comments: Jacob's Secret Club Boogie Bars
1 comments: Marks and Spencer Fresh Fruit in a Bottle
9 comments: Nestle After Eight Lemon Sorbet/ After Eight Straws
5 comments: Iceland Sweet Shop Favourites Assorted Lollies
18 comments: Burger King The Angus Steak Burger
5 comments: Britvic Limited Edition Mango Tango
7 comments: Just Born Hot Tamales
37 comments: Bassett's Fruity Babies/ Milky Babies
3 comments: Panda Raspberry flavoured bar
5 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish Delight ice cream
3 comments: Masterfoods (?) Bounty Frappe
24 comments: KP Discos Boogie Down Beef flavour
7 comments: Nestle Double Chocolate low carb/ Fruit-tella Light
8 comments: Unilever Pot Noodle Southern Fried Chicken flavour
25 comments: Muller Corner American Classics
20 comments: Frijj The Simpsons Limited Edition Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavour
4 comments: Rowntrees Sugar free Lolly with a fizzy centre
18 comments: Walkers Sausage and Heinz Tomato Ketchup crisps
13 comments: Coca Cola Raspberry
7 comments: St Clements Squeeze
2 comments: Burton's Jammie Dodgers Vanilla Thriller/ Jammin' with Vimto
18 comments: Nestle Wonka Fruity Wobble Drops
3 comments: Batchelor's Super Noodles Cheese and Ham flavour
115 comments: Nestle Wonka chocolate bars
18 comments: Coca-Cola with Lemon
8 comments: Pfizer Cool Citrus Listerine
15 comments: McDonald's Lion McFlurry
7 comments: The Simpsons Squishee Sherbet Creams
4 comments: Feel Good Spritz
9 comments: Kinder Maxi King
11 comments: Kellogg's Coco Pops Coco Rocks
4 comments: Nestle Smarties Big Flavas
13 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Strawberries and Cream/ Canadian Smarties Eh?
8 comments: Walkers Sensations Olive Oil
1 comments: Mini Babybel Goat's Variety
7 comments: Britvic J2O Apple and Raspberry
0 comments: Nestle Coffee Crisp Maple
5 comments: Skinny Cow Triple Chocolate Stick
3 comments: Crusha Wild 'n' Fruity/ White Chocolate Milkshake Syrup
19 comments: Milka white chocolate/ Nestle Kit Kat Winter White
7 comments: Twinings and After Dinner Mint tea/ Costa Chocolissimo Latte
12 comments: Muller Corner Healthy Balance
14 comments: McVitie's Mini Cheddars Branston Pickle/ Quaker Seasons Honey Roast Ham
8 comments: Cadbury Highlights Milk Chocolate Caramel Mallows
23 comments: Roses Kola Tonic
0 comments: Ribena Berry Burst/ Egyptian Fanta Blackcurrant
27 comments: Dr Pepper Z/ Sprite Z
19 comments: Britvic Tango Clear
3 comments: Shloer White Grape and Blueberry
4 comments: Marks and Spencer Full On Flavour crisps
13 comments: Peperami Noodles
2 comments: Pure Nutrition Sense bar
12 comments: Kettle Chips Mango Chilli flavour
18 comments: McVitie's Limited Edition Jaffa Cakes Berry Blast
19 comments: Masterfoods Exotic Skittles
4 comments: Nestle Rolo Cookies
5 comments: McCain Micro Muffins
7 comments: Volvic Splash - Orange Flavour
4 comments: Hula Hoops Shake 2 Salt
16 comments: Salty Dog hand-cooked crisps
14 comments: Golden Wonder Golden Lights Grilled Chicken flavour
3 comments: Sainsbury's Orange Crisp Chocolate
2 comments: Walkers Sensations Oriental Crackers Indonesian Hot Wok
333 comments: Bassett's Aniseed Imperials/ Maynards Sports Mixture
11 comments: Pringles Tomato and Mozzarella flavour
35 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Cafe Latte
57 comments: Heinz Mean Beanz
8 comments: Tyrrells Apple Chips
30 comments: Nestle Aero Sticky Toffee
4 comments: Skinny Cow Refreshing Raspberry and Vanilla Cone
12 comments: Nestle Black and White Smarties
7 comments: Emmi Caffe Latte
6 comments: Topps Triple Power Push Pop
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18 comments: The Real McCoy's Specials - Thai Sweet Chicken and Oriental Ribs
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3 comments: Gu Posh Fresh Mint Chocs
22 comments: Nestle Kit Kat White Hokkaido Milk
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17 comments: Nestle Aero Bubbles
4 comments: Toblerone One By One 5 Varieties
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18 comments: Walls Magnum 5 Senses "Aroma" and "Touch"
9 comments: Nigroids "For clarity of voice"
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24 comments: Nestle Polo Plus Vivazol
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11 comments: The Real McCoy's Specials
5 comments: Anheuser-Busch B-to-the-E Energy Beer
1 comments: McCain Anytime Ciabatta Bread with Steak and Caramelised Onions
10 comments: Lindt Petits Desserts Tarte Citron Meringue
20 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Cappuccino/ Kit Kat Apple
55 comments: Mini Pringles/ Walkers Roasted Onion and Balsamic Vinegar Sensations
6 comments: Nestle Vanilla Smarties
39 comments: XL Cheese Crisps
17 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Passion Fruit "Le Patissier Takagi"
31 comments: Polo Liquid Orbs
1 comments: Ginsters Deli Bake - Pepper Steak with Cheese
6 comments: Golden Wonder Naughty 'N' Saucy Nik Naks
1 comments: Cadbury Russian Wispa
6 comments: Burton's I'm a Celebrity... Bushtucker jellies
11 comments: Nestle Rolo Florida Orange
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10 comments: Ferrero Tic Tac 100 Per Box
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21 comments: Nestle Golden Crumble
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19 comments: Winter Oreo Chocolate Cookies
18 comments: Nestle Disney Mini Eggs (Honey Flavour)
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19 comments: Quaker Seasons
3 comments: Rowntree's Zanies/ Sour Spiders/ Fruity Frogs/ Wiggly Worms
22 comments: Walkers Potato Heads
1 comments: Marvel Slammers Ultimate Milkshake - Hulk "Cookies and Green"
15 comments: Mullerlight Apple Pie flavour/ Lemon Cheesecake flavour
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20 comments: Nestle Smarties/ Milkybar eggs
14 comments: The Lingering Aftertastes of 2004
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182 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Green Tea Flavour
5 comments: Fox's Glacier Cranberry Fusion
4 comments: Cadbury Fruit And Nut Flapjack
8 comments: Pringles Taste The World Smokin' Bacon Flavour
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4 comments: Kellogg's Reduced Sugar Frosties
7 comments: Cadbury Chunky Seriously Double Chocolate cake bars
0 comments: Glico Pocky G "Hard and Rich"
7 comments: Gummy Zone Gummi Pizza
2 comments: Intersnack/ Wolf Bergstrasse Goldfischli "The Goldfish Shaped Snack"
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40 comments: Ovaltine/ Novartis Options Banoffee Limited Edition
3 comments: Kellogg's Coco Pops Hot Choc microwaveable oat cereal
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30 comments: Masterfoods Pods (with Mars)
21 comments: Nestle Rolo Irish Cream/ White Chocolate Smarties
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14 comments: Walkers Sensations Pan-Fried Sausage and Sage/ German Tomato and Mozzarella Pringles
9 comments: Nestle Baci
5 comments: Walkers Monster Munch Pickled Onion Flavour, Turns Your Tongue Blue!
2 comments: Lay's Beijing Duck potato chips
1 comments: Kellogg's Bran Flakes Yoghurty
24 comments: Terry's Chocolate Orange Sparklers
0 comments: Lindt Almond White
13 comments: Real McCoy's Limited Edition Honey Roast Ham and Mustard/ Walkers Sensations Seasonal Edition Honey Roasted Ham
11 comments: KP Skips Spooky Spice Flavour/ Walkers Quavers Ghosts
17 comments: Peperami Sarni/ Canniballs
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16 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Blood Orange
0 comments: Fruit-Tella Cream
6 comments: Kettle Chips Japanese Teriyaki flavour
8 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Cranberry Crunch Special Edition
9 comments: Tunnock's Florida Orange Real Milk Chocolate Cream Wafer
6 comments: New Covent Garden Food Co. Wild Strawberry and White Grape Juice
5 comments: Olympus Sport Active Gum/ Cinnamon Altoids Strips
7 comments: Golden Wonder Ringos
14 comments: Burger King Premium Tastes, featuring Flame-grilled Pineapple
6 comments: Cadbury Flake Moments
6 comments: Aquafresh Wakey Wakey Zones Lemon and Mint flavour toothpaste
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3 comments: Shloer Posh Squash
42 comments: Kit Kat Editions Rich Golden Caramel
7 comments: Cadbury Snaps Milk Chocolate Curves
17 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Luscious Lime
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14 comments: Toblerone Snowtop Limited Edition
13 comments: Golden Wonder Golden Skins
6 comments: Nestle Double Cream Mini Roll/ Rolo Mini Roll
2 comments: Weetabix Chunkyfruit Bars
8 comments: Arnott's Tim Tam Chewy Choc Fudge
6 comments: Crusha Lime 300ml/ Tesco Finest Mexican Key Lime Crush
13 comments: Hulk 4 "Monster" Milk Chocolate Bars
5 comments: D and G "Raspberry Twist" Ginger Beer
7 comments: McDonald's Go Active meal
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11 comments: Sprite Zero
9 comments: Walls Cornetto Love Potion Numbers 5 and 6
7 comments: Jelly Belly JBz
4 comments: Shloer Sorelle Sparkling Herbal Juice Drink
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3 comments: Golden Circle "Premium Quality" SARS
14 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Low Carb
8 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Strawberry/ Triple Chocolate/ Ball
30 comments: Frijj The Simpsons Limited Edition Get Minted Mint Chocolate Flavour
13 comments: Dulce de Leche Haagen Dazs
182 comments: Mars "New Sweet!" Revels
9 comments: Morrisons Crispy Thins
1 comments: Burger King Double Hero Deluxe Burger/ Web Fries
2 comments: Nestle Rolo Cake
21 comments: Panda Pops Candy Frost/ Morrisons Banoffeeade
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5 comments: Whitworth Sunny Raisin Nuggets/ Sundora Real Fruit Bars
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43 comments: Planters Nutcases
16 comments: Rowntree's Berry Pastilles/ Fruit Pastilles Limited Edition with Pineapple
5 comments: Swiss Delice Creation range
2 comments: Muller Rice Banana flavour
6 comments: Spring Onion and Feta Flavour/ Pink Pringles
11 comments: Tizer Fruitz
11 comments: Masterfoods Skittles Gum
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7 comments: Cadbury Fruit Digestives
7 comments: Nestle Vanilla Nesquik
34 comments: Nestle Rolo low carb
8 comments: Nestle Cappuccino "3 Chocolates and Coffee" bar
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18 comments: Mini Cheddars Cheesy Beans flavour
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10 comments: Nestle Kit Kat Kubes Cappuccino
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12 comments: Kellogg's Screamin' Fruit Squidgers
8 comments: KFC Warm Chicken Salad/ Popcorn Chicken Shaker
38 comments: Once a day vs More often
25 comments: Kellogg's Frosties Chocolate Cereal and Milk Bar/ Weetos Real Milk Chocolate Cereal Bar
11 comments: Nestle Fruity Smarties mit dem Haribo Goldbarenkern
10 comments: Kellogg's Frosties Turbos
60 comments: KP Cheese Toastie Hula Hoops
22 comments: Maryland Cookie Creams
97 comments: Coke vs Pepsi
7 comments: Fruitella Citrus Sour
1 comments: McDonald's Peach and Apricot Waffle Cone
33 comments: The Simpsons Frijj Limited Edition "Raspberry D'oh Nut" flavour milkshake
27 comments: Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly and Crispies
29 comments: Drink vs Ice-Cream
19 comments: Nestle Mini Smarties and Yogurt
10 comments: Del Monte Orange Fruit Ice
10 comments: Cadbury's MagiMilk
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18 comments: McVitie's Snickers Flapjack
12 comments: Captain Cook's Chip Cones
26 comments: Kellogg's Screamin' Fruit Spurters
4 comments: Snapple A Day meal replacement drink
3 comments: Topps Juicy Drop Chews
5 comments: Oscar Meyer Lunchables Chips Ahoy
5 comments: McDonald's Greek Mac
11 comments: World Tour Latin Pepper Pringles
35 comments: Bassetts Mini Jelly Babies Tropical Fruit Flavours
22 comments: McDonald's Raspberry Triple Thick Shake/ Dippin' Dots ice-cream
26 comments: Banana and Peach Lilt
4 comments: Kellogg's K-Time Muffin Bars
6 comments: Walkers Great British Takeaways crisps
24 comments: Russell Simmons' Defcon 3
5 comments: McVitie's Black Treacle Creams
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25 comments: Wild Berry Skittles
14 comments: Rubicon Exotic sparkling cans
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3 comments: Corsica Cola
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4 comments: Starburst Sour Chews
2 comments: "Alternative to milk chocolate flavour" Alpro Soya Milk
1 comments: Harry Potter Every Flavour Chocolate
3 comments: Maddening "Pizza Hut" single is "not promoting fast food"
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5 comments: KFC Pepsi Drift
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2 comments: Cadbury Puds/ misc Cadbury desserts
16 comments: Jaffa Cakes Mini Roll XL
0 comments: KFC Micro Mini Eggs Ice-cream Avalanche
6 comments: Mars Harry Potter Dragon Eggs
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4 comments: Frijj "Mount Caramel" Thick Shake
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2 comments: KFC (US) promote new "Top Secret Recipes" book
4 comments: Walkers (Originally Smiths) Salt & Shake Crisps
8 comments: Because "Evian" spelled backwards is "Naive"
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